Packing the Stats: Who can the Packers find at pick 28?

Greg Gabriel at the National Football Post (a great website that I highly recommend) recently published an article entitled “How clubs strategize for free agency and the draft” which postulates an interesting idea that when picking at a certain position in the draft, a team can expect a certain number of players at a position […]

Packing the Stats: Running Back Role Reversal

One of the big problems with playing 3 games in 10 days is that injuries are that much more devastating.  In particular, having only 3 days to get healthy for Packers such as Greg Jennings and James Starks will be a particularly difficult task.  In my opinion, there’s no huge rush to push Jennings if […]

Packing the Stats: Regression of The Secondary

The Packers may be perfect in the win-loss column, but it would be foolish to assume that everything with the Packers is going perfectly.  The last 3 years the Packers have fielded competitive teams each with its own Achilles’ heel; in 2009 it was the offensive line, in 2010 it was the running game and […]

Packing the Stats: Packers Tight Ends Forgotten with Finley Gone

In each of the past three games, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers offense have done something they have only done once since Week 5: thrown a touchdown pass to a tight end. Donald Lee accounts for two of those touchdowns, and we just saw Tom Crabtree score his first NFL touchdown in Sunday’s NFC Wild Card game against the Philadelphia Eagles.