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By Guest Author, Pigskin Paul

Our friend Pigskin Paul comments on some  Green Bay Packers players in the news and looks at some 2009 stats.

Given TED THOMPSON’s penchant for building his team through the DRAFT, and retention of his own young players who have shown progress in their development as Pros, this time of year is generally pretty quiet in PACKERS Country.

But primarily thanks to some unsettling off-field activity, things have been a little more active within the PACKERS organization this June. Let’s take a look at some situations drawing attention right now.

Unfortunately, BRANDON UNDERWOOD has put himself in some minor legal trouble, and perhaps a bit more trouble within the team’s infrastructure, by letting the little head think for the big head. All this while spending time in the Wisconsin Dells area, ostensibly to help in a golf-outing, fund raising event.

Let’s just say it s never a good thing when a family man, with two children decides to pay for sex with some local ladies, in his spare time. There was some baggage that came along to Green Bay when he was Drafted last year. But the feeling was that he his main issues dated back to his late team years and he had matured, and learned from his youthful indiscretions.

For now it looks like he has escaped legal prosecution, but he may face some serious scrutiny within the team organization. The team may be a quandary in dealing with the situation, since he seems to have made solid progress on the field, at a position where the team cannot afford to discard talented players.

Right now, I would project some kind of ‘minor’ discipline for UNDERWOOD from the team, with perhaps a more aggressive disciplinary approach from the League.

He’s the leader of the Defense. He’s the reigning Defensive Player of the Year in the NFL. He’s a solid locker room presence in Green Bay. So how do the PACKERS respond to noises from CHARLES WOODSON that he wants a new contract?

And how does the team respond to such a situation when the player happens to be 33-years old, and plays the CB position, which traditionally is considered to be no country for old men.

This is the kind of position that professional sports franchises dread getting into. Nothing can cripple your team long term more severely than tying up a satchel of money in player contracts for guys who have most likely hit the peak of their performance upside.

On the other hand, turning your back on a team leader who is playing at a high level, can do irreparable damage to your team on the field and in the Locker Room. Good luck on this one THOMPSON/MURPHY/McCARTHY.

If you have been watching the weekly shuffling of the JOHNNY JOLLY trial date deep in the heart of Texas, I would suggest you begin thinking of the 2010 PACKERS season moving forward without his presence on the team.

I am hearing that the rash of postponements has more to do with his attorneys continuing to try to cut a deal with prosecutors than anything else. It is looking more and more like there is no way Jolly skates away from this situation with just a slap on the wrist.

The situation cries out for rookies MIKE NEAL & C.J. WILSON to step up and contribute significantly at DE this season. Otherwise, I think it will be a step backards in many ways if JOLLY’s absence forces RYAN PICKETT and/or B.J. RAJI to take a lot of snaps at the DE position.

Switching gears, a bit…

The pursuit of statistics/numbers is way down the list of priorities for DONALD DRIVER in his professional career. But I think it should be noted that he is now closing in on very lofty numbers beyond just team receiving records.

With 53 receptions this year, DRIVER would hit the lofty figure of 700 career catches. With 9,500 receiving yards he would also crack the 10,000-receiving yards mark.

Here’s hoping that one of the team’s hardest working, best attitude players puts up big numbers this season, and inches himself towards consideration for Hal; of Fame induction when he retires, a few years down the road.

And while we’re touching on stats for a moment, did you realize that AARON RODGERS just missed out on being the top rushing QB in the NFL last season, trailing DAVID GARRARD/Jacksonville by only 7 yards, 316/323?

However, Rodgers averaged 5.4-ypc, compared to GARRARD’s 4.2-ypc. He also scored 5 rushing TD, compared to GARRAD’s 3 TD.

Even though MIKE McCARTHY has been quick to point out A-RODGE’s value because of his ability to tuck the ball and run when needed, you can bet he’d be OK  if RODGERS ran a little less in 2010… I think.

Touching on RODGERS’ 2009 stats for just a paragraph longer, I think it also worth pointing out that he was one of only 5 NFL starting QBs to rack up a passing rating of at least 100.0. His 103.2 rating was 4th best in the League. Not to be a name-dropper, but he finished behind a guy named FAVRE (107.2), but ahead of MR. PEYTON (99.9).

Another stat that stood out to me in pouring over some 2009 numbers was the fact that the PACKERS end-of-season starting secondary amassed a total of 23 interceptions, which was by far the most for a starting unit in the League. Individually, I will remind you of the ball hawks who patrolled the field for the Green-and-Gold: WOODSON- 9; COLLINS-6; TRAMON WILLIAMS-4; ATARI BIGBY-4. The Packers’ 30 team interceptions led the NFL, as well.

Surprisingly, perhaps, the 6-10 BILLS were a close second with 28 Picks. As a quick aside, maybe that INT mark in Buffalo may help you understand why the new Head Coach, CHAN GAILEY, specializes in Offense. It might also help explain why the GIANTS were so quick to snap former BILLS DC/PERRY FEWELL so quickly.

