NFL Draft Prospect Profile: S Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Safety Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix

Packers prospect profile: S  Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix

Player Information:

Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix,  S  Alabama, 6-1, 208 pounds Hometown: Orlando, FL


NFL Combine:

40 time: 4.58

Vertical jump: 33″

225 lb. bench: 11 reps

Broad jump: 9’11”


News and Notes:

Second team All-American and first team all-SEC selection in 2013. . .had surgery for a torn meniscus this past December. . .did miss two games due to a suspension for accepting money from an assistant coach. . . 2012 Dix tied for most interceptions in SEC with five. . played in all 14 games that season.

 What they’re saying about him: 

  • “Possesses a lanky, athletic build with light feet, excellent fluidity and straight-line speed to handle deep and nickel coverage responsibilities. Good awareness. Tracks the action well, showing impressive key and diagnosis skills to get a jump on the ball or when attacking the line of scrimmage in run support. Decisive. When he sees the play developing,  doesn’t waste time debating, instead exploding towards the ball, showing explosive closing ability.  Very good ball-skills. Can climb the ladder and extend outside of his frame to pluck the ball. Physical defender, who looks to deliver the intimidating shot. Highly aggressive and therefore will occasionally be fooled by misdirection and play-action. Barrels towards the line of scrimmage and leaving cut-back lanes for nifty athletes to exploit. Lowers his shoulder to lay the intimidating hit on ball-carriers and fails to wrap up, at times, relying the collision to knock the opponent to the ground.
  •  Quick to read and react. Has speed and flexibility to match up with slot receivers or tight ends. Ranges off the hash. Good hands to intercept. Effective run supporter — drops downhill with conviction and does not shy from contact. Takes direct angles to the ball. Secure tackler. Has special-teams experience. Well-coached in a pro-style defense. Has a narrow build and lacks ideal bulk. Could stand to get stronger. Occasionally gets stuck on blocks. Could stand to iron out his pedal. Does not always play with abandon — plays conservatively at times and can be late fitting in the run game or getting off the hash. Average ball production and playmaking ability. Not as natural in the box.


Video Analysis:

  • Sorry for the background music and this is NSFW
  • This is a highlight reel so don’t forget, it doesn’t show the plays he missed
  • Lowers his head when making some tackles and will miss at times
  • From this clip, Clinton-Dix flows naturally to the ball and is decisive
  • Not afraid of contact, as mentioned above.  Can be good in run support
  • Did not see any of him in the box, which is something you ideally want from a safety at times
  • Seemed to be around the ball downfield and can cover
  • Does have good ball skills and looks to make a play when one is in front of him
  • Saw some fire and enthusiasm and any defense would benefit from that

If drafted by the Packers:

Needless to say, the Packers need a safety who can start, contribute, play and most importantly: play well now!  HHCD can be that player, if he falls to the Packers and they select him in round one.  He won’t last past the first round and most have him off the board by the time the Packers pick at 21.   He’s been described as the safest player in this draft by some analysts and is the first safety on many big boards.  With HHCD paired with Morgan Burnett, it would allow Burnett to get more physical near the line.  Having that solid cover guy on the back end would allow the other defensive backs to take more chances and get physical up front.  It’s almost a certainty that this elevation in the talent level at safety would mean that the Packers get back to taking the ball away and don’t post another goose egg in the interception department.  Clinton-Dix is my best-case scenario for the Packers in round one and if he’s there, general manager Ted Thompson is a fool if he passes.

Last year, I profiled former Alabama running back Eddie Lacy as my first post.  He ended up being a great value pick and the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.  I return to the Crimson Tide this year with Clinton-Dix in the hopes that I can start a streak!


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6 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: S Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix

  1. I watched a couple of full game breakdowns of him. After that, I really want someone else to draft him. He didn’t jump out on the video – if he hadn’t been highlighted pre-snap, I never would have given him a second glance. Seemed tentative in his tackling. There are 3-4 other safeties in the draft I’d take over him in a heartbeat. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

  2. If, he and Mosley are both available, who do you take? I have to go with Tony Pauline’s scouting that Dix has a 2nd round grade and go with Mosley. I don’t know that there are 3-4 better safeties in the draft but I am with ChrisV in being a little underwhelmed. — Regardless, he would be a dramatic improvement over MDJennings. GoPack!

    1. Take the ILB and sign a S. The LB is more likely to step in and play well early than the safety. If you draft a S and sign a LB (or draft both) I suspect you’ll see less improvement right away.

  3. #36:
    1. LeRoy Butler
    2. Nick Collins
    3. HaHa Clinton-Dix???

    I love the guy. As far as safeties go, I think he is a better pure athlete than Calvin Pryor, although Pryor is clearly a superior tackler, more of an in-the-box type of safety.

  4. 11 reps on the bench compared to Pryors’ 18. Both clocked the same in the 40 time. Pryor can hit and tackle, which is what we need

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