Packers vs. Vikings – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 26 MIN 26, OT All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Marshall Newhouse
Packers, Vikings Tie 26-26

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings:  2013 Game 11

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.


A big problem is how many healthy cornerbacks the Packers have today? One they won’t have is Casey Hayward, whose season is over. Placed on IR for what has to bee the most persistent pulled hamstring in the history of he Packers, who have had some experience in that department. Sam Shields is also out.

This is a game the Packers MUST have. If they trip up here, I’ll be ready to start looking forward to the draft and next season.


Tonight’s captains for the Packers: – Eddie Lacy, Mike Daniels, Tim Masthay


Inactives for today’s game:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
12 QB Aaron Rodgers
13 WR Chris Harper
37 CB Sam Shields
51 LB Nate Palmer
53 LB Nick Perry
67 T/G Don Barclay
97 DE Johnny Jolly

Starting lineup changes: 16 QB Scott Tolzien starts for Rodgers, 31 CB Davon House for Shields, 74 T Marshall Newhouse for Barclay, 96 LB Mike Neal for Perry and 76 DE Mike Daniels for Jolly.

Minnesota Vikings
12 QB Josh Freeman
21 CB Josh Robinson
50 LB Erin Henderson
60 G Jeff Baca
82 TE Kyle Rudolph
83 WR Rodney Smith
91 DT Chris Baker

Starting lineup changes: 29 CB Xavier Rhodes starts for Robinson, 57 LB Audie Cole for Henderson and 89 TE John Carlson for Rudolph.




Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

urgency  of game:  No question. For everything that’s going on with our football team., this is a win we need and a win we’re going to go out and get.

Wayne reads injury list: That was exhausting Wayne… It’s pro football. Injuries is the unfortunate part of our game. it’s really about the opportuniteis given to the other individuals. We need to take a one game focus – nail this thing down.

Group effort: There’s 46 guys that line up every week. They’re representing the team on that day and all have to be accountable. Likewise, the decision makers have a responsibility to be giving them everything they need, in terms of information, motivation, keeping the adrenilin flowing, etc.  Just trying to get everybody to exceed expectations.

Peterson: Great player. What he brings to the football field in terms of  pure talent, determination, etc. is outstanding.

Jennings: Greg had a great run here. Was part of some great teams here, a real pro.

Special teams: Depends on how you want to look at it, we’ll get our shots.

Worthy & Richardson back: Two guys who have not played football yet this year. They’ve been given a role and need to go out and perform to that role.

Tolzein: At the end of the day, everybody understand the responsibility to care of the football. But, we line up every week and focus on giving our team best chance. I’m excited about this young man. I think he’s going to do some good things and specifically, have a good game today.



Packers vs. Vikings – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers with the ball first.

Packers try to surprise on first play of game – Tolozein looking to go deep, but he’s sacked by an unblocked Audi Cole.

Clay Matthews blows past Matt Kalil like he’s standing still.Good start.

No room for Lacy to run yet. Vikings packing the box, of course.

As he’s about to get hit, Tolzein hangs in to rifle a pass to Nelson on a shake and go. Impressive.

Lacy with a spin move and a somersault on the same play.

And then Tolzein with a spin move on a TD run. Wow!

Matthews looking a lot more like himself today. Two sacks already. Second sack came because he didn’t over-commit and give Ponder a running lane.

Bunch of people making the Marshawn Lynch comparisons for Lacy now. I claim first dibs on that – said it in preseason.


Score at end of 1st quarter:    GB 7 Min 3

“Newhouse.” We can now say that name with the same disdain Seinfeld would use with “Newman.” Gives up a sack…

Oh Davon House… Right in your hands…  Another Packers blown INT…

Packers get lucky as Hawk forces a fumble after grabbing Peterson’s facemask. Gets away with it and Packers get the ball.

Tolzein with a few passes blocked/tipped already.  Vikings looking for it.

Tolzein badly underthrows Boykin on a go route, a pass he’s thrown very well in previous games. A good pass there is a TD.

Brad Jones and one other Packer (couldn’t tell who) get sucked inside and Peterson bounces it out for a big gain. Gotta maintain that discipline.

So today it’s Jerome Simpson the Packers are making look like Jerry Rice.

Packers using the usual formula of keeping bad teams in the game. Difference now is there’s no Aaron Rodgers to bail them out.


Score at end of 1st half:  Min 13 GB 7


Packers vs. Vikings – First Impressions – Second Half:

Packers go three and out on their first possession. Dear Mike McCarthy, I challenge you to show me something new – something we don’t see every game. How about it?

Three defensive backs in Greg Jennings’ vicinity and not one can get close enough to make a play. And that’s no credit to Jennings.

The savior (Matt Flynn) is in the game.

First thing Flynn did was audible on first down with the Vikings showing 8 in the box. Good start, but alas, still no better.

Can the Packers defense step up and get a stop?

third and four:  Packers blitz – quick out to Jennings gets the first.

