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The Green Bay Packers, the preseason anointed Super Bowl Champions, just got a big dose of reality. Brett Favre, the biggest potential obstacle to their Super Bowl or Die destiny, just stepped in front of their bandwagon to Dallas.

The Packers have been acting like a Super Bowl trip this year is just understood. They were obviously thinking about it last Saturday, and not paying much attention to the task at hand – playing a football game.

But now, their perfect 2010 has taken a bad turn, and not of their own doing. No, the one guy who can personally ruin all of the Packers’ plans is back on a mission to do so.

Brett Favre is back for another season, ready to give hope to that rag-tag collection of uncouth humanity known as the Minnesota Vikings. Without Favre, the Vikings are just another team for the Packers to trample on their way to their destiny. With Favre, the Vikings actually believe in themselves and believe in their ability to go to the Super Bowl.

After all, as Brett himself said yesterday during his press conference, “I (note the I) was so close, so close, to taking these guys to the Super Bowl.” Yes he was. And while everyone (especially Packers fans) likes to point out how he threw the game away for the Vikings, they usually fail to mention the Vikings 6 fumbles in the game. That is what lost that game for the Vikings. Favre was just doing what he could at the end to try to overcome that. Those situations don’t always work out.

But without Brett Favre, the Vikings don’t win the division and probably struggle to just make the playoffs as a wild card. When Favre completed that miracle last second winning TD pass in game 3 at home against the 49ers, a light bulb went off in every dim-witted Vikings player’s head, “hey, this guy can carry us to the Super Bowl if we all just do our part.”

And now,Brett Favre is back to once again stand in the Packers way. If Green Bay wishes to complete their exalted journey to the Holy Land in Dallas, they must first beat Brett Favre and probably twice. Although there are always exceptions, winning your division and gaining first-round byes and/or home field advantage will always help grease those skids to the “Big Game.” With Brett Favre leading the Vikings, winning the NFC North title is now a tough task for the Packers.

On the one hand, the right attitude to take here is to be glad Favre is back. The Packers should relish the chance to deflate that massive ego. And if you want to be the best, you have to defeat the best, right? But is that just false bravado?

Flash back to those Packers – Minnesota games of 2009. The image you have is of Brett Favre, picking apart the Packers defense like he knew exactly what every Packer player was going to do before the ball was even snapped. I have a hard time getting that image out of my head. Will it be any different this time around for the Packers defense?

We know the Packers offense will score, but will beating the Vikings now require coming out on top of a Kurt Warner, Arizona-like shootout with Brett Favre and the Vikings? You know, the exact thing the entire Packers organization has lamented about on the Arizona game and are desperately looking to avoid this season?

As I have said before, lets stop all this Super Bowl talk. Concentrate on the tasks at hand. One of which, just got a lot harder.


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30 thoughts on “Brett Favre Rains on Green Bay Packers Parade

  1. “…the Vikings 6 fumbles in the game. That is what lost that game for the Vikings”

    And despite those 6 fumbles, all they had to do was run one play to kick a winning field goal. And Favre blew it. Like he always does.

    This is a good take overall Al, but you make it sound as though the Vikings don’t have any issues now that Favre is back. That is faaaaarrrrrr from the truth.

    1. “like he always does?”. Now Aaron, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Every team has flaws, and we all despise what Favre has done, but he still has enough to make the Vikings a Super Bowl team and cause a problem for the Packers. That’s my main point here.

      1. And my point is – I think the Packers are just as big a problem for the Vikings. You act as if “Ohhh, we should all be so scared of Brett Favre and the Vikings” – that is so beyond the case.

        Yes, they beat us last year. That was last year. Both teams are different this year. Bring it on.

        1. “I think the Packers are just as big a problem for the Vikings.”

          Well, of course. But how sure are you that the Packers defense will be able to get a pass rush on Favre and force a different result?

          So yeah, the Packers path to the Holy land just got more difficult. Am I crazy to say that the Vikings will now be a more formidable opponent? ? Do I say anywhere the Packers should be scared?

          Bring it on? Sure. let’s go. But the Packers would be wise to not be so overconfident.

  2. “And while everyone (especially Packers fans) likes to point out how he threw the game away for the Vikings, they usually fail to mention the Vikings 6 fumbles in the game. That is what lost that game for the Vikings. Favre was just doing what he could at the end to try to overcome that. Those situations don’t always work out.”

    Peterson fumbled 2 times. All recovered by the queens. He had 3 scores himself.
    Reynaud fumbled 1 time, and was recovered by the Vikings.
    Berrian fumbled once, lost.
    So did Harvin.

    Favre fumbled once, lost, and threw 2 ints. Scored once.

    Final stats:
    Vikings team: 4 fumbles, 2 lost. 2 turnovers, but 3 scores.
    Favre: 1 fumble, 1 lost. 2 ints. 3 turnovers, and 1 score.

    Reason the team lost: Brett Favre.

    1. In reality, a lot more than 6 fumbles is what lost the game for the Vikings, but I don’t have time nor do i want to run down all the details of the game. My point in that paragraph was that the game was not lost on that one play.

      And the fact remains, he beat the Packers TWICE. So until Green Bay shows they can beat him, he is still a big threat to the Packers.

