Happy New Year In Packer Land!

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Happy New Year in Packers Land
Happy New Year Packers Fans

As the Sun rises on a new year this morning, it also shines a spotlight on a rather improbable weekend taking place in Green Bay. Few could have seen this coming a month ago, and if you need evidence of that, look no further than the 40,000 season ticket holders who opted not to buy playoff tickets at that time.

Even with season ticket holders given a second chance on Monday to buy tickets and then opening sale to the public, there are still thousands of tickets available as of this writing. For the first time in forever, Packers fans in Green Bay and Milwaukee may have to worry about a possible TV blackout.

Conversely, for many fans who might never have been able to afford playoff tickets at scalper prices, the situation is a pleasant surprise, much like the Packers presence in the playoffs itself.

But as any player will tell you, just getting there, no matter how difficult a season you’ve had, is not enough. Winning in the playoffs is what it’s all about.

While the good news is that the Packers are in and playing at home, the bad news is they are playing their recent nemesis, the 49ers. The Packers have been out-played and out-coached by the 49ers in their last few meetings.

But that was LAST YEAR.

This is a NEW YEAR.

Wouldn’t sending the 49ers back to the West Coast as losers be the best way to start off 2014? Pretty safe to say for everyone who comes here it would.

Which brings me to my final thought. 2014 will mark year five for this web site. What started out as a simple diversion for me has turned into a major obsession, but in a good way.

With the plethora of news sources out there, I’m still amazed by how many of you are regular readers, coming here every day and commenting, not to mention the thousands every day that are just “passing through.” If we’ve brought you some information and entertainment over these years, that’s our primary reward (it sure isn’t money!).

I’m equally grateful for the fine collection of writers that take time out of their lives to contribute to the ALLGBP community. They all have their own reasons for doing what they do, but again, money is not one of them. These are dedicated Packers fans that simply live and breathe Green Bay Packers Football. We are all very lucky to have them.

Now that we’ve put 2013 to bed, let’s hit the ground running in 2014, starting with a playoff win on Sunday.

Have a healthy and Happy New Year everyone, and…



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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.


  • Dave D

    Love this site Jersey Al, thanks for all your hard work. Happy New Year!

  • Razer

    Thanks for the job that you and your crew do. It is great to have a place to meet up with Packer fans and discuss the team. While we don’t always agree on the state of affairs with the players, coaches or management, we do come together on our love of the Green and Gold.

    Here’s to another year of cheering, crying and hoping. Thanks Al

    • Dobber

      Ditto. Living in a place where Packer fans aren’t very numerous, this is a great place to get my green-n-gold on…and where I’m not afraid to be dumb. That’s the sign of a great blog/board.

      • JimR_in_DC

        Took the words right outta my mouth. Thanks and Happy New Year to the whole AllGreenBayPackers.com crew, and to all that come here to support the Packers! Go Pack Go!

  • Dave D

    Now, how are the Packers going to stop Kapernick, Bolden and Gore? Just want to send Harbaugh hone crying, can it be done?

    Packer offense has to score on every possession with the D so porous. Doesn’t it? Any thoughts?

    • Slim11

      Long drives and scoring touchdowns instead of field goals. If Rodgers doesn’t throw two INTs in the first half, then keeping to 49ers’ offense on their bench is the best defense the Packers have.

      I hope MM realizes this. He seemed to start this way against the Bears and it worked. A lot depends on how well Lacy and Starks can run the ball.

      GO PACK GO and Happy New Year!

      • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

        “Long drives and scoring touchdowns instead of field goals.”

        Took the exact words out of my mouth. Limit the number of chances SF has to score by using up the clock on patient run/pass mix drives, score 7 when in the red zone and hope the D can hold SF to field goals in a couple of their red zone opportunities.

        • http://GV889@aol.com Jerry

          Add to that no turnovers on special teams (Jeremy Ross last year) Make sure we get good coverage on kick offs and punts!

