Newsflash: Green Bay Packers Annointed as Super Bowl Champs All Green Bay Packers All the Time

The Green Bay Packers bandwagon is sagging heavily from the load, and it seems like everyone wants to drive. Every new day seems to bring more and more pundits, writers, bloggers and fans touting the Packers as having the best ____ (fill in the blank) and guaranteeing Super Bowl wins.

The latest one just put me over the edge. For this I can thank the the evil wickedness of Greg Bedard, Packers reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Filled with malevolence or at best, sadistic capriciousness, he felt the need to bring this to my attention:

People, I have but one thing to say…


Please folks, find another team to be your darling. Nothing good ever comes of this type of wanton behavior.  The overwhelming majority of pre-season Super Bowl predictions are, get this, WRONG. And I say this as someone who correctly picked New Orleans last summer as my Super Bowl favorite. So you know what that makes me? Lucky – that’s all. You know what they say about blind squirrels.

This actually all started with the TV talking heads last year. I remember watching an NFL preview show on ESPN and four out of six “Analysts” picked the Packers as a Super Bowl team. Then more TV announcers and analysts climbed on board during the preseason. Sure enough Packers bloggers soon followed with their unbridled optimism.

This year got off to an early start, when back in May, Peter King declared the Packers the best team in the NFL.

While the NFL TV Analysts haven’t had their screen time yet, the bloggers and writers are in a full-out blitz of frenzied Packermania.  The guy in the video above, a paid host for NFL Sirius Radio , thinks the Packers will win the Super Bowl mainly because Mike McCarthy has said what wonderful OTA workouts they’ve had. Yeah, okay…

Every day, the headlines just keep coming. “Packers Defense best in the NFL.” “Aaron Rodgers at the Top of the QB Heap.” “Green Bay’s Offense Looks Unstoppable.”  “5 Reasons why the Packers are the Best Team”, “Packers Certain to be Super Bowl Bound”.

GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  I’m pulling my hair out. The same tired stories, over and over. So boring. So lacking in creativity.

Now, before I am accused of not being a loyal Packer Fan, as is known to happen around the Packers blogosphere, let me explain.

It’s not that I’m not optimistic about the Packers’ chances. In fact, I recently went on record with a prediction of 12 wins, for whatever that’s worth.  I believe the Packers are good enough to make it to the Super Bowl, but let’s be realistic, they are not without weaknesses or question marks.

A recent poll on the TalkinPackers Message Board asked what would constitute a successful season for the Packers in 2010.

39% Selected “NFL Title Game Appearance”

16% Selected “Super Bowl Appearance”

21% Selected “Nothing Less than a Lombardi Trophy”

While, I find most fan polls to be fairly useless, the one interesting thing here is that a whopping 76% of theses fans would not be satisfied if the Packers don’t make it to the NFC Championship. Well of course! If you listen to the pundits, the Super Bowl is in the bag, so why should fans be satisfied with anything less?

Personally, I’ll be with the Packers every step of the way on their quest for a Super Bowl, but lets not anoint them as champs in July. That just never works out well…



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41 thoughts on “Newsflash: Green Bay Packers Annointed as Super Bowl Champs

  1. As much as I would love to jump up an exclaim in undaunted fervor”WE are the Champions”it seems to me that most of those doing so already haven’t taken a hard look at the schedule.The schedule is the one and only thing that keeps me in my seat and not jumping out of it.
    Yes we have the talent on both sides of the ball(minor issues considered-OL&DB)we play some tough Defenses and Offenses so we need to stay grounded and not look ahead(not to far anyway)and know that a pain in our ass is still sticking us and it hurts(Minn and FAVRE).
    Fan polls are nothing but severe “HOPE” polls for those who like jumping up in undaunted fervor to “early and often”!

    1. Agree with pretty much all of that. My preference would always be to not draw overt attention to my team. Lay low in the weeds and surprise the rest of the league…

      1. We’re not gonna surprise/sneak-up on anyone Al. You know this. That being the case, I say ‘EMBRACE THE HYPE’! It’s not every year we go into a season with a warranted feeling that we could have the most points on the board as time runs out in Dallas.

