Guion Cleared To Resume Football Career

Letroy Guion

Six week ago and just days after Super Bowl XLIX, former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Letroy Guion was getting his mug shot taken and wondering what would happen to his NFL career.  The free agent had just been arrested on possession of marijuana and while in possession of a firearm in his hometown of Starke, Florida.  At the time, the Packers had reportedly been working with Guion on a new contract to bring him back to Green Bay in 2015.  Upon hearing about the arrest and all of the details that were released, it seemed unlikely that Guion would be in the NFL at all in 2015, let alone in green and yellow.

On Tuesday, Guion’s criminal proceedings wrapped up without adjudication of guilt.  In short, Guion won’t face any criminal charges.  Because Guion was a first-time offender, he agreed to pay $5,000.00 plus court fees and will continue the civil proceedings to get the cash he had on him at the time ($190,000), his gun and his vehicle back.

When the story first broke of Guion’s arrest, there was speculation that there was more to it than just his erratic driving that led police to arrest him.  In that part of town, carrying around that kind of cash is not common and it’s thought that some who know Guion may have tipped off authorities of his whereabouts.  When the money was seized as evidence, the police department openly talked about how that money could be used to buy them some new equipment and even a few new squad cars.

Regardless, the incident is behind Guion and Packers head coach Mike McCarthy spoke about it on Tuesday, saying he would still welcome Guion back to the team if the circumstances work out.  After a slow start in 2014, Guion proved to be a valuable rotational player on the defensive line.  His veteran presence seemed to help the team drive to a conference championship game and that should certainly be welcomed back if at all possible.

With Guion’s arrest and questions about former Packer B.J. Raji’s health after a torn bicep cost him all of last season, the team’s defensive front was suddenly thin and in flux.  If there’s one thing an NFL defense can’t have, it’s a “thin” front.  Especially in a 3-4 scheme.  There have been reports that Raji also wants to return to Green Bay and that the Packers had planned to return him to his natural nose tackle spot last season.  At this point, the Packers would be wise to do their full due diligence on both Raji and Guion.  If Raji appears to have recovered from the arm injury, the team would suddenly look a bit more stout by bringing both back.

While Guion’s arrest was a blemish on what is usually a rather spotless off-field record for Packers players, the quick resolution at least indicates that there was likely a lot less to the incident than it seemed when the news first hit.  Now the Packers can move on and continue to work on shoring up their defense to go along with the top-scoring offense last season.  The run to San Francisco in 2015 may have just taken a nice turn for the Green Bay Packers.


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25 thoughts on “Guion Cleared To Resume Football Career

  1. Anyone wanna bet Minnesota makes a run at him?

    Now that the Packers have him taught how to play pro football and he’s had a run-in with the law, he’s a hand in glove fit for the purple pukes.

    1. Not agreed. Vikings are not contender (yet), so, I expect Letroy to come back!

    2. I don’t think so, he loves playing in Green Bay and you could tell how much he loved pummeling Ponder in that Sunday Night Game his dislike of the Vikings. The Packers were working on a contract with him before all this, told him they wanted him back once it was resolved, as long as the suspension isn’t to long he’ll be a Packer this year.

      Thompson should start getting the middle of this Packers defense fixed because at this point the pickings are getting slim. Anyone that hoped the Packers would sign Mason Foster can forget that, he signed with the Bears and it’s tough to just use the draft as the fix. I’m thinking now that with the depth of “Edge Rushers” in this draft the Packers maybe plan on playing Matthews even more inside, draft a OLB like Eli Harold from Virginia. That would also help take some pressure of Peppers so he’s not playing so many downs this year.

    3. You do remember that Guion played for the Vikings before coming to Green bay last season?

      So he’s already had his tour in purple skoal land.

    4. Careful what you say. Mike Zimmer created one of the best defenses in the NFL in his last stop. He hit a home run on his new defense with his first draft pick last year. Look for Zimmer to acquire a CB to go with his rising star at the other CB position. Give Zimmer another year or two and he will a defense equal to the Pack’s offense.

      1. The Airline Pilot fallacy. Good at one thing doesn’t mean good at everything.

        The history of the NFL is littered with the corpses of great coordinators who couldn’t make the jump to head coach.

        1. Of course what you say is correct but I was referring to the MN defense. That said, I have confidence in Zimmer as a HC but time will tell. In 2015 he will have AP (maybe), Teddy and Mike Wallace. That’s not a bad triumvirate. MN looks like to me like the next team to rise up in the NFC North that GB will have to fend off. Till GB can put a decent defense on the field, we can forget about picking up any more Lombardi trophies. TT couldn’t do in SEA and he hasn’t done it in GB. Justy as he is great at drafting WRs and finding FA CBs, he is horrible at drafting defensive talent. He hit one bulls-eye – CMIII. The reasons he signed Woodson, Peppers and Grease in FA was to make up for his inadequacy in the draft on defense. Drafting at the bottom of R1 makes it tougher but other teams find great defensive players throughout the draft. TT finds Kyri Thornton and overdrafts him. Shssh…

    5. If we are to believe his agent, Guion is Green Bay’s as long as they want him.

  2. I really think Guion and Raji are JAGs. We will never have a good defense till we acquire some DL studs. In 10 years of draft and develop Teddy has yet to find one. He had one here early in his tenure but he pushed him out for some unknown reason – Grady Jackson.