      1. No. Favre lost them that game in 2 other plays, not just that last one. Though that was the nail in the coffin. Even with all those fumbles, if they get decent play from their QB, they win that game.

        And Favre winning against us, we all know Favre can win in the Reg. Season. The day Packers fans are contented with divisional titles and seasonal supremacy over their rivals, is the day this franchise has turned into what we hate the most: the Vikings.

        Now, I’m not crazy to say that they’re better off with TJack or Sage chopra, but call it as it is. Favre was the main reason they lost that game.

        1. RS, I understand your points, but this isn’t about that game. It’s about whether Favre makes the Vikings a lot more difficult for the Packers to beat. And about them not being so overconfident.

  3. First off, I love this line:

    “Brett Favre is back for another season, ready to give hope to that rag-tag collection of uncouth humanity known as the Minnesota Vikings.”

    Now onto the response…

    When I heard that Favre was “for sure” coming back, all I could think about was the shoot-outs to come. I think you’re right in suggesting that these two division games against the Vikings will come down to the offenses.

    That said, I think the Packers are at a greater advantage this time around. Our O-line (knock on wood) is healthy and in MUCH better shape than when the two teams met last year. The receiving core only seems to get better, and the running game will be as solid – though not outstanding – as it has been.

    Our defense will continue to struggle with the quick passing game, though I hope it will at least improve a little. That said, I don’t think the Vikings defense will be able to handle Aaron Rodgers this time around. You’ve got to think that any jitters from last year will have worn off, and the team’s mind-set going into the game will be one of ferocity and revenge rather than thinly veiled nervousness.

    1. I can never resist taking a shot at the Vikings…

      Your points are well taken, but my concern is with the Packers defense and if they can mount any kind of pass rush, especially on Favre. It’s still early, but so far, I’ve seen no evidence to indicate they can.

  4. this article is good but far from the truth, im 100 percent sure the packers managment and players were ready and are ready for favre. That should have been their main goal in the offseason and so far from what they’ve drafted is good. They arent scared of favre and neither is the rest of the packer nation.

    1. And show me where I said they were scared of Favre? All I’m saying is theuy should show a healthy respect for the Vikings with Favre, and not be so overconfident about going to the Super Bowl.

  5. Are there actually sane people out there that thought Favre might not come back? Really? Honest and for true?

      1. Lack of command and team chemistry are real reasons for failure. That’s what has been shown in here. It’ll be all good if they’re winning, but like it happened last year, it’ll all collapse when they struggle…

        1. No different than most teams. I know it’s not popular to say anything good about Brett Favre, but I was saying the same things last year and was proven correct. He made them a contender.

          Now this year is different. He could very easily crash and burn, but he could also play lights out against the Packers again. So you have to respect that.

          1. Except last year there were only speculations. This year he has already changed practice, and players confessed he doesn’t respect chilly.

            1. No, there were all kinds of similar things going on last year. the only difference this year is that he’s pissed off even more people, as in the media.

  6. Everybody knew Favre was going to be there. The fact that he showed up does not change anything. In fact his presence probably makes it easier for the Packers to stay focused. To say he rained on their parade is a joke.

    1. Well, I respect your opinion, but I think you may have missed some of the intentional cynicism and sarcasm in this piece.

      But if you’re denying that the Packer’s mission just got more difficult, then I think you’re just not being honest with yourself. He makes the Vikings a threat to the Packers. Without him, they weren’t.

      And BTW, thanks for commenting and the ongoing linkage, Al.

  7. I honestly think the Vikings would have been just as good with BF because I don’t see the same motivation this year. He already stuck it to Ted and 33 and 7 are not going to happen again. 25 and 20 are more like BF’s history. And with the Chilly feud now coming out this is going to fun to watch – glad it is from a distance.

    1. I assume you meant to write “without” BF?
      I think that for most Packers fans, what you WANT to happen is influencing their opinion of what will happen. I saw this last year too. “Favre is too old, he’ll hurt the Vikings more than help, etc.” I was busy telling everyone not to sell him short and I was proven correct. So I’m just saying the same this this year: don’t underestimate him. I sure hope this is the year where it all falls apart for him, but he won’t go without a fight.

  8. It all adds to the drama, and football (being entertainment) can never have enough. The NFL is just more fun with Favre around.

  9. Simple fact of life…Favre will make any team better even at age 40.
    To believe the Packers will walk over Minn is ignorant.
    Is beating Minn or trying not to lose twice the main objective of the Packers this year.Then we are losers already.
    The Brett Favre factor has or will again in time have Packer fans in turmoil.Hopefully the players as like Rodgers have all come to the same answer when asked of Favre,”haven’t given him a thought”.
    I feel the Vikes are still a very strong team that can hurt us with or without Favre.
    If the Packers only worry about Minn and Favre,it would be like standing in an open doorway,you’re going to get hit either in the face or the ass with the door by someone else slamming it shut.

  10. Yes, for sure, maybe not. Its the same people that keep saying the vikes will lose, favre will fail. like they said last year when the cards beat the vikes, (see I told you). If you say it enough times sooner or later you will be right. Its sad really, the people who are waiting for favre to fail sooner or later will probably be right, they will say I told you so. But so much has been accomplished that they will fade away and Favre will go down as probably the greatest QB of all time. And I can’t wait to see him play one last time. Win or lose.

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