        Am I booking flights? Not just yet (but I did drop a little coin at 17:1). The hype is warranted. Give me a top 10 “D”(MINIMUM)coupled with a top 10 “O”(MINIMUM), and I’d say we’ve got as good a shot as anyone in the league. Sure we could get better in areas (ST’s), name me one contender that couldn’t. Fact of the matter is, when you have the ability to drop 30+ on any D in the league and an opportunistic D to go with it, you got a shot, just hope your D shows up that day.

        People don’t give the Lions, Browns, Rams, Chiefs etc… any pre-season pub. You know why? Because they SUCK. I think it’s great for this team to be getting early love. If they come together and realize why they’re getting the run, and buy into it as a collective group… why not? Maybe they just have to tell themselve’s “hey, were getting air time for a reason, let’s go prove ’em right”. The talent is there.

        GBP 4 LIFE

        1. I think I kind of veered off in the wrong direction on this. My real complaint is with the litany of bloggers, journalists and TV guys that show no creativity and just copy each other. Having everyone in the world predicting you’re going to win the Super Bowl – there’s no positive to that.

          have no problems with fans and players showing their optimism and excitement. I’m very optimistic, but I want to see that the OL and secondary issues are resoved before I go overboard.

  2. It is hard not to be excited, but I throttle my enthusiasm with a rewind to the wildcard game, when the middle of the Packers defense looked more like swiss than cheddar. Now if Burnett is the real deal, and Underwood, Lee and Blackmon can make the step, I feel that anything less than the NFCCG would be a major disappointment. Offensively, we are an ankle sprain away from a nearly on existent running game. Behind Grant we are woeful at best. And yes, that includes Jackson, IMO a major disappointment. The TT haters will be out in droves if the Packers fail to go deep into the playoffs, and like I stated, nothing short of the NFCCG would be a major downer.

    1. So much has to go right to get to the Super Bowl. All it takes is a few key injuries and your season can go down the tubes. Guaranteeing Super Bowl wins at this point is just stupid. And it seems everyone is doing it, so I had to say something…

  3. Al, as always a voice of sanity in a chaotic world. This is the time of the year for those of us non-professional pundits to debate the decisions that have to be made to improve the team year-to-year. In my case the Oline where I think much help is still needed before it can be blessed as being stable is the key to an educated guess as to the Packers fortunes this year.

    1. Just call me a realist. As Taryn pointed out above, a tougher schedule, injury recovery questions, OL and DB questions could all put a stop to this Packermania. I believe this could be a 12 win team, but injuries have to be minimized and the OL and DB have to be much improved over last year for that to happen.

  4. Last year the team believed the hype during preseason. It didn’t go well. Then it played AZ in the last game, and thought it was miles better. It didn’t go well.

    But did you guys hear all the interviews after that game, and during this offseason?

    This team is confident, but it got a chip on it’s shoulder. The players won’t make the same mistake they did last year. And that’s all that matters. That the players know what they’re supposed to do.

    As for the media hype? As long as it doesn’t affect the team, it’s great. It brings excitement to the fan base, which helps gameday atmosphere. It also generates more revenue for the team.

    It usually ends up distracting the players, but because they went through it last year and learned their lesson, I think it’s actually a positive thing.

    (yeah, I used the same post. Sue me.)

    1. Being anointed the Super Bowl favorites puts a target on your back you’re better off not having. That’s why I don’t like it. Simple as that.

      You can double-post here anytime…

  5. A good place to start is winning the Division and then actually winning a play off game. I think all poll of who is going to win how many games or go to the Spuer Bowl are worthless, fun for some hype but an exercise is futility.
    I did vote in that poll, I said NFCCG! Had to vote for something.

    1. If they win the division and just fall short of the NFCCG, it would be hard for me to call that unsuccessful. It took Favre and the Packers 3 playoff years to get as far as the NFCCG, and then the 4th year was the Super Bowl Win.

  6. Way to early to make these type of predictions . need to get into the preseason , see how injured players are coming along , rookies stepping up.
    Remember last season , defense was great thru the 1st three games of preseason , then did not show bacup till after Tampa game fiasco.
    So lets all take a deep breath , and get into the training camp mode .
    Da Big Dawg

  7. It is an “any given game” type situation. Championship team years have a mix of scheduling, great coaching, luck with injuries, good calls, the ball bouncing the right way, and overall a lot of luck. Can the Packers do it, of course they have a percentage chance, but all of the forementioned factors, plus a ton more things must go right for it to all fall in place. The Packers got a good team, is it great, that is to be seen. Great individual players help, but the cohesive nature of a Championship team is a hard thing to understand and replicate.

