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Packers Vs Texans Prediction Contest.

Win a “GEEBZ” T-Shirt courtesy of the fine folks at GEEBZ Shirts  (an $19.95 value). They also have other GEEBZ items available at their online store.

Make your picks in the comments below.   The person with the correct winning team and the closest overall in point differential wins the T-shirt.

Don’t forget the tiebreaker question… (you won’t be eligible if you don’t answer it.)


Winning Team:

Final Score:

Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers):

Post your entry in the comments below. Only entries posted here and received by 8:00PM EasternTime on 10/14/12 will be considered. ALLGBP writers can participate for fun but are not eligible for a prize. The winner will be announced in the comments section of this post, so check back if you think you did well.


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  • steve cheez

    Packers 23
    Houston 13
    Packers 317 total yards offense

  • The Ultimate Packer Fan

    Packers 27
    Houston 24
    Packers have 425 yards of offense

  • Kaitlynn Eversoll

    Packers 24
    Texans 21

    350 Total yards

  • frozentundra91

    Packers 28
    Texans 14
    400 total yards

  • Tarynfor12

    Packers 31
    Texans 30
    Total yards 410

  • poo-beer

    Texans 45
    Packers 13

    273 total yards

  • PackerfanPUGS

    Packers 27
    Texans 24

    327 total yards

  • NotOurSeason

    Pack 17
    Texans 38

    325 yards

  • fsobottka

    Packers 31
    Texans 28

    423 yards

  • Jesse Boughton

    Packers 27
    Texans 19

    417 Yards

  • Elo

    Packers 27
    Texans 23

    383 total yards offense

  • Kathy Kramer

    Packers: 24
    Texans: 21

    Total Yards: 300

  • Matt Mendoza

    Winning Team: Packers

    Final Score: 31-28

    Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers): 385

  • Nathan

    Packers, 24-13, 370 yds

  • Bob

    Packers: 17
    Texans: 27

    Total Yards: 307

  • JohnBlood27

    Packers win

    Packers 34 Texans 30

    463 net yards for the Packer Offense

  • Bojan

    Winning Team: Packers

    Final Score: 31-28

    Tiebreaker: 373y

  • Jeremy

    Packers 27
    Texans 17

    499 yards offense by Pack

  • Jersey Al



  • Adam OConnell

    30- 27 Green Bay wins.

  • Sunnie

    Winning Team: Packers

    Final Score: 31-27

    Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers): 355

  • Brian

    Packers 31, Houston 30

    346 total net yards. 345 passing. ;-)

  • scott schoen

    Packers 34
    Texans 24

    Packers 397 total yards

  • FITZCORE1252

    42-24 Packers. No tie breaker needed.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  • jersey al

    The winner is johnblood with a point differential of 14. Congrats!