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Weekly Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio. 8/5/10 )

Packers News – 7/30/10 – 8/5/10

AL: As I predicted on last week’s show, the Packers signed Bryan Bulaga the day after the shareholders meeting. Bulaga signed a 5-year contract, 15 million dollar contract, with almost 9 million in guaranteed money.  To make room for Bulaga, the Packers cut linebacker John Russell.

{Holly: Great to see that the Packers have all their ducks in a row.}

HOLLY: Not all smooth sailing as the Packers opened their first day of training camp, though — three players failed their required physicals.  As expected, Al Harris is not ready yet but getting close.  Also surprisingly, rookie James Starks is still suffering from the hamstring issue that bothered him during OTAs.  The big shocker, of course, was safety Atari Bigby.  After refusing to sign his (reduced) tender until the day before camp, Bigby shows up on day one with an ankle injury.  Bigby claims it was fine all summer and that he hurt it during the conditioning test.  We should note that, after seeing a doctor in North Carolina, Atari’s scheduled for surgery, again, and will likely be out at least a few weeks.

{Al – So instead of coming to OTAs and seeing the Packers doctors, Bigby holds out for nothing and now everyone suffers.  I’m especially glad now that the Packers lowered his tender}

AL:  As reported by Packer Report’s Bill Huber, several important Packers players have taken notice of undrafted cornerback Sam Shields. Known mostly as a gunner on special teams, Shields has surprised with his play at cornerback. Tramon Williams told Huber, “He’s got ability. He’s an explosive guy. He’s real fast. I think with some good coaching, he’s going to be a player.” And none other than defensive MVP Charles Woodson chimed in with, “You know what, I think he’s going to be able to play for us.”

{Holly: Pretty high praise coming from Woodson. Now Shields has to earn it.}

HOLLY: It’s been a crazy week for Mason Crosby, with a play-by-play of every kick being reported on Twitter, and fans in an uproar over his lack of early success.  Of course, Crosby has been working with two new holders, one of whom has never done it before.  On Tuesday, Crosby made all five attempts without a rush, and then missed a 39-yard game-winner in team drills.  He then tried (and made) the same kick without the rush, but it’s unlikely he’ll get the same opportunity from opponents in the regular season.  Packers coaches and TT have been asked daily about Crosby, but it’s clear they have a company line, that says “I am not concerned about Mason Crosby.”

{Al – while I’ve railed against Crosby getting a 100% raise and being handed the job, there’s no sense getting crazy now. For better or worse, Crosby will be the Packers kicker. And I’m prepared for the worse}

AL: From the Packers’ Police Blotter, there is still no progress in the Brandon Underwood case. Wisconsin Dept of justice and local authorities are still investigating the case. Meanwhile, Johnny Jolly was given a huge break this week, being offered a plea bargain that would involve no jail time, just community service and random drug and alcohol testing. If Jolly is able to stay clean for one whole year, the felony drug charges will be dropped from his record. Jolly wrote a letter to the judge, which the judge said would remain sealed.   “This is just between us,” said the judge, “I’m going to be keeping my eye on you.”

{Holly: I wish him the best in turning his life around.}

HOLLY:  Clay Matthews is looking for a new sack dance, and he’s asked fans for suggestions. He recently told Wisconsin TV Station Fox-11, “I think I want something new this year. Jared Allen is roping the calf, Trent Cole is a big bow hunter so he’s got the archer. There are lots of sack dances out there, so I’m going to have to think of something quickly. I could use some help so any suggestions would be perfect for a great sack dance. I would really like to patent one and use it for years to come.” So Packer fans, if you have a suggestion for Clay, you can go to the Fox-11 Facebook page and post it there.

{And maybe Clay would actually be mature enough to acknowledge the fan who comes with of it…}

News from the Packers Twitterverse…

Al: Well, I think the big news this week was that there was SO much news, in general. Between Packers beat writers, bloggers and fans, we were inundated with a constant details of everything going on at practice. Who dropped a pass, which punter shanked one, who had a big hit, you name it, and we knew about it instantly. Add to that the posting of  twitter pictures and videos and it was almost as good as being there. But is that a good thing? I, for one, can’t wait for practices to be closed to the public again – then maybe I can get some work done instead of just sitting here  mesmerized by my computer screen. Seriously, my productivity took a major hit this past week….

{Holly:  Seriously. Step away for a meeting, and no way you’ll catch up.}

HOLLY:  With camp underway, there haven’t been many tweets from players this week.  But one, sent on Sunday from Aaron Rodgers, stood out.  Said Rodgers, “Fun morning practice, including a little front row high fives and signing a helmet for a birthday girl. I’m a sucker for a good sign. Bring one.”  There you go, Packers fans.  If you’re heading to training camp and hope to get an autograph from QB1, get creative and bring along a sign that will grab his attention.

{Al: Might I suggest something with the Lombardi Trophy on it, that’s sure to catch his attention?}

AL: Our very own Alex Tallisch had the great idea to come up with some Bret Favre crocs slogans on twitter. He threw out a few and sure enough, they soon started pouring in from other tweeters. Here are just a few examples:

Croc and roll all nite and throw game-ending interceptions all day

Crock a doodle DONT wanna go to training camp

Bret Favre, Crocked and Loaded

I don’t blame #favre, that girl was a total #croc tease

And my personal favorite: Brett Favre: caught between a croc and a hard place.

Yes folks, that was the Tweet of the Week…

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  1. Does anyonhe on the coaching staff remember the Packers were 31st on ST’s in 2009? They cost the Packers at least one if not two games. Yet, I see no sense of urgency on the part of MM and TT.

    I don’t give a damn how many FG’s Crosby gets without a rush. That is a meaningless factoid that has no bearing on the acutal game conditions.

  2. Hey Al, how the hell have you been buddy? I came across this guys twitter page and was wondering if you knew him. It said he was a writer for the Packers. When I hear Packers, I think of Al lol. Check it out and I hope all is well. It’s been crazy with the training camps lately. Stop by my site when you get a chance and let me know what you think of the evolution.


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