Packers Xs and Os Film Session: For the Naysayers

Photo credit: Rex Arbogast/AP Last Sunday, the Green Bay Packers thoroughly beat down their rival Chicago Bears 38-17. In doing so, they built up much needed morale, but also silenced many of the naysayers. In the last week, following a very disappointing offensive performance against the Detroit Lions, I read and heard several complaints about […]

Packers Xs and Os Film Session: Finally an Interception by a Safety!

Photo credit: @Packers Twitter feed Last Sunday, there weren’t many things to celebrate during the Green Bay Packers’ 19-7 loss to their division rivals Detroit Lions. However, there were a few bright spots during the game, which were (shockingly) on the defensive side of the ball. One such defensive milestone was a Packers safety finally […]

Packers Xs and Os Film Session: Momentum Swing to Victory

Photo credit: Christian Peterson/Getty Images On Sunday, after shockingly falling behind to the New York Jets 21-3 in the first half, the Green Bay Packers mounted a furious comeback to win the game 31-24. Comebacks are total team efforts because the defense has to limit the opponent’s score from increasing while the offense attempts to […]

Packers Xs and Os Film Session: Burned by the Zone Read (Again)

Photo credit: Joe Nicholson/USA Today After finishing the preseason with high expectations, the Green Bay Packers were soundly beaten by the Seattle Seahawks. Some things went right, but so many things went wrong. The following play I’ll break down shows one such scenario where things went terribly wrong. In the GIF below, the Seahawks scored […]

Packers Xs and Os Film Session: Battle of the Backup Quarterbacks

Photo credit: Mike Roemer/Associated Press The Green Bay Packers finished their preseason campaign with a 34-14 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The fourth preseason game is not only meaningless in the win/loss column, it also does not feature any starters seeing any significant playing time. It’s simply a game that gives the coaching staff […]