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Packers 2012 Cornerbacks Sam Shields and Casey Hayward
Packers CB Sam Shields

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Sam Shields has signed his restricted free agent tender with the Green Bay Packers.  The deal is for one year and worth just over $2.02 million for the 2013 season.

Shields and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, are reportedly still talking to the Packers about a long-term deal.

Shields is expected to join the team for the start of mini camp tomorrow.






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13 thoughts on “Sam Shields Signs Restricted Free Agent Tender with Packers

    1. Far more likely that Sam Shields has been seriously considering his long term future and career in the NFL. He has probably been taking many long walks, lost in deep thought about his current employment situation and the many turns it could take, where those different avenues could lead him.

      I would not doubt that this very morning, on one of those long, life appraising walks, he found himself striding slowly by one of the area’s serene, calm lakes. He picks up a stone, narrows his eyes as he surveys the blinding morning sun dancing off the bronze mirror like reflection of the still pool, his fingers finding the flat of the rock and instinctively turning it downwards before skipping the stone, 1, 2, 3, 4 times into the distance. Sam silently watches the ripples dance and play across the surface of the water until once again it finds itself in stasis, a perfect reflection of himself cast back unto his eyes, and in that moment of literal self-reflection, it all became crystal clear:

      “Dude, I got a HUGE F***in’ Green Bay Packers Tat on my entire neck! I do NOT want to spend the money, time, or agony on having it removed or covered up, and I refuse to wear a turtleneck! I’ve got no choice but to sign my tender and play out the rest of my career in GB!”

      1. oppy….That’s got to be one of the best posts ever! I’m still choking on the sip of morning coffee I was in process of swallowing while reading it. Best of all, it’s kinda true. I mean how would it look to go to the queens, (The Vikings get all their GOOD players from the Packers)and have that huge Tattoo of the Packers SB Ring. Then again, it’s the closet the Vikings have ever been to having or seeing one for themselves! Damn, time to worry!!

    1. Thanks, Pat. The beginning is now obsolete, but some interesting reminders on Rosenhaus. Just wondering when the walls finally collapse around him.

      1. Rosenhaus has been an NFL agent for 20+ years! If he was nearly as evil as some of you seem to think he is don’t you think the rest of the NFL would have found out by now? Like I said on the other post. I don’t like Rosenhaus at all, but he’s been at this for this long and nothing has happened, despite the fact that the NFL monitors agent activities! Funny how teams keep signing his players and he always has a large clientele don’t you think?

  1. Could you write an article about players returning from injury and having an all pro season?

  2. The most likely scenario is this… The Packers go into training camp and Shields wins a starting job. Tramon’s shoulder continues to hold him back from being the player he was in ’10. The Packer want to give House and Hayward the chance to learn at their own pace. So they keep Williams for one more year despite the fact that he is no longer worth his big contract. After this season, Tramon is released since his injury has never fully healed. The Packers have Shields under contract as one starter and Hayward and House battle for the starting CB job opposite Shields in ’14.

    The Packers pay Shields starter money, Tramon plays out this year then gets released and the Packers go into ’14 w/ Shields, Hayward and House as a very good CB group again.

    1. And hopefully the invest a draft pick in a CB that is leaps and bounds better than Hyde! IMO that guy is at best a possible replacement for Bush as a ST ace and at worst another Bush at CB, which I’m sure we can all do without. I just don’t see the upside in Hyde…

    2. I’d really like to see them get him locked up before the season is over. Since Williams has already told us his shoulder is still improving, could mean another season of avoiding tackles for Williams. According to Pro-Football Focus, Shields was the number one corner with 1 reception every 16.3 snaps. Definitely agree with you on House, Shields, and Hayward, could be a hell of a trio.

  3. Sam Shields was Packers best secondary defender in last half of season, only Morgan Burnett played as well. Shields and Burnett did something better than Tramon Williams all season–TACKLE. TWilliams hurt GB secondary with his play last season–so much so Vikings players were laughing before cameras on sidelines in the first Packers win vs Vikings–“38” is SCARED to tackle Peterson-that’s what can be heard–and Williams proved it right. IF it was “injury” driven, that’s one thing–if it’s a lack of intensity because of the previous injury during ’11 season-this will be his last in GB, his value is not worth the salary. Shields definitely looked worth more than Williams last season.

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