Green Bay Packers: From “Next Man Up” To “Now What?”

  The Green Bay Packers may single-handedly add to the very small list of certainties in life.  So far, and as I recall, it’s only “death and taxes”.  Are we finally at a point where “injuries in Green Bay” can at least be considered for said list? Back in 2010, the Packers lost 16 players to […]

Green Bay’s Health Woes: Who Is The Next Man Up?

This has surely been an interesting week for the Green Bay Packers, as far as player-personnel goes.  Entering Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, there was already some concern over how well the team’s defense would play without the services of linebacker Clay Matthews, who is expected to miss about a month with a broken […]

Green Bay Packers Pass Defense Woes: Time To Sound The Alarm?

I can see you eyeing that big red button.  Don’t lie; it’s real tempting to hit the panic button right now isn’t it? Yes, the Green Bay Packers are off to a 2-0 start after a couple of games that had Packer Nation sweating bullets.  Still, a win is a win right?  That said, there […]