Packers vs. Lions: Keys to the Game

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and while this past month hasn’t been what many had hoped, at least we only have to wait a short four days between games!  That also means our schedule at is accelerated so this is our version of the two-minute drill. The Green Bay Packers have been tabbed for […]

Packers vs. Lions Week 13 Game Predictions from

GAME PREDICTIONS Week 13: Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction Kris Burke 6-5 Detroit Lions 27-20 Matt Flynn gets the start but Sam Shields is really the one everyone needs to see start.  If he can’t go, the Packers stand no chance of shutting down Calvin Johnson.  […]

Packers Stock Report: Back on Track Edition

The Packers took a big step in the right direction this week with a boring, but thorough beating of the Lions. The Packers won the game where they haven’t won many lately – in the trenches. The offensive line, especially the interior three, showed what they are capable of, going up against some of the […]

Poll: Are the Packers a Good Team Playing Mediocre or Just a Mediocre Team?

After the Packers yawner of a win over the Lions on Sunday, I keep asking myself one question: Are the Packers a good team playing mediocre or just a mediocre team? Let’s take a look at the case for each: Good team playing mediocre The Packers are 2-2 despite another barrage of early-season injuries, playing […]

Packers vs. Lions – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 22 DET 9

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions:  2013 Game 4 Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.   GAME NOTES: The Packers have have had two weeks to stew and get sick of answering questions about play-calling,  injuries, MM-AR relationship and more. They can take the field today and make all of […]