Ryan Grant Signing Makes Sense for Packers

Now, it seems, we have come full circle. With the knee injury sustained by James Starks on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers became very thin at the position when looking at starting talent. It was obvious they needed to do something to again help the group out, and the signing of Ryan Grant was arguably the best option they had.

Packers Running Back Debate: Modern-Day Cedric Benson vs. Ryan Grant In His Prime

Welcome to tonight’s Packers running back debate featuring Cedric Benson and Ryan Grant. Television stations throughout Wisconsin were very upset that the last presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney drew a 0.0 rating. That’s right, not a single person tuned in to watch the presidential debate in Wisconsin.  Research by Nielsen suggested that […]

Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Last week I used this space to discuss dead wrestlers, concussions and the suicide of Junior Seau. It was some heavy and serious stuff, so serious that I didn’t have the will to keep the post going and talk about Packers news. To make up for it, this edition of Surviving Sunday will be nothing […]

I Have a Feeling: Ryan Grant Will Return to the Packers

As Ted Thompson probably presumed, however, no one is seriously knocking on Grant’s door. Grant’s agent Alan Herman will surely approach the Packers soon (if he hasn’t already) to see if they are still interested in bringing Grant back.