  8. Schein is a windbag. But he’s consistently been on the Packers’ bandwagon. I got to listen to a lot of Sirius NFL radio for a few years, ending about a year ago, and he was pretty much always pro-Pack. McCarthy used to (and still may) come on his show every week during the season, so that has a lot to do with it. This doesn’t surprise me a bit.

    Of course any intelligent fan realizes how meaningless all this June publicity is, and we all just pray the players don’t believe one word of it. However, one fact remains:

    The freakin’ Saints won the Super Bowl, people. The Saints! Hell yeah the Packers can do it!

  9. I see where your’e comin from, but it’s their job, they gotta pick someone. Teams just got to roll with punches/hype or whatever pops up. That 2 min clip doesn’t do Schein justice. If you listen to his show he breaks it down far more then “Mike McCarthy has said what wonderful OTA workouts they’ve had.”. It’s still a guess, but an educated one.

    1. I wasn’t purposely being critical of Schein, it was more a cumulative effect of what I’ve been seeing every day for the last few weeks.

      1. I gotcha, funny, today on Schein and Rich Gannon’s show Gannon had a list of the 20 best players in the NFL. He said he intentionally left Rodgers off his list as to not give him a big head.

          1. No i don’t think so, but I think it shows Gannon has the same train of thought as you.

              1. I swear I’m not tryin to be a dick, but isn’t that what you took issue with in your article? Members of the media hyping up the Pack is detrimental?

              2. No problem, I understand. My only point about Gannon is that he would act like he’s doing Rogers a favor, as if he’s that important. In the article, it’s more about fans, bloggers and media not being creative enough to come up with anything better than “Packers are going to the Super Bowl.”

  10. I’m not a big Adam Schein fan but he’s spot on with his analysis. Does that mean we’re Super Bowl bound? Of course not. With 32 teams in the league there’s on average only a 3.1% chance of winning the puppy.

    But, we’ve addressed the front line by re-signing the now healthy Tauscher and Clifton with Bulaga waiting in the wings. B.J. Raji can be a difference maker by pushing the pocket on defense and Aaron Rodgers is not only pretty darn good but he’s also proven to be durable. And don’t forget the receiving corp and Finley.

    But don’t forget that we’re only 22 injuries away from a scrub playing at ever single position on both offense and defense. Can’t believe Ted Thompson and the Packers haven’t addressed that issue yet.

    1. That’s where money comes in – how much are you willing to spend on non-starters? TT’s method is to give the money to those that perform and try to save money on the backups by going with young players, UDFA, etc…

      1. Al, It was a joke. Every team in the league is 22 injuries away from a scrub/backup…….

        I happen to agree with Ted’s approach. One thing you can say for him whether you agree with him or not is that he sticks to his strategy. Never waivers.

        Btw, I’m new to your site and I like it. I also grew up in NJ along the Route 22 corridor from Mountainside to Bloomsbury. Underrated state.

  11. Having been a Packers fan since Vince was at the helm, I know all too well that “bad seasons” can happen when the injury bug is around. Last season we slogged through a beat up OL, with a merry-go-round of personnel filling holes about every week. Aaron Rodgers paid for that with having to take FAR too many sacks. Our DB unit was in the same boat, and our Swiss cheese (psico) became evident having to play our inexperienced players that weren’t ready for Prime Time.

    While I’m optimistic coming into this season, I try not to go too overboard with it. It hurts more if you raise the bar too high and injuries set you back. On the bright side, I think TT/MM have a more experienced talent pool to draw from should injuries occur, and that does breed more optimism here.

    1. I’m just more of a fan of keeping things on the down low – why have a target on your back before you even play a game?

  12. Is it all right that as a Packer fan for 40+ years that I remain one? And the saying isn’t bling squirrels, its blind pigs!!!!!

    1. Huh? “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.” That’s the saying I was referring to. Which one do you mean?

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