Cory’s Corner: Officiating style will decide Lions-Packers

Coaches and players will never put an emphasis on the officiating, but when it comes down to playoff seeding, it really matters. The Buffalo game was a prime example. The Bills’ secondary really pushed the envelope in terms of physical play. Remember, the NFL put a point of emphasis on illegal contact and defensive holding […]

Packing the Stats: Green Bay Packers’ Defense on Third Downs

Stopping the Detroit Lions on third down was a huge issue for the Green Bay Packers in their first matchup this season. If the Packers hope to win the NFC North on Sunday they are going to need to do much, much better defensively on third downs than they did in that first matchup. As […]

Packers Periscope: Week 17 vs Detroit Lions

The Past: While the Lions are still sort of the trailer trash of the NFL; they are a talented team that many thought could be very successful if they ever got out of their own way.  2014 was finally the year that the Lions sort of just let their talent win games and overall, the team […]

Cory’s Corner: The dirty Detroit Lions need an intervention

This isn’t new territory. A new coach hasn’t changed anything. They’re still the dirty Detroit Lions. Center Dominic Raiola proved on Sunday why he is the most feared and most hated NFL player at the same time. He stepped on the right leg of Chicago defensive lineman Ego Ferguson like it was an empty soda […]

Cory’s Corner: Despite Packers’ early struggles, NFL is wide open

The NFL just put Week 5 to bed. So what does that mean for the Packers? Many folks who thought that the season was swirling down the drain after losing two of three to start the year should be feeling pretty good right about now. And the reason is because I really don’t see a […]