Toby Gerhart showing It’s not just Adrian Peterson. Plowing through the defense -making the Packers look pretty bad right now.


Score at end of 3rd quarter:   Min 20 GB 7

Packers finally stop the Vikes on 3rd down, but it’s inside the 20, so FG for Minnesota. 16 point deficit with 14 minutes left.

While losing to the Vikings is not unfathomable to me, the Packers looking this bad doing it, is.

Packers drive to a TD, helped by some very well-timed penalties by the Vikings (which will be overlooked by Matt Flynn fans). Two point conversion try is picked off.

Packers down by 10 with eleven minutes left.

Cordarelle Patterson drops what would have been a very long gain, and the Packers stop a screen attempt on 3rd down.  They have life…

Now 8:40 left, Packers with the ball.

Packers on the move. Combination of Lacy and short passing game. Love that Lacy is already thinking about getting out of bounds when possible…

Flynn throwing some floaters, but his timing is precise. Resulting in completions…

Packers waste a big timeout, thinking about going for it on fourth and one. They do go for it and Lacy makes it on his own.

Packers finally throw to Lacy, something I’ve wanted to see more of. Use your weapons in multiple ways, Mike.

Packers within 3 with 3:24 left.

Third and eleven as Ponder almost fumbles the snap.  Matthews runs Ponder out of the Pocket and Mike Neal gets the sack.

2:37 left, ball on their own 30. No timeouts left.

Flynn with the dump-off to Lacy again – gets out of bounds again after a nice gain. Almost in field goal position again.

Boykin mugged on third down – no call.

Fourth and six at the 40 yard line.  Offsides Vikings, free play – Flynn throws it up for grabs and Jones comes down with it.

PLEASE don’t play for the field goal here…

Oh jeez – fourth down…  Here comes Crosby..

TIE GAME.  46 seconds left, Minny with one timeout.

Get 10 yds on first down, then incomplete pass, then Ponder runs for 3 yards.

3rd and 7, 14 seconds left, no timeouts. Incomplete pass.  Vikings punt…


Score at end of 4th quarter:    GB 23 Min 23


Packers vs. Vikings – First Impressions – Overtime:

Flynn sacked on third down, but defensive holding called against the Vikings. Flynn has the luck of the Irish with him today.

Jordy Nelson – what a gamer…

Jarrett Boykin: No longer just glad to be out there…

Three tries at the goal line, Packers can’t get the TD.  Crosby hits the field goal, Minny gets a shot.

I used to like that rule change, until now…

Third and nine, and you hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson. And he gets 15 yards…

Packers could really use Johnny Jolly here…

Vikings gashing the Packers runD again. Deep in Packers territory already.  Finally stop Gerhart; 2nd and 9 on the Packers 12.

Packers hold. Walsh hits the FG, tied again…

Starks in at RB – Lacy just walking back in now from the locker room. Supposedly got the wind knocked out of him, but could be more.

Packers three and out.  Not good the way the defense is playing.

third and five – huge play:  Jennings drops it! Thanks, GREG!

Packers ball on their 10 yd line.

I’m going play action on first – safe route, though…

Packers up to their 35 despite two false starts…

And now there’s holding…


Final Score:   GB 26 Min 26, OT


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88 thoughts on “Packers vs. Vikings – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 26 MIN 26, OT

  1. With all of the injuries on defense this year, it’s hard to blame Capers for a lot of the defensive woes. When Capers had the talent level of players that he had to work with in 2010, the defense was really good. Woodson, Jenkins, Collins and even Bishop just to name a few. These guys played at a pro bowl level. I don’t think Capers is a bad coach. I think he doesn’t have the talent to make his scheme work. MM is a good coach. His play calling is predictable and he needs to incorporate more of a variety if plays such as screens, draws, inside had-offs, and throwing to the RB in the flat just to name a few.

    I was yelling at the TV when MM went for two with that much time left, it didn’t make sense to me. MM knew that Flynn was a more qualified QB to before the game started. But I think he didn’t want to break his commitment to start Tolzien. Flynn is a system QB. He was able to check down at the line and change plays.,something that comes with experience in this league.

    I still think the Packers will win this division. But MM has to get an offensive coordinator for next season..he’s just not cutting it as a play caller.


  2. They are alive, maybe not well. Keep waiting for health to return to the team, but I’m starting to doubt that will happen. At this point, I just hope for AR and shields to be back. That would be big. The other things on my wish list are for that guy who was wearing AJ Hawk’s jersey a few weeks ago to come back and for dom to quit playing that defense with only 2 d-linemen so much. No pressure, big run lanes, soft coverage. They seem to get gashed a lot doing that.

  3. Lets play some college teams, aaah make that high school teams, so we can build some confidence. On a side note, why the hell is Newhouse still in the NFL. Either MM or TT must be sneaking in his back door.(only logical explanation)

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