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Shayne Skov
LB Shayne Skov

Packers prospect profile:  LB  Shayne Skov

Player Information:

Shayne Skov  LB, Stanford,  6-2, 245 pounds  Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico


NFL Combine:

Did not participate in Combine and to date, has not participated in any pre-draft drills

News and Notes:

Started nine games as a true freshman in 2009. . .led Stanford in tackles in 2010. . .lost the 2011 season to an ACL injury. . .was instrumental in Stanford’s run to the PAC-12 title and Rose Bowl run in 2013. . .2013 All PAC-12 first-team. . .very upbeat and vocal leader

What they’re saying about him: 

  •  Ideal size and temperament for the inside linebacker position. Possesses broad shoulders, a trim middle and thick lower-body. Terrific instincts and physicality. A tone-setter in the middle, who frequently made big plays at key moments for the Cardinal. Demonstrated more explosiveness in 2013, in his second season removed from a torn ACL. Explodes through holes in the offensive line to make emphatic tackles in the backfield. Aggresive in taking on and shedding blockers in the hole. Displayed greater patience in 2013 when breaking down with ball-carriers in the open field because he has regained his explosive closing ability. This has led to less lunging by Skov and more secure textbook tackling. Likely limited to inside linebacker duties in a 3-4 alignment due to the fact that he does not possess ideal speed to beat backs to the edge, nor the fluidity for extensive coverage responsibilities. Working to break a bad habit of lunging. Over-aggression caused Skov to take himself out of too many plays early in his career.
  •  Outstanding instincts and recognition — plays much faster than he clocks on a stopwatch. Goes full throttle and plays very hard. Times up the blitz extremely well. Explosive tackler. Alert in coverage.  Intense emotional leader. Has a love for the game and it shows. Ideal special-teams temperament.  Marginal foot speed — limited twitch and agility to adjust to movement in coverage and could be exposed by NFL backs and tight ends. Can play with too much abandon and recklessly miss some tackles flying to the ball (out of control). Long-term durability is a concern — has already had multiple knee surgeries.


Video Analysis:

  • As I always disclaim, this is a “highlight” reel
  • High-motor and stays with the play until the whistle.  High intensity and emotional
  • Hits the hole hard and looks to punish the ball carrier
  • Shed blocks well against good competition at the collegiate level, but size concerns in the NFL are valid
  • Was shown in coverage and stayed with a tight end but appears he would struggle to stay with NFL-caliber tight ends and receivers
  • Sure tackler when in position.  Momentum may carry him out of the play at the NFL level with more shifty backs
  • Has a nose for the ball and anticipates well, sometimes too well as we saw with an early jump on the first snap
  • An able blitzer and has decent backside pursuit

If drafted by the Packers:

Skov projects as a second or third round selection.  Inside linebacker is certainly an area that needs upgrading and there are just as many questions about what A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones can still do in the middle as there are confidences.  In order for the current 3-4 scheme to succeed, the inside linebackers have to disrupt and make plays.  Skov appears to be a guy who can do that and is not afraid to get dirty in the process.  The question is whether he is ready now.  I see Skov as more of a part-time player right out of the gate and on early downs.  The question is whether the Packers would want to go rotational at the position.  Mike McCarthy has said he wants to see the defense be more multiple so that could favor their taking a guy like Skov, who is said fit most ideally into the 3-4 middle linebacker role.  There is no lack of effort or hustle out of Skov but can he do all of the things Dom Capers asks his middle backers to do?  Pass coverage is a concern as is overall speed.  Durability is another question mark, as many felt that Skov was just getting past his ACL injury two years later.  Thompson is said to prefer replacing a player a year or two early and Skov could be that guy for either Hawk or Jones.


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14 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: LB Shayne Skov

  1. Skov, Jordan Tripp, and Christian Jones would be upgrades over the Packers current starters.

    J. Attaochu and Kyle Van Noy wouldn’t be instant starters but could develop into really good players later if drafted.

  2. 1-21 ILB C.J.Mosley, 2-53 ILB S. Skov, 3-85 TE C.J. Fiedorowicz, 3-98 S D. Bailey.

    1. I like your list, but this is what I think we could get: 1st Mosley ILB; 2nd Bucannon S; 3rd Will Sutton DT; 3rd CJ Fedorowicz TE. 4th WR; 5th CB & C.

  3. R2/R3 is rich for this guy. More like 4/5. As a R5 guy I might be interested. But I much prefer the Iowa kid.

  4. On another site, a gut was making the case that TT is a genius for not signing other team’s FA.

    The rejoinder:

    “Did anyone watch this team play last year when #12 was hurt ? They were terrible, in the bottom of the league. The only reason this guy looks so smart is because Rodgers carries the entire team every week.”

    Hard to argue with the obvious.

    1. Wrong Archie. Rodgers was gone for half the season, while the team was kept afloat primarily by Matt Flynn and Eddie Lacy. And they still won the division and made the play-offs. Ya, ya the NFC North was weak, I know but the point is they won them when they had to. The team wasn’t great, but a key roster moves, and they can get very good, very quickly…

  5. I would absolutely love to see this guy in Green and Gold. Been following his development for the last couple of years. He would make a great future replacement for AJ Hawk at ILB. Would be great if they could get him in the second or third round, but I have a feeling the Vikings are going to draft him…

  6. Prior ACL tear… Packers conditioning coaches = injury. If drafted he plays 3-4 games before he is IR…

  7. Projected 40 by NFL Draft Scout is 4.95. Hawk was (4.59) History of knee surgeries. And couldn’t work out on his pro day because he pulled a hamstring.
    slow. Injury history. The word hamstring. You guys figure the rest out.

    1. Yeah,I suppose he does have a bit of an injury history. Maybe that causes him to slide into the later rounds (4th – 6th???) where Teddy can scoop him up as a value pick…

  8. Skov would be a Hawk clone/replacement. One of the ILB needs to be athletic and fast enough to run sideline to sideline and ve good in coverage. Hawk isn’t going anywhere for at least a yr or 2. Getting Skov would be for long-term development not immediate performance. Maybe if they can get him in the 4th.

    Top 3 rds need to be for more immediate needs not long-term development.

  9. I am not familiar with Skov. Sounds like he does some things better than Hawk or Jones, and has some of the same limitations in coverage. Hawk doesn’t look like he runs anywhere close to 4.59 anymore. I hope we can pick up someone in the 1st like Mosley and hope that Skov or somebody like him drops to the 4th or 5th round.

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