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When we’re looking back at the Green Bay Packers 2015 draft class five years from now, will we be nodding our heads in approval or shaking our heads in disgust at the players Ted Thompson passed up?

Versatility and special teams were the buzzwords surrounding this Packers’ draft. I’m not one of those people who gets all wound up about the draft. I say let’s see these kids play before we get too upset about passing up this player or that player.

But like most football fans, I do enjoy second-guessing. So for this edition of Surviving Sunday, I’ve put together a five-round Packers “Second-Guess Draft.” When I put my second-guessing hat on, these are the players I would have taken instead of the players actually drafted by the Packers.

I doubt my second-guess picks will turn out to be better than Thompson’s actual picks, but it’ll be fun to pull up this post a few years from now and compare.

Round 1

Actual pick: Damarious Randall, DB, Arizona St.
Second-guess pick: Malcom Brown, DT, Texas

Many would probably second-guess my second guess in this situation. Inside linebacker Stephone Anthony went to the Saints right after the Packers selected Randall. Obviously, the Packers need all the inside linebacker help they can get. But I want Brown in my second-guess scenario. There’s no guarantee that BJ Raji will be any good coming off injury or that Letroy Guion can repeat the success he had last season. Plus, both of those players are free agents next offseason. Brown seems like the type of big body the Packers need up front.

Round 2

Actual pick: Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami (OH)
Second-guess pick: Quinten Rollins

I had never heard or Quinten Rollins before the Packers selected him. After the selection, I thought, “Great, another basketball player with minimal football experience.” But after doing a lot of reading, Rollins’ ceiling seems so high that I think it’s a great pick. I second-guessed this selection when Thompson first made it, but not any more. I’d stick with Rollins in my second-guess draft.

Round 3

Actual pick: Ty Montgomery, WR, Standord
Second-guess pick: Paul Dawson, ILB, TCU

Here’s where the Packers get their inside linebacker. Dawson’s 40-time was awful, but anybody who spends a minute or two watching game-film of Dawson can see that he actually can play. It’d be tough to pass up the dynamic kick/punt return potential of Montgomery, but my second-guess pick here would be Dawson.

Round 4

Actual pick: Jake Ryan, ILB, Michigan
Second-guess pick: David Cobb, RB, Minnesota

This second-guess pick was a tough one between Cobb and Grady Jarrett, NT, Clemson. I went with Cobb because I think he’ll be a very consistent running back and will be able to step right into the third-down role once James Starks’ time in Green Bay is up. I also think Cobb might be a more steady runner than Starks should Lacy be injured for an extended stretch.

Round 5

Actual pick: Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA
Second-guess pick: Kenny Bell, WR, Nebraska

Here is where I would’ve picked up some additional wide-receiver depth in my second-guess universe. Bell has a sweet afro and is the kind of smart, route-running receiver Aaron Rodgers and the Packers seem to like.


Packers News, Notes and Links

  • If you missed out on all the draft podcasts from the Packers Talk Radio Network, be sure to Packers draft There are a lot of great pods that go in-depth on the Packers’ selections.
  • This Packers draft post from Acme Packing Co. on the Packers 2015 draftees is also a great read. In my opinion, the immediate best case scenario for this class is they take the Packers special teams from awful to good. Long term best case scenario is Rollins turning into an all-pro and Jake Ryan steadily improving in 2015.
  • Want to know more about the Packers undrafted free agents? Packers undrafted free agents from Jeff Albrecht has you covered. I’m most excited to see what John Crockett, RB, North Dakota St., can do.
  • The Packers Nick Perry the fifth-year option of OLB Nick Perry. A good decision by the Packers. Let’s see if putting some pressure on Perry leads to more production.
  • Bye bye Jarrett Bush The Packers gave Rollins Bush’s No. 24. That likely means Bush won’t be back with the Packers.

Non Packers links and other Nonsense

  • Turns out Tom Brady likely wasn’t Mr. Innocent in “Deflategate.” I’m not saying the Patriots don’t win the Super Bowl if Deflategate never happens, but this isn’t some little thing to just brush off, either. Obviously, if Brady and the Pats didn’t feel like deflating the football would give them some type of advantage, they wouldn’t have done it. With so many NFL games, especially late in the season, being decided by the slimmest of margins on one or two key players, any little advantage helps. In Brady’s case, it appears that he got that advantage by cheating.
  • This is a tough read, but a worthwhile one.

Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


14 thoughts on “Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

  1. I like your second guess picks. Pretty much the exactly what I would do in a redraft. I do think Ted drafted some very good players but the areas of need better here, IMO. I’d also add Lael Collins and Ifo Ekepre-Olomu with the comp picks.

