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W.O.S. Bar in Paris France
W.O.S. Bar in Paris France

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Being thousands of miles away from home is not an excuse to miss out on every Green Bay Packers game in the NFL. Despite the dwindling NFL fan base in Europe, the Packers have solid roots in the heart of Paris. We’re talking about the WOS bar in Rue Saint Jacques.

After NFL Europa was disbanded in 2007, many Parisians who were inevitably hooked on American football had nowhere to go to get their daily dose of the NFL. Since Europe is still primarily soccer country, even American migrants find it hard to pay tribute to the sport.

The only American tradition that seems to have melded nicely into European mainstream is the game of  Texas Hold’em. The poker game has claimed Paris and the entire European community in popular gaming sites like partypoker français. Because poker claims to have its roots in Europe, its presence online is nothing short of ubiquitous. Partypoker became successful in cornering the market by integrating multilingual functions, a feature that lets you use play money, video tutorials and its very own Android application.

If only the NFL were able to captivate the European scene in the same way poker did, we’d have a lot more Green Bay fans in the romance capital of the world. But thanks to WOS bar, any Packers fan will feel right at home.

Pierre and his crew will cure your homesickness with great drinks and multiple screens to watch your favorite NFL team with. One of the hottest bar topics you’ll hear is how to get the rest of Europe to love the game and we’re never in short supply of suggestions. One suggestion is booking European sponsors similar to that of good soccer teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United. By donning a Bwin shirt similar to Ronaldo, you might ease soccer fans to the whole idea of the NFL.

Still, other good propositions involve away games in key European cities that would act as a teaser and a good gauge whether fans would want to see the NFL back. It’s also important to find athletes from these cities in order for the rest of the country to rally behind that player. One patron even suggested that in order for France or any European country to produce a player of that caliber, introduction of the sport would have to start at a young age and by sponsoring Institutes of higher learning, one can achieve such a goal. College and University rivalries are a good way to spark competition and it has paved way to many great games even in the pee wee level.

We hope that one day, WOS bar would be one of the many accolades dedicated to the greatest NFL team in the world, the Green Bay Packers.

4 thoughts on “Packers Fans in Paris

  1. Je voyagerai à Paris pendant l’été!

    I will definitely have to check out this bar. 🙂

  2. I can imagine a conversation between an American (AM) and a Frenchman (FM) about football in general and the Green Bay Packers specifically in this bar.

    AM – How do you like football?
    FM – Shut up, swine
    AM – So I take it that’s a no?
    FM – There is only one football
    AM – Not if the weather’s bad
    FM – Our weather is better
    AM – Do you know where Green Bay is?
    FM – Paris is better than Green Bay
    AM – We saved you in two World Wars
    FM – Arrogant Americans
    AM – Do you like boys?
    FM – But of course
    AM – Is that spelled with one T or 2?
    FM – Either way works you idiot
    AM – Never mind

  3. If God had wanted us to hit balls with our feet, He would have created a lower strike zone.

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