        • http://allpackers.com Nick Perry

          I don’t care how great a team is, 7 degrees at kickoff with a chance of snow is cold, especially for a team from California. Living in LA myself it’s been in the mid 70′s for weeks. I freeze my ass of now when it dips below 40 ABOVE ZERO. I have to think that will be a factor for the 49ers.
          Al and Slim11 are right, long drives and when in the Red Zone score TD’s. MM and AR have to be patient, just like that final drive against the Bears. There’s nothing wrong with a dink and dunk offense with a occasional deep pass, mixed in with dose’s of Lacy and Starks.
          I really hope they TRY Nick Perry at Matthews spot. I know Forte made him look silly on one play this last game. If worst comes to worse, put his hand in the dirt and let him go. It seems the only time we see Datone Jones is obvious passing downs, and we see less and less of Perry. Cutler had all day to throw and that can’t happen here. The Packers are going to miss Johnny Jolly Sunday but some of these other guys have to pick up the slack. A game like Perry played against Baltimore would be absolutely perfect come Sunday.
          Happy New Year to all my fellow Packers fans and All and all his other writers at AllGreenBayPackers.com!

          • Dobber

            “The Packers are going to miss Johnny Jolly Sunday…”

            …and how. I don’t know how they get around that one against the 9ers.

      • Dobber

        True on ARod. If he doesn’t throw those two picks early, who knows what the final score of Sunday’s game turns out to be.

        In their 4 losses the Niners scored a total of 39 points. When they’re off, they get beat…whether it’s a function of Kaepernick or Gore.

        • Archie

          Or a function of playing against a really good defense. Something GB doesn’t have last time I checked. It would take a miracle for the pack to beat the 9rs this Sunday even if the game was played on the North Pole. But, that’s why they play the games and we shall see. Were the Packers to win it would be such an exhilarating win that it could propel them to the SB again. So it’s a big game, and if I’m a Packer player, I gotta believe, and if I’m in the stands on Sunday, I gotta believe, but here in NY in the comfort of my den, reality beckons and says no way, no how. One of the reasons for Lombardi’s post-season success was his teams were more physical and that translated well to the cold. The 9rs are the more physical team. We are the finesse dome team. Now, I know, don’t tell Eddie Lacy that. He has been marvelous and I have been pleasantly surprised by our OL this year. They deserve a big share of the credit for all the good runs this year. If CMIII were available I’d have a smidgeon more hope for the Pack but Andy Mulumba ain’t no CMIII, at least not yet.

      • Mark

        I think the safeties will remember will remember what they are supposed to and start getting some picks.

    • Dobber

      My bet is that Boldin is just a complementary piece this week. In the past couple matchups, someone new has jumped up and bitten the Packers. Vernon Davis is the killer I don’t think the Packers have an answer for….remember when we were all lobbying for the Packers to take him over Hawk?

      If the Packers are going to win, they’re going to do it on big plays and by playing fast. Turnovers, going over the top, maybe even a special teams score. SF will be perfectly happy to knuckle down and grind this one out. Can’t let them do that.

    • Dobber

      Current forecast for Sunday: 9 degrees and a little breezy.


  • VaPackerMom

    Love reading and listening to podcasts of all of the Packer News. Live in Virginia so only get to read/ hear all the crap about the horrible Washington RedHAWK franchise. So glad i was born and raised a Packer fan. Whew. Can hardly wait to see the shock on the 49er’s faces after a victory Sunday at the Frozen Tundra.
    GoPackGo and Happy New Year

  • http://jersyal.com tim

    While 2013 wasn’t a great year for the packers it certainly was an entertaining roller coaster ride. That’s what Its all about. And it ain’t over yet. To be the best you have to beat the best, I hope they do. 2014 looks very promising in my eyes. Lots of young talent, lots of guys returning from IR, room under the cap, an upcoming draft and free agency – I don’t foresee too many holes player-wise. Maybe address Safety, return guy from the outside and re-sign one or two free agents. Coaching wise I think they need to take a long look at defense and special teams. Maybe Slocum can still develop. TT, MM and Murphy are top-notch in my eyes. Fan-wise the pack will always be well represented. In my Pennsylvania neighborhood there are a number of rabid packer backers like me. I suspect we’ve infiltrated about everywhere. Thanks Al and your writers for the daily fodder for debate. I enjoy all the views and exchange. After all’s said and done, we’re all green and gold inside. Happy New Year to all good packer fans. Go pack.

