It’s Packers vs. Bears for the NFC North Championship

If the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday, they will be NFC North Champions. Yes, the Packers might make the playoffs despite: Playing the second half of the season without Aaron Rodgers. Using four different quarterbacks. Clay Matthews missing a stretch of games, then returning and playing with one thumb. Randall Cobb […]

What Happened to Packers Defensive Lineman B.J. Raji?

The Green Bay Packers have desperately missed Aaron Rodgers ever since he went down with a broken collarbone in week eight. Over that same stretch, the Packers have also desperately missed B.J. Raji, even though the 337-pound defensive lineman played in every game. Through the season’s first eight games, Raji was a force. He was […]

Packers Stock Report: Win and the Packers are in Edition

The Packers win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday was their best victory since winning Super Bowl XLV. Sure, the Packers won 15 games and lit up scoreboards all over the NFL in 2011, but none of the 15 triumphs was as fulfilling as Sunday’s comeback over America’s (Most Annoying) Team. Yes, the Packers persevered […]

Packers GM Ted Thompson is in a Slump

If Packers general manager Ted Thompson was a baseball player, he’d pull up his socks higher, hop over the foul line whenever he ran onto the field, put his hat on backwards, take four warm-up swings before each at-bat instead of three — anything to help change his luck and snap him out of this […]