Will a Lack of Creativity Doom the Packers’ Offense?

Ever since Mike McCarthy took over as head coach, the Green Bay Packers have prided themselves on being one of the most explosive offensive teams in the National Football League. Since his first year with the Packers in 2006, McCarthy’s teams have scored 3,093 regular season points.  This includes the three games so far in […]

Packers News: Team reportedly adds TE Matthew Mulligan

Tight end Matthew Mulligan agreed to a one-year deal with the Green Bay Packers, according to WCSH TV 6 in Portland, Maine. Mulligan, a four-year veteran out of the University of Maine, played with the St. Louis Rams in 2012 after spending three years with the New York Jets. The Packers, having lost reserve tight […]

Should the Packers Cut Back on all the Pre-Snap Screwing Around?

The Packers are fortunate to have a very smart head coach, a quarterback who is as well-prepared as any in the game, and a defensive coordinator known for his innovation and scheme adjustments. When Mike McCarthy’s offensive brilliance, Aaron Rodgers’ ability to read a defense and Dom Capers’ knack for confusing offenses all comes together, […]

Jermichael Finley key in Packers’ win at Detroit

Jermichael Finley is a subject for heavy debate among Packers fans. When a player is under performing, it’s acceptable to be critical of him. And through nine games, Finley’s seven drops and lackluster performance were certainly deserving of criticism. But when that same player turns in a key performance that helps his team win, credit […]

Getting In Rhythm With The Packers Offense

In this week’s edition of “Tuesday’s with Aaron” with Jason Wilde (a must listen if you are a Packers fan), Aaron Rodgers tried to describe what is a “rhythm offense”: “I don’t know… I think a rhythm offense is an offense that operates best in favorable down and distances and making consistent plays and not […]