Marques Eversoll: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

It’s been a competitive summer in Green Bay at a number of positions. After being unemployed a few weeks ago, Vince Young seems to have a firm grasp on the No. 2 quarterback job, and the offensive line is beginning to take form despite the injury bug sinking its teeth into Bryan Bulaga’s knee. Still, […]

Thomas Hobbes: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

First off, as with every year that I do this, I would like to say upfront I have no idea what I’m doing.  I don’t pretend to able to prognosticate 53-man rosters any more than I can delve in the mind of Ted Thompson.  That being said, this is still a fun yearly exercise and […]

Jersey Al: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

My Packers 53-man Roster Prediction Quarterback (2): Rodgers, Young There’s no doubt, I’d feel better about the Packers’ chances with Young at QB  over Harrell if Rodgers went down. Do doubt about it. So did the Packers. Coleman hasn’t made as big a jump as expected – back to the practice squad.  (Coleman to the PS) […]

Jason Perone: My Initial Packers 53-Man Roster Predictions

The Green Bay Packers will face some tough decision after this week’s final preseason game and to determine what the final roster will look like.  That will fall largely on General Manager Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy. It’s possible that one of these young players could flash in the preseason finale and jump […]

Chad Toporski: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

As I’ve perused the Packers Blogosphere and its associate comments sections, I have noticed something rather interesting. There are two types of fans when it comes to roster predictions: (1) those who list whom they want on the roster, and (2) those who predict whom Ted Thompson will keep. These are two very different processes, because in […]