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Alec Ogletree
Alec Ogletree

Green Bay Packers NFL Draft prospect profile: ILB Alec Ogletree

Player Information:

Alec Ogletree, ILB Georgia
6-2, 242 pounds
Hometown: Newnan, Georgia

STATS: College stats

NFL Combine:

40-yard dash: 4.70 seconds
Bench press: 20 reps
Vertical jump: 33.5 inches
Broad jump: 122 inches
3-cone drill: 7.16 seconds
20-yard shuttle: 4.39 seconds

News and Notes:

Suspended the first four games of the 2012 season for violating team rules. … Played safety as a freshman. … Moved to LB for sophomore season and missed six games with a broken foot. … One of the most athletic LBs in the draft. … Had 111 tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss and three sacks his final season. … Also broke up five passes, had an interception and blocked a field goal. … Twin brother Alexander played fullback at Georgia.

 What they’re saying about him: 

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  • “Despite playing the last two years at inside linebacker in the Bulldogs 3-4 defense, it would not be surprising to see Ogletree make the switch to weakside linebacker in a defense that uses a four man front. The reason being is the junior struggles to get over top of blocks but does his best work chasing and closing. Expect the Bulldog to be a three down player if he cuts down on wasted steps. Since Ogletree is expected to impress in workouts, expect him to be a top-50 pick.
  • “The junior’s lanky frame (6-3, 234) and staggering closing speed make him a potentially more dynamic player at the next level than Manti Te’o, though Jones isn’t nearly as far along in the subtleties of the position, having only made the switch from safety two years ago.”


Video Analysis:

  • Nothing stood out in this clip that made me say, “Wow! I really want the Packers to draft this guy!”
  • Small. Could this guy really hold up on the inside of a 3-4 defense? Might be better suited on the outside of a 4-3 defense.
  • Once a lineman gets his hands on him, especially on the second level, it’s all over. Ogletree has no chance and doesn’t really fight with his hands to get off blocks.
  • Seems like he might have more of a go-for-the-big-hit mentality instead of a make-a-good-fundamental-tackle mentality.
  • I’ve been nothing but negative so far, but remember, he’s only played LB for two seasons and he’s young. He should get bigger in the weight room and learn more about getting off blocks with coaching.
  • Looks like he would be an excellent weapon to try and contain running quarterbacks.
  • Has the pure speed to at least have a chance covering tight ends in pass coverage
  • If the Packers want to get meaner on defense, Ogletree appears to play with an attitude. If he smacks you in the mouth, he’s going to let you know about it.
  • Long story short: There’s a lot to like about his raw skills. But can those raw skills be developed into a polished football player? As an inside LB in a 3-4 defense, I’m not so sure.

If the Packers drafted him:

I bet Dom Capers would have some fun designing blitzes for Ogletree. His speed and athleticism would make him challenging to block on stunts if you didn’t see him coming right away.

I see Ogletree as the opposite of A.J. Hawk. Hawk is steadily average. Ogletree seems like he’d be boom or bust.

In the end, I just don’t see Ogletree playing inside on a 3-4. Outside, maybe, but would the Packers draft him as an OLB? I doubt it.

Yeah, I know there are other 3-4 ILBs that are the same size, or even smaller, than Ogletree (hello, D.J. Smith), but Ogletree doesn’t look the natural tackler I would like inside on a 3-4.


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14 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Alec Ogletree, ILB Georgia

  1. “Boom or Bust?” That’s not a good thing in one of the key upgrade positions in the draft. Add to that the “baggage” he carries and that doesn’t equate to a top round pick. Development at best. I wish the ILB spot was as good as the DT spot this year.

  2. My favorite player for the Packers to draft. I think he’s just what the Packers need at ILB. A fast, physical playmaker. He can cover TE, a Packers weakness w/ Hawk and Bishop. Move Bishop to Hawk postion and put Ogletree in a playmaking role and let him play. He’s a very similar player to Daryl Washington w/ the Cards. It’ll take a year to clean up some aspects of his play, but he’s a playmaker that the Packers need at ILB. If we don’t get Ogletree, Manning should be moved into Bishops role and Bishop again moved to Hawks position. We need a playmaker at ILB in a bad way. Bishop is good in that role, but if we have Bishop/Ogletree that would be a nice playmaking tandem at ILB.

    Ogletree is rough around the edges as a player, but his potential is top 10 in the draft talent. The problem is his off-field issues will likely move him too far down Thompson’s board to get him. IMO he’s worth taking the gamble on… He would solve alot of problems for the Packers D!

    1. You’re right in all aspects,but this player will just break our hearts. I would move up for him in the second round.

      1. Here the problem I have w/ Ogletree. Well besides his off field issues that is… Look at Ogletrees numbers, I actually expected quite a bit better. His 40 is disappointing to me, thought he’d be a 4.60 guy, not 4.7… Now look at Mannings combine and pro day results.

        40-yard dash: 4.70 seconds
        Bench press: 20 reps
        Vertical jump: 33.5 inches
        Broad jump: 122 inches
        3-cone drill: 7.16 seconds
        20-yard shuttle: 4.39 seconds

      2. Ooops wanted on same page. anyway Those are Ogletree’s numbers, now look at Mannings.

        40 yd dash 4.71
        Bench press 22 reps
        Vertical jump 32.5 in
        Broad jump 102 in
        3 cone drill 7.18 sec
        20 shuttle 4.43

        Only real difference in broad jump, but thats not a real important test IMO. Not like speed and quickness and strength. Otherwise Mannings combine numbers are basically the same.

        Per on Manning. “Projects to ILB in the 34 D. Had some knee injuries that dropped his draft stock but alot to like about his playmaking abilities.

        Ogletree has a chance to improve at his Pro Day, and he’ll have to do that to be a 1st round pick.

  3. Boom or bust is not a bad thing, IMO. You want to try and hit home runs whenever possible. Having a team full of AJ Hawks — decent and safe, but nothing special — won’t win Super Bowls.

    The hard part is determining the percent chance for a boom compared to the percent chance for a bust, then deciding if it’s worth the risk.

  4. Comparing his 2 yrs at linebacker to Margus Hunt’s limited football skills I would take Hunt in a heartbeat. 6’8 comes to the field everyday. Strong,long arms,good motor, and BIG.

    1. Hunt would be a pass rush specialist for the Packers. He gets pushed around in run D and as a pass rusher he’s an outside pass rusher, that requires taking either Matthews or Perry of the field. He needs to go to a 43 D and be able to play DE against one run blocker and allowed to pass rush from DE, not DT which he would be for the Packers. He’s not a good 34 D fit IMO.

  5. Alec Ogletree runs a 4.70 and is considered extremely fast. Manti Te’o runs a 4.82 and is considered too slow. 12 one-hundredths of a second difference. I think this means 1) football can be a game of inches and 2) football speed can not captured in 40-yard dash times.

    1. Speed in the game is also a measurement of the player’s ability to mentally identify and react to the situation.

  6. I’d take Minter over Te’o (drama and loves the media attention, nothing against the run, and no upside) and Ogletree (overrated, DUI, theft and is an OLB). Take a look at Terrell Manning’s college speed and production #’s along side Ogletree’s. Virtually the same. And, Manning doesn’t have two arrests on his resume.

    1. Ogletree was expected to run better than he did. We’ll see if he improves on his combine numbers at his pro day. His combine was more important in the interview process than testing. If he interviewed well and improves his testing at Pro day he’ll regain anything he might have lost in draft status.

      I’ve been on the Manning bandwagon since last draft. And this entire offseason I’ve been pumping him up as the best ILB prospect the Packers have and a playmaker the Packers need to get on the field.

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