Packers vs. Falcons Week 5 Game Predictions from

“Jersey” Al’s cast of writers make their 2011 NFL Week 5 game predictions for the Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons.

Green Bay Packers: Near Perfect Performance on Offense Leaves Lasting Memories

All season, Packers fans have been asking Aaron Rodgers to utilize short and intermediate routes. We’ve also been asking Mike McCarthy to run the ball more and the entire offense to score touchdowns on long drives. Finally, we’ve been asking James Jones to just catch the damn ball.

Aaron Rodgers – Throws Like Dan Marino and Runs Llike Steve Young

As I’ve watched Aaron Rodgers progress over the last few years, there have been things that have amazed me and things that gave me concern. Gradually, he has eliminated the concerns and has reached a point where it’s just fun to watch him play.