Packers Stock Report: Recovering From the Fail Mary Edition

My inbox has been overflowing with emails asking where the Packers Stock Report has gone. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Its creator has just forgotten to do one through the first two weeks of the season. Its creator is also lying about his inbox overflowing with queries about the Packers Stock Report. I’ve gotten the same […]

NFL, Referees Reach Agreement

Like Jason Wilde said on Twitter, we figured this is how it would happen. Just not against the Green Bay Packers. Regardless, the NFL and NFL Referee Association (NFLRA) have come to an agreement on an eight year CBA to lift the lockout of the regular officials as confirmed by NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. A […]

Video: NFL Replacement Refs Music Parody: Flo Rida Whistle

Not specifically Packers vs. Seahawks related, but  certainly timely give the events of last night.  Maybe we could all use  a little something to lighten the mood…  Enjoy!  (or at least try) —————— Follow Jersey Al:           Follow @JerseyAlGBP           Add to Circleson Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of, and the […]

Ranting and Raving About the Packers Loss to the (Refs) Seahawks

No fancy intro to this post. I’m getting straight to the anger and I invite Packers fans to do the same in the comments section. What pissed you off about last night’s Packers loss to the Seahawks? I’m not looking for one or two things. I’m looking for a laundry list. Let it fly, people. Here […]

Packers-Seahawks: Replacement refs take NFL to all-time low

There’s nothing funny about it. The NFL’s replacement officials have officially cost a team a win that they rightfully earned. “It was awful. That’s all I’m going to say about it.” Aaron Rodgers was dumbfounded following the Packers’ 14-12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night football. While the Packers quarterback and head coach […]