    • http://allpackers.com Nick Perry

      Weak year for Safety Tim, last years draft was loaded but not this year. I actually think this is the year the Packers are somewhat active in FA. I think the consider trying to find a Safety in Free Agency. Even the most optimistic fan has to see M.D. Jennings is horrid. Burnett has been decent at times and is here no matter what after the extension he signed. I’d think Shields is priority one and getting Cobb locked in like TT did Nelson may be in the future. 2014 is Nelsons final year and I really hope we can afford Jordy. This current Packers team could be totally different next year with all the FA they have. Did anyone else notice where B.J. Raji was on the final play of the Bears game? Behind Rodgers on the sideline. At 8 million or more let him walk if he’s not even in the game at crunch time. Money could be spent in more useful places.

      • Dobber

        What will TT do in FA? He’ll probably look for a safety that’s flashed some ability but has been buried on someone’s depth chart behind a quality starter so he can sign them relatively cheaply. If they pan out they’re a steal. If they’re no better than Jennings or Richardson, they go away. I don’t expect him to throw a lot of $$$ into the mid-level market…if only because it doesn’t match his recent pattern.

        • http://allpackers.com Nick Perry

          The only reason I thought this, or better yet wished this, was the need is so glaring that it can’t be ignored any longer. Richardson might very well be good enough, or at least help. I know he’s just coming back the last few games but until Jennings is off the field completely, I can’t feel good about the Packers Safety position. I think they find exactly what you described. Someone buried on another teams depth chart who won’t cost to much.


      I’m a WI. transplant to Salem, Or. Amazing amount of thumbs up when wearing Packer gear. Lets start to win it all against SF!!

  • toolkien

    Winning it all basically comes down to winning the turnover margin, and recent history has shown that there is little correlation between the regular season and post season in the continuance of turnover margin. So the Packers have a chance. But most of the recent washouts (covering the last few decades) the offense has had trouble not giving the ball away come tournament time. And the Defense hasn’t had much by way of ballhawking the last few years. So here’s to the slate of opponents the Packers may face having cases of the dropsies and butter fingers. Put simply, the Packers are going to need a lot of luck in the form of giveaways by the other team to have a chance. But it happened for the Giants, it can happen for the Pack.

  • Art

    Not much a to add from previous posts about the Packers. I only want to say how grateful I am to have Al Bracco as a friend. Because of the daily hours he spends developing, improving and making this site a daily visit for so many of us, Packers fans from around the world join together for the ultimate purpose, to cheer on the Packers. Having spent a few tailgate parties with Al, for those of you who haven’t met him, he is the kind of person that makes you ask yourself,”why don’t I have more friends like him?” He welcomes you to his tail gaits with open arms and is always interested in hearing what you have to say.Al, I look forward to more posts and spending more time with you before the games. You’re a Packer fan inside and out, but more importantly, you’re a good person. Have a happy and healthy new year to you and your family. Love ya man.

    • http://allgbp.com Jersey Al

      Wow, thank you Art, you’re very kind and an awesome dude yourself!. Now I really feel bad I haven’t gotten around to getting that pic I took of you and your three friends. Note to self…

      Packers are not coming to NJ next year, sadly. They do play the Jets, but it’s at Lambeau. Our next tailgate will have to wait…

  • http://GV889@aol.com Jerry

    Morgan Burnett will need to step up big time.There will be no room for mistakes.I hope he has it in him! D-line has got to get some pressure on that over sized SF O-line…. If the Packers can’t get some pressure on Kaepernick this thing could get ugly! Lets keep our fingers crossed,and hope for the best.I do have faith but some luck is always nice!

  • pilot67

    Thanks Al from a displaced Cheesehead. Those of us not in WI enjoy your insight and fervor for our Packers. Happy New Year.

  • ktownpackfan

    Thanks Al, and to all the correspondents! I’ve been a faithful reader for 3 years and enjoy all the insight, perspective, and education. Thanks to all the regular ‘Repliers!” I’ve learned a lot from you too. I miss all of you (writers and responders) once the season is done. Here’s hoping I’ll be reading for a few more weeks. GO PACK!!!

