According to Hobbes: Packers Offseason Primer on the NFL Combine: Wide Recievers

Wide Recievers: Here’s the third of a series of articles looking specifically at the NFL combine and the Packers’ drafting tendencies. This article will use the combine numbers from previous players drafted by GM Ted Thompson as a guide for what wide recievers are likely to fit into the Packers’ scheme. Again, this is merely an attempt to make a best guess based on statistics at which players the Packers might be interested in, game tape naturally trumps combine numbers, so take all of this with a grain of salt. But I believe it will make for some interesting discussion. Listed below are two wide recievers in this year’s draft who I think fit the Packers scheme the best, based on their combine numbers.

Green Bay Packers WR Status: Jordy Nelson > James Jones???

Jordy Nelson will have a longer and better career as an NFL wide receiver than James Jones. There – let’s just get that out of the way. I have nothing against James Jones, and his hard-luck personal story makes me want to root for him, but I just don’t think he will ever be more than a good receiver. I believe Jordy Nelson, however, has the extras that could propel him to be a quasi-star in the NFL.