Packers Sign McCarthy To Extension

Mike McCarthy

The Green Bay Packers have announced a multi-year extension for head coach Mike McCarthy.  Terms have not been announced yet.  Earlier this summer, the Packers extended the contract of general manager Ted Thompson and many saw an extension for McCarthy as forthcoming shortly thereafter.

McCarthy is the third-most winning coach in Packers history, with 93 victories and behind only Vince Lombardi (98) and Curly Lambeau (212).  It is conceivable that McCarthy ties or surpasses Lombardi this season.  While the two may not be comparable as far as the era during which they coached or coaching style, both have hit a similar win total in about the same amount of time.  It should be noted, however, that NFL seasons were only 14 games during most of Lombardi’s time in Green Bay.

With the extension of McCarthy, the Packers are likely to maintain much of their continuity on the offensive side of the ball, both in scheme and in staff.  Former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is now head coach of the Miami Dolphins and former quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo is now offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.  Both were assistants under McCarthy before being offered promotions to their current roles.

Only Bill Belichick, Marvin Lewis and Tom Coughlin have maintained their current head coaching posts longer than McCarthy.



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28 thoughts on “Packers Sign McCarthy To Extension

    1. All depends on if you want a consistent, winning record and a playoff appearance almost every year or the unknown.

        1. To win in the NFL you need 3 things: QB, OL and DL. We have one out of three. Packer fans are too willing to settle for mediocrity. Mediocrity is its own hell. Give me liberty or give me death! Same with football. Give me greatness or give me nothing!

          1. It is so damn odd to me that all they want is a winning record. Nothing else matters. 8-7-1 is a great record for them. Backing into the playoffs and getting embarrassed is not my idea of a blissful season.

        1. Credit the Archie / Big T crowd with this much: They’ve obviously understood simple statistics. They’ve come to the conclusion that losing is much, much easier than winning, and so they’ve placed their bet and cast their lot with losing.

          They obviously know that according to the statistics, a team is likely to win the Superbowl only once every 32 years. Even very good teams will miss the SB more often than not. This knowledge frees them up to continuously bitch and moan that their chosen team can’t possibly win it all, and – statistically, at least – they will only be proven wrong twice, or at most three times in their entire earthly existence.

          Smart, I guess… if you want bank on being a loser.

          The irony, of course, is that they spend their whole lives being sniveling whiners who are never content even with superior results, and
          yet somehow they style themselves as “Super-fans” simply because they are not happy unless they see miraculous success. And – gosh! golly! – not seeing any miracles, they conclude that they are brilliant, that they called the losing all along, while reasonable people are “malt liquor drinking sheeple who are content with mediocrity.” If only others were as senselessly unreasonable as they are! Such people will never be happy, because they will never find a team that can measure up to their asinine expectations.

          So have fun with that, guys. It’s comfortable, isn’t it. You can predict a non-Superbowl season every year, and almost every year you will be right. Bravo. Let’s all break out into a slow, dramatic clap.

          Just a few questions, though… what franchise, what powerhouse, what dynasty of the NFL would you have been happy with? Whatever “dynasty team” you choose, Green Bay had one before they did, and a better one to boot.

          Oh, and how long ago would you have fired Bill Belichick? Seriously, tell us how long ago you would have fired him. Cuz that slacker has had a QB who has been comparable to ARod, and yet he hasn’t won a Superbowl in a decade. (And people tolerate him!! Imagine!) McCarthy won four years ago, and people are calling for his head. So how long ago would you have fired Belichick?

          1. As much as I despise Belichick he is a great coach and will easily outcoach MM any day of the week. As far as the rest of the drivel, since when is winning an asinine expectation?

              1. I guess my asinine expectation is winning “a” playoff game. I know it is crazy to expect a playoff win.

              2. Yeah, you’d have to look waaaaaay, waaaaaay back to 2012 to find a playoff win.

                Got a short attention span, dontchya…

                PS – Love the way the “Guest” vote pops up on all of your posts right after they’re posted. Nice.

    2. Oh if you could only go back to the 1980’s you wouldn’t make a statement like that.. Congrats to Mike on a job well done and a much deserved extension. Now we can all relax and focus on football. I don’t know about the rest of you but this contract was bothering me to the point I couldn’t focus on the game. I am sure the same thing was going on with McCarthy. You will see crisp clear decisions and focus going forward. Hell he just cut Sherrod in favor of Tretter. Proves already he’s back on track now that his future is set in stone. Expect great things from Big Mac this second half.

      1. A lot of you folks only go back to those dark days of the franchise. I go back to the late 1950s as a Packers fan. And in my personal and professional life, I avoid comparing to the worst to judge whether or not I’m successful. So, I don’t accept the argument that we should be satisfied, because we’re better than those 1980s teams.

        Don’t get me wrong, Mike McCarthy is a good coach. So was Marty Schottenheimer. When I see Mike, I see Marty. Pretty good coaches, but not really championship caliber. We typically have a great offense, but special teams and defense usually lag behind. I also question how accountable he holds his coaching staff.

        That’s why I’m conflicted about McCarthy’s extension. We continue to trudge on as a team usually in the mix for a division title and/or a playoff spot, but that’s usually about it.
        Hoping for much more…Go Pack Go!

        1. I get what you’re saying, and I would have agreed 100% up to February 2011. But he’s got that super bowl victory on his resume. There’s no arguing that he can do it because he has.

        2. No one who endured the 70s and 80s is saying we should be “satisfied” that the current is better. What we are saying is folks should be appreciative of the last 20 years compared to the preceding period.

          And I’m happy you’re so smug with your personal and professional success. No doubt you did it all by yourself. Those that didn’t make it to your status just weren’t as smart or didn’t work as hard. I just love people, especially in DC, that think they’re sooo superior to everyone else.

          1. Thanks for the anger, WMUPackFan. Although I live in DC at this time, I’m a Wisconsin boy. And this isn’t about being superior to anyone else. It’s about where you set your sights. Compare to the top if you want to do better. Compare to the bottom if you want to feel good about where your at. I want the Packers to be more than good, I want them to be great. Go Pack Go!

            1. No anger, just calling it according to the phraseology you used. However, since we don’t know each personally I displayed bad manners and should have been more circumspect in my response. I’ve just seen way too many ultra talented people aim for the top only to be derailed by circumstances beyond their control. Some of those people end up with serious mental health issues, where their former ambition haunts them.

              Maybe from now on a Wisconsin boy and a Kentucky boy can get along.

            2. By the way, my daughter’s boyfriend works on the Hill as a staffer for US Rep. Brett Guthrie, KY2, who will win easily today.

  1. Signing MM is critical to maintaining continuity with the team especially on the offensive side of the ball. TT, MM and AR are all in this together. This team is 3-4 players away from being solid at all positions. We need a TE, an LT, a NT and an impact ILB. Don’t know if we can get there in this salary cap era but we need to improve the OL and DL at least. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  2. Outstanding news. The Packers have consistently remained among the top 6-8 teams during MM’s tenure. It’s critical to maintain continuity.

    1. Yes, GB waived Sherrod and activated Tretter. Unbelievable. They think Garth Gerhart and/or Lane Taylor are better that Sherrod. That is hard to believe. GB must think Sherrod physically is not the same guy.

  3. I am not anti-McCarthy, but… I think he is only average to above average. I would suggest that there are a lot of competent HCs out there who would have posted a high winning percentage if they had starting QBs named Favre and Aaron Rodgers for their entire HC careers. MM is supposed to be good with QBs so he does get some credit for developing Rodgers, though.

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