  • Since ’61

    Happy New Year Al! And Many more to you and your family. I very much appreciate all your hard work and the work of your team in keeping our blog going. As a long time, long distance Packer fan it’s great to have a place to share thoughts and feelings about our Packers. Both of us have been subscribers to the old Packer Report, but it is so much better to have this blog where we can actually respond to the articles. BTW, usually great articles from the writers. Finally, thanks to the fans who participate and support the blog. I really enjoy the posts and different points of view. It is for these reasons that I end all my posts with “Thanks, Since ’61″. It is my way of showing my appreciation for all your hard work, the writers and my fellow bloggers on a regular basis. Go Pack Go and Thanks,Since ’61


      I’m a WI. transplant to Salem, Or. Amazing amount of thumbs up when wearing Packer gear. Lets start to win it all against SF!!

  • Gary

    Al, your website is often the first that I read. Thanks for giving us Packer fans a nice diversion from the world news,insights and commentaries about the game and team we love, and an opportunity to throw in our own insights and commentaries (even if some of us are just blowing some steam and/or smoke). Have a great and God-blessed new year…and GO PACK!!!

  • WKUPackFan

    Happy 2014 Al. Thanks to you and all the writers for a great year of information and opinion.

  • Steve Cheez

    Thanks, Al, for all the time and hard work you (and the other writers) put in to beam all this great GBP news and info to us exiles out here on the Left Coast.

  • Steve Cheez

    I know this is off-topic, but I’m looking for some help from my fellow fans.
    Anybody know where to find true plus-size (5X) women’s jerseys or other apparel?
    Mrs. Steve Cheez would be eternally grateful.

  • Pete Kliman

    Thanks to all @ Jersey Al’s. What a great way to start the new year with a Packers’ home playoff game.

  • Alex Parkhurst


    Great website – thanks for all you do.

    I have written about the Packer’s injury total the last 4 years as being Number 1 in the NFL. Personally, I think it has to do with our strength, conditioning and coaching. It is NOT that our players are more injury prone. That makes no sense.

    Here is a team that is rarely injured and they are a top ten college team the last 4/5 years. If anyone here knows a Packer Coach, player, scout or other employee with our team, kindly forward this to them.

    Also good if you care about a son/grandson etc. that plays football. My son agrees with this article and he was all-state in Pennsylvania in high school and Ahmad Bradshaw’s blocking back at Marshall University.


  • 55Mike

    My favorite site for Packers news and at 58 years old I have read a lot of Packers news throughout the years—Thanks

  • larry valdes

    Thanks for the work that you do al and I wish you and all the packers fans a very good and happy new year. Let’s go pack win one for the skiper.

  • Mojo

    Thanks Jersey Al and all your writers for providing year round content and a forum for us diehard Green and Gold fans.

    I think the key this week to beat SF will be to keep Kaepernick contained. I think SF has been cautious with the though in mind of making the playoffs and keeping him healthy. At this point he will be given free reign to run at will. And with strong but slow footed Perry and Neal on the outside – watch out.

    Still the Pack have to feel rejuvenated with ARod back, and even without a Finley, have a very dynamic offense. Limit mistakes and they can match points with anyone.

  • ZeroTolerance

    Best content of any site. Second only to McGinn and Silverstein. The PG and T. Dunn and Cheesehead TV pale in comparison.

  • http://allpackers.com Nick Perry

    You’d think with all the negative comments made by Archie all season long, he could at least thank Al and company for this great site, and wish them a Happy New Year. Maybe he lost all him Money on the Bear/Packers game and his internet was turned off!

    • Dobber

      The fact that Archie and others DO come in here and offer their opinions (and keep coming back) regardless of the thumbs up and down actually says good things about this blog, its organizers, and all of those who participate. I hope it stays that way and we continue to hear from them.

  • jOE


    Thanks for all of your work. I love this site. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here’s to five more years!!


  • Dobber

    Here’s a bit of Happy New Year news for Packer fans…


    6 more years of Jay Cutler? Yay! Injury aside, I don’t know if he’s capable of better than this year with the weapons he had and an offensive line that can actually block.

  • http://GV889@aol.com Jerry

    Thanks for running this site Al,and thanks for assembling a great staff who keep churning out great articles which keep me coming back for more! Have a Happy New Year!