  2. I agree with the Brown pick and not picking Hundley.

    However, I have more confidence with Thompson than I have with Czech or myself.

  3. I only wish you would have made it a little more interesting and put a third and 4th guess as some of the players on my list weren’t mentioned. Oh well, no biggie.

      1. I was joking that’s why that statement above seemed odd for me. Yes, anyone second guessing TT is wasting their time. You can’t defeat the best in the business.

  4. I didn’t care that TT didn’t take a DT at #30…this year is set and he’ll re-sign at least one of them next year. If Pennel or Thornton don’t step up there’s next year’s draft. I liked Stephone Anthony at #30. CB Rollins in the second round was ok with me. I thought he might take DE Xavier Cooper in the third round even though there are a lot of DE’s on the roster, as a BAP pick. Kenny Bell was a WR I thought TT might target in the fourth round. I looked for Ted to take a QB in the seventh round…but Hundley fell so far I have no problem with Ted grabbing him in the Fifth round. Ted has explained his reasoning for each of his picks so who am I to second guess him…his picks make a lot of sense.

  5. I agree with your second guess picks, then finish off the later rounds with some more CBs.

    is anyone else annoyed that the cowgirls were able to land another first round talent, in Collins, as a FA? I feel bad for Collins , because he was cleared legally and seems innocent and not being drafted wasn’t fair to him. But, why did he have to end up on hated Dallas? That great Oline just got better. And not to mention that the Cowpies also landed two criminals to upgrade their team on the field. Landing Gregory in the 2nd Rd was a steal and landing Greg Hardy sucks. I guess we’ll see if the landing ‘Clean and Smart’ guys is the best theory .

    1. Agree about Dallas. But I’m glad TT went d-back early and often. We’ve lost 2 starting caliber corners and need to replace them. IMO corners are worth more than ILB–esp given our options there.

  6. 2nd Guesses: Pick is Brown in rd. 1. Others: Goldman, Kendricks, Anthony, Phillips, and Jalen Collins (assess character).

    Rollins in rd. 2. Have to consider Eli Harold, Carl Davis, Strong, and PJ Williams (assess character). Need for a CB wins, pick is Rollins.

    3rd Rd. Pick is Dawson (assess character). Consider TJ Clemings (stress fracture), Xavier Cooper, CB Shaw, Gaines, Nelson, WR Montgomery, Hardison, OG Tre Jackson.

    The real 2nd guessing is the decision not to trade back. Since we would be guessing at the terms, it is difficult to discuss. TT said offers were made, but he felt they were not equal, but we don’t know what TT was asking for. We do know Tennessee traded #33 down to #40 and picked up #107 and #245. Since the terms are unknown, we don’t know how far back we’d have to go and whether Randall, Goldman, Kendricks, Darby, or Rowe would have been available, and who might have been available in the pick GB netted, which probably would have been somewhere in the upper third of the 4th round. Jackson, Clemmings, Shaw, likely would have been available, and we’ll never know if Montgomery would have been. Trading down would have likely impacted the entire draft, since our first round pick might have been a different player and/or a different position.

  7. Very good second guessing, Adam. I’ve warmed to TT’s selections of Rollins and Ryan and I can understand the trade and selection of Hundley. I wouldn’t have done it, though. At first, I was disappointed in our 3rd round selection of Montgomery, given that we had not addressed the long-term problem at DT in the first round and that Xavier Cooper was still on the board. But, given a “second guess” of Brown in the 1st round, I would select Montgomery over Dawson, whose maturity is an issue. As for the 5th round, you and TT both missed out on the “steal” of the draft, Michael Bennett, who actually was selected by Jacksonville in the 6th round. Here would be my “second guesses” for the whole draft: 1) Malcom Brown, DT, Texas; Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami of Oh.; 3) Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford; 4) Jake Ryan, ILB, Mich;; 5) Michael Bennett, DE, Oh. St;; 6) Ben Koyack, TE, Notre Dame; 6-comp) Darryl Roberts, CB, Marshall (actually selected by the Patriots with our traded 7th round pick); 6-comp) Alani Fua, OLB, BYU; and 7) Darryl Baldwin, OT, Oh. St.

    1. I like your picks, for the most part. I took Dawson over Montgomery, but it was a close call for me. I did not put Michael Bennett on my second guess list because I do not think he fits our scheme. Unless of course he is the next Mike Daniels. Love Darryl Roberts. Couldn’t figure a way to get RB Ajayi, and didn’t try too hard since I like Rajion Neal and Crockett quite a bit.

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