Well, that’s gonna have to satiate your PACKERS appetite for now, friends.  I’ll be back at you from Florida next week.

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21 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers in the Headlines – Roster Repercussions & Stats

  1. Let’s see.Underwood needs to stay(no brainer).
    Woodson isn’t going anywhere and will be placated with a nice incentive(deservingly so)this is his RING TEAM.
    Jolly is a limbo player and was counted as such(bases are covered).Second year in 3-4 and depth on DL.
    Donald what can we say but your the man!Stay healhty this year and achieve your records for this year will need to be your finest hour.There will be no return for you next year and please don’t be a “Favrer”.The youth will bring retirement to you,sorry.
    Aaron,we wait with hearts in the throats that you need not run at all.But,I hope with all the twittering you do you’re at least soaking the feet and ankles often just in case.
    As for the stats ,well according to them we may not have to play at all.How many teams will just forfeit based on them? HHMMMMM

    1. Next year will be Driver’s 12th in the league, but he keeps himself in great shape. He could easily go a few more, but I guess you’re saying it will come down to a money decision for the Packers. Very possible, but it depends on Nelson or Jones. If one of them steps up and becomes a threat at WR, then you may be right.

  2. MM said it in January. They are building this team on a business basis. Money is definetely a driving factor.

    1. The business of a manufacturing company is to make money.
      One can accept that the business of a privately owned sports franchise is to make money.

      The business of a non-profit, community-owned football franchise is to win the Super Bowl.

        1. I do not even know the way I finished up right here, but I believed this submit was great. I don’t recognise who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger in the event you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  3. I wish Donald was 25 again and playing with Rodgers for next 6-8 years but the NFL is not a reality show like Owens makes it to be.Donald has been a DRIVER-ing force and would love him to retire healhty.TT will never pay him top WR money and neither will anyone else,except Minn or CHI.NAH,too much class from him for that.

  4. About DD:

    He will be enshrined into the Packers’ HoF. Given.

    If the Packers win the SB, he will be in Canton.
    If he has a stellar season this year (80+ receptions, 1000+ yards, 10+ tds), he will be in Canton.

    If somehow Driver has a stellar season AND the Packers win the SB, he gets his jersey retired.

    If any of these scenarios occur this year, he will either retire or be re-signed.

    If not, if he has just a good season (50+ receptions, close to 1000 yards, 5 tds) and either Jordy or Jones have a similar season, or if he has a bad season, the Packers won’t try to re-sign him.

    1. Overall, a fair assessment. Jersey retirement, even under those conditions you state, is doubtful – with all the Packers greats, only 5 have been retired…

      1. I agree, but DD is coming from six consecutives 1000 yards seasons and will hold all receiving records in a franchise that had James Lofton, Sterling Sharpe and Don Hutson. That’s where I’m coming from.

        Like I said, he’ll need an amazing statistical season AND a ring to pull it off, something we’ve seen only from Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison that I can recall.

  5. DD going to either HOF or jersey retired is moot at this point,IMO he will not be back next year unless as a depth WR,as with Favre,the Packers are realizing that you need to keep youth and no matter if the player in question can or cannot still play(at what level),it is the right decision.The GREEN PASTURE awaits!

    1. Except that with Favre, we were talking about a position where virtually every single snap goes through his hands.

      In MM’s system, the basic formation includes 3 Wrs. And it’s quite common to see 4 and 5 wr sets during games.

      Even if DD slows down, he will no doubt be one of the best 3rd receivers in the game next year…

  6. DD is great and has been but,like Dylan said “times they are a changin” and the age of WR’s, will play a big role as we see with T.O. He can still play but these younger guys on the defense hurt you easier.
    “Revis has raised the bar for WR’s to qualify to play longer in NFL”.
    The NFL goes through cycles i;e,the era of the RB’s,the era of the QB’s,the era LB’s,the era of the WR’s and now the era of the “Uninhabitable Islands” DB’s.
    A standard which will rise a little this year but IMO next years draft will be drastic in that area.
    That is what changes rosters from older to younger!

    1. Historically, the NFL has always followed a cause and effect path. As it has recently become a pass-happy league, the next emphasis will be on pass defenders, specifically the CBs, as you mention.

  7. If I may put some food on the table of thought.Watching football for quite sometime(I’m Old)the evolution of the durable years for a player is eroding at a fast pace.

    Life span in the game was at a time(position differs)9-13 years.We are already at an avg(position differs)6-10. RB’s are like 4 if their great 6,Qb’s(except a couple)5 and they become B-ups for ten more,Linemen(more OL) my God played like forever and now at 30,they can’t keep up with the youth.
    FA shows us that 30 is becoming retirement age fast and teams that harbor them will look good for awhile but will fade after the half way mark. Just My Opinion.What say you?

    1. All very true. The emphasis on speed in the game has made already dangerously hard collisions just that much forceful. Players bodies break down much quicker now, as a result of the increased demands put on them. You have linebackers running as fast as wide receivers used to. As Newton’s Law states F = M x A. As players mass (size) and Acceleration (speed) increase, the force generated increases thusly…

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