Packers Stock Report: Let’s Pretend That Never Happened Edition

I’ve been doing the Packers Stock Report weekly for over two years now. Most of you know how it works. But just in case, it’s important to know this while you’re reading and agreeing/disagreeing with my selections: I don’t base the rising/falling/steady selections solely on the most recent game. The most recent game receives the most weight, […]

Giants 38, Packers 10: Game Balls and Lame Calls

Pathetic, flat, uninspired and unemotional. These are a just few words that could be used to describe the dud that the Green Bay Packers put up against the New York Giants on national television Sunday night.  It was a game many fans had circled on the calendar since the schedule was released in spring.  The […]

Packers Playbook (aka Hobbjective Analysis): Week 7 vs Jacksonville Jaguars

So I’m going to do something a little bit unusual from the usual Packers Playbook series; first off I’m going to breakdown a special teams play, namely Davon House’s blocked punt which turned into a special teams touchdown, but ru because I want to hear your rationale for running this play because frankly I don’t […]

Packers Play Analysis: Week 2 Versus The Bears

“Good luck […] Our speed guys are going to get around them, and our big guys are going to throw and go,” Cutler said. “We invite press coverage. We invite man. And if we get in that type of game, our guys outside have to make some plays for us.” – Jay Cutler After that […]

Packers Outside Linebackers: Erik Walden vs. Nick Perry

Before the season started, Jersey Al posted this about Packers outside linebacker Erik Walden. Jersey Al said the following about Walden early in the post: Erik Walden can flat out rush the passer. When Walden is turned loose to pursue the red meat known as NFL quarterbacks, he performs like a hungry lion. I wasn’t […]