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For you Packer fans without NFL Network (like myself), looking for something to watch this weekend, I have just the ticket.

NFL network has a series where they chronicle the greatest Super Bowl Champions. This one is on the 1966 Green Bay Packers and contains some fantastic footage and interviews, many of which I hadn’t seen before.

The interviews include some great Packers anectdotes. Here’s one:

By 1964, the “mystique” of Vice Lombardi had already become legendary, both inside and outside of the game. Center Bill Curry was drafted by the Packers in 1964. Training camp time rolled around and Curry went to the airport to catch his flight to Green Bay for the first day of camp. When he got to the airport, he was told that his flight had been cancelled, and he had been put on the next flight out, which wasn’t until the next morning.

Curry asked to speak with the airline’s manager. Curry told the manager (paraphrasing here…) “You’re going to make me late for my first meeting with Vince Lombardi. It’s your fault and your airline’s fault, and I’m going to make sure the coach knows that.”

The manager had Curry’s bag retrieved, arranged for a single engine plane, personally put Curry on the plane, had him flown to Manitowac and had a van waiting there to pick up Curry and take him to St. Norbert College. Curry made it to his first meeting with Lombardi with 15 minutes to spare and everyone, especially the airline manager breathed a huge sigh of relief. Nobody wanted to incur the wrath of Vince Lombardi…

There are plenty of other great anecdotes. If you’re a Packer fan and have never seen this, you must find 45 free minutes and watch…


America’s Game – The Super Bowl Champions

1966 Green Bay Packers


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  1. Too bad hulu can only be streamed within the United States… If there was a link to other site or somewhere I could download it…

      1. Can’t watch it anywere, sadly… I dom’t know squat about the internet, really, there’s got to be a way to cheat through this country block, but I dont know how…

  2. This video very infomative , also the blogs such as the worst draft picks in last 50 years liking this website.

  3. What a bummer for Rock and RS. I’ll bet there is some kind of licensing agreement issue with the NFL.

    The 1966 season was one of the real highlights of my GB Packer fan experience. I remember watching the 1966 Championship game with my 3 year old son on my lap. After being entertained with what I thought would be a comfortable win it go very stressful. I remember especially the Dowler TD catch in the end zone where he caught the ball, took two steps and was hit from behind by Dallas’ Ahole safty well after the play was over. His shoulder injury was aggrivated on that play and utilimately ended up giving Max his chance for glory.

    By the end of that game my 3 yr old had increased his vocabulary by about 25 words. None of them acceptable in public. What a great show!

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for finding this great piece of video. High Quality and very entertaining.

    1. I believe it’s because of legislation. I can’t watch anything in Hulu. They got some family guy episodes, and I can’t watch either.

      I think it’s a copyrights issue, that only in US they’re allowed to show their content…

  4. I was able to watch it on hulu. But I had already watched that vid!

    A great story is the one with Curry telling about Davis approaching him and he thinking: “That’s it. He’s going to hurt me.”. Then Willie Davis tells him that he was there for him if he had troubles, that Curry could count on him.

    That’s such a great story, portrais the kind of time they lived in, but as well the kind of team it was…

      1. Download a program that masks IP, then register in the hulu by an american adress, then log on, using the program…

        It’s a lot of work, really…

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