    1. While I generally agree with Archie, the facts are what they are. This also underscores Ted’s major flaw, refusing to value players he did not bring in. Grady Jackson is one, Williams is another, Kampman makes me cry and the world beater Cullen Jenkens, the top NFL player for inside pass rush three consecutive years.
      Jenkins together with CM3 is the reason Raji and Williams are and were so overrated based on one year 2010. It amazes me how many people refuse to look at facts and think Raji and Williams were the play makers when it was perfectly obvious and is still from tape, that they were the benificiaries of playmakers. A huge difference.

      1. “…when it was perfectly obvious and is still from tape, that they were the benificiaries of playmakers.”

        Are they not then playmakers themselves for taking advantage of a play making opportunity.

        One cannot deny the more apt but one cannot deny those who aptly follow the lead. 🙂

  3. My take on this is that the Packers should re-sign Guion and Raji, assuming the price is right, to at least stabilize the NT position for now. Neither Guion or Raji are stars but they can provide a serviceable rotation until a NT/DL draft pick or 2 can develop and work their way into the rotation. I realize that it is early and we can still sign FAs but it would be good to know that we have some of our own coming back if all else fails. As we are today, we have gaping holes at NT, ILB and one corner back position. This is worse than last season when Safety and ILB were our major concerns for the defense. If we sign Guion and Raji, at the right price we can hold the fort while Pennel and draft picks develop. We can always cut guys who don’t work out so I say the more players that we can look at in camp the better. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Comparing Guion and Raji in the same sentence just means you don’t get it. Guion had more tackles/sacks and pressures in year that he started injured than raji had in THREE COMPLETE SEASONS added together

      1. I never compared Guion and Raji. I merely stated that the Packers should sign them ( at the right price) to bring some stability to the position as they go into camp. Guion may be the better player, but he will likely serve a 2-4 game suspension, during which time Raji could fill-in. Also, one or both could be injured. In that case, hopefully one or the other can cover during the period of injury. I’m saying that at this time the Packers can use the depth that signing both of them would provide. I am not saying one or the other is better or that they should remain committed to both players. But maybe you’re right, after 50+ years as a Packer and NFL fan I don’t get it. I especially don’t get why you, making your first comment on this blog have chosen to insult me, a person you don’t know, over a minor comment on a fairly soft issue. The purpose of this blog is to enjoy the dialogue and share our thoughts and opinions about the on-going state and issue of our Packers. Yes, we disagree with each other, from article to article but we don’t usually begin our dialogues by hurling insults at each other. Enjoy your day. Thanks, Since ’61

        1. Raji and Guion are a apple and orange separated…however,together they are an orange and grapefruit mix,which mostly everyone knows works well together under the right mixing system. 🙂

          1. Taryn – I agree, they can work well together. Especially if Raji can get back reasonably close to his 2010 NT form. Thanks, Since ’61

        2. I agree. I also think that BJ would be playing in a better spot at NT and expect him to play that again if signed.

  4. Well that’s great news!! Glad to hear he’s getting off with a slap on the wrist. I like this Guion. Surprised the hell out of me to be honest. I didn’t even think he would make he team and probably wouldn’t have had Raji not been injured.
    What I would like to know is how did he manage to get off so easy? I thought the marijuana in his car was the one thing he would not be able to escape from and would do some time. To me I was picturing he had like a giant garbage bag of it in his car. lol Unless he has a prescription for medicinal marijuana. That must be the case. Either way happy for him. He’ll be back with Green Bay. He now owes us.

  5. Guion was very, very lucky that the arrest happened in his home town. They don’t want to put away one of their own, so he caught a major break. I’m happy for him, and the Packers– all reports indicate that his locker room presence is a huge plus.

  6. Let’s see, should obviously have been in the SB. Since that fateful 4th qtr. Two big mandatory re-ups, we lost one starting CB and a possible replacement. Possibilities on the roster, but thin and now dependent on a draft pick for insurance. Not the end of the world. Then the weakest links…..NT and OLB. Thanks God frick and frack #59 and #50 are finally gone. How does Teddy address these ultra important positions? Naturally he doesn’t. Talking about Raji and Guion. Think about this for a sec. Raji’s done zip since his rookie year in ’10. You say he’ll be motivated this year to hit the jackpot in FA next year? His contract/jackpot year was 2013. After doing nothing in ’11 and ’12 he did less in ’13. That’s pretty scary! Move back to NT will wake his fat lazy butt up? Maybe, but what if it doesn’t Teddy? And the pot dealer, gun toting, cash hoarder who would be in Starke prison if he was just a regular hood? He was also a FA this off season in line for a big pay day. These two answer the NT need and either a scrap street agent or draft pick will fill the OLB needs? Really Teddy??

  7. We still missed out on taking Knighton though. Am I the only one who thinks this guy would have made a significant difference for us? Our defense would have been close to it’s 2010 version imo.

      1. I liked Wilfork and his contract better (the option for a 2nd year would have been helpful). But Knighton would have fixed the run problem, most likely.

  8. I certainly hope that the Packers do not re-sign Guion. It’s bad enough that my non-Packer friends now refer to the team as “the Green Bay Chokers,” but I can foresee hearing the name, “the Dopers,” if Guion rejoins the team.

  9. I am fine with re-signing Raji and Guion as long as neither gets much guaranteed money. There aren’t enough roster spots for Raji Guion, Pennel and a high draft pick if TT picks one in the draft. Daniels, Datone, Boyd, Raji, Guion, Pennel, Thornton would be 7 guys. GB keeps 6 usually.

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