5 Reasons the Packers will Beat the Cowboys (and 1 reason why they might not)

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This week has been a nice reminder of how much I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Ever since winning all those Super Bowls in the 1990s (and beating the Green Bay Packers in the process), the Cowboys have been such a joke that I kind of forgot about them.

The national media tried its best to make sure the Cowboys remained etched at the front of my brain by constantly putting them on prime time games and slapping Tony Romo’s face all over my TV, but it didn’t work.

I didn’t care one way or the other about the Cowboys. They were irrelevant. And that’s too bad, because the Cowboys should be hated at all times. I mean, vehemently hated.

Forget calling the Cowboys “America’s Team.” Hating the Cowboys should be America’s No. 1 priority. Thankfully, the Cowboys have become relevant enough for everyone to hate them again.

They tried their best to stay mediocre and inconspicuous by blowing the wild-card game at home against the freaking Detroit Lions. But just when it looked like they Cowboys had choked another one away, the refs decided to magically erase a pass interference call and temporarily make holding legal as long as the act was committed by a Dallas offensive lineman.

Dallas won, and now the Cowboys hatred is cranked back up to 11. I couldn’t be happier. Football is better when you hate the Cowboys. Football will be a whole lot better when the Packers beat the hated Cowboys and send them spiraling back to mediocrity.

Here are 5 reasons why that will happen:

Aaron Rodgers is due
Some of you might be worried that Rodgers’ production will slip since he’s playing on a bum calf. He might be slowed downs somewhat, but he’s due for a big playoff game. Rodgers, the best quarterback in football, hasn’t thrown for 300 yards in a playoff game since Super Bowl XLV. He’s due for a breakout game, and it’s coming on Sunday, bum calf or not.

Eddie Lacy is healthy
Lacy carried the entire offense after Rodgers got hurt last season. He also spent the week before the playoff game against San Francisco in a walking cast. This year, Lacy enters the postseason with 60 fewer carries than he had last season and he’s not hobbling around injured. I expect Lacy to set  a nice tone early before Rodgers heats up, then Lacy will return to close the game in the four-minute drill.

Cowboys are hurt, too
Rodgers calf is getting most of the publicity, but the Cowboys are banged up after a knock-down, drag-out fight with the Lions. LB Bruce Carter, T Doug Free, LB Anthony Hitchens, LB Rolando McClain, DT Terrell McClain and DE Jeremy Mincey are all nicked up. None have been ruled out yet, but their various ailments could slow them down on Sunday.

Packers WRs vs. Cowboys DBs
With the exception of the week three loss to Detroit, the Packers wide receivers have feasted on weaker secondaries this season. The Cowboys secondary plays with a lot of heart and hustle, but they’re without a doubt weaker than Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and the Packers receivers. If Rodgers has time to throw, expect big things in the passing game.

Home vs. Road
We’ve hear far too much about how the Cowboys are undefeated on the road and the Packers are perfect at home this season. The Cowboys beat one playoff team on the road this season (Seattle). Whoopty-frickin’-doo. The Packers knocked off three playoff teams at Lambeau this season, so I give the edge to Green Bay in the something’s-gotta-give category.

As we all saw last Sunday, the Cowboys are more than capable of winning through nefarious methods. If the refs give the Cowboys a few more gift calls, they can beat the Packers. They can also beat the Packers if…

Offensive line
The Cowboys offensive line is no joke. They can push around even the best run defenses out there. Well, the Packers run defense isn’t exactly the best. It’s not even all that close to the best. Just like they used to do in the 1990s to beat the Packers, the Cowboys could take control of this game up front and use their physicality to run the Packers to another early playoff exit at home.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


5 thoughts on “5 Reasons the Packers will Beat the Cowboys (and 1 reason why they might not)

  1. It’s all about the tackling and keeping ARod’s jersey clean. Packers do that and they win.

  2. Good article. I remember hating Cowboys for knocking out the Packers for what seemed like every single year. The Packers just couldn’t get over the hump.
    1. Rodgers should take most snaps out of the shotgun.
    2. Whoever gets the run game going and keeps the opposing QB off the field will win.
    3. Packers have more playmakers on defense and as long as they show up (Peppers, Matthews, Daniels) then the Packers will win.
    My concern is Rodgers likes to hold onto the ball, scramble around and make a play. I’ll cringe if he starts running around.

    1. ” Rodgers should take most snaps out of the shotgun.”

      To save the calf yes,but it will hurt the run game of Lacy.

  3. I think the packers shouldn’t over commit to stopping the Dallas run game. Contain, but don’t try to shut it down if it means exposing GBD DBs in one-on-one. Dallas will get behind in points because they can’t score as quickly as GBD, then it will come down to the 4th quarter…and Romo will start slinging it. That is the big test for GBP; will GBD defense be able to stop the passing game in the 2nd half? I worry about Witten in the middle of the field on 3rd down. So, dare the Cowboys to win on the back of Murray.

  4. The team that wins will be the one that makes the best adjustments on both sides of the ball to the other team’s game plan.
    McCarthy and Capers must be able to see what is happening, recognize it and adjust accordingly.

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