2012 NFL Regular Season Week 1: Packers – 49ers Preview

It’s here. Finally, it’s here. The draft? Done.  Training camp? Finished.  Preseason? Completed. The dress rehearsals are done and the games that count are upon us.  The curtain on the 2012 NFL season has been raised and the march to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans begins in earnest this weekend. The Green Bay Packers […]

New Contract In Hand, It’s Time To Honor Donald Driver

I propose a toast. It’s time to raise our glasses and salute not only one of the greatest players in Green Bay Packers history but also one of the most beloved.  A man who is “Packer People” personified from the way carries himself both on and off the field and his various charitable endeavors. A […]

Questioning the “Effort” and “Motor” of the Packers’ Nick Perry

There are several words used by analysts to describe college players entering the NFL draft that drive me crazy. Examples include: Athletic. What does it mean to be athletic? Shouldn’t all athletes getting paid to play sports be considered athletic? High upside. How many teams draft players because they have little or no upside? Get-off. […]

James Jones vs. Randy Moss: Same Story, Different Ending

I can only imagine the disappointment in Jones’ camp when free agency turned a cold shoulder to him. I can also imagine that Jones considered the same route that Randy Moss took in 2007; play for a discount for one year and hope that you have a stellar season and get a better contract next year.

Packers vs. Vikings: A Matchup of Proven vs. Unproven Talent

Bret Favre was on top of world after beating the Packers last year. He’s been knocked down since. If he manages to get another win at Lambeau on Sunday, he might very well start climbing back up again. If the Packers allow that to happen, 2010 might turn out to be one of the most painful seasons in Packers history.