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Donald Driver
Packers WR Donald Driver is retiring after 14 seasons.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver announced on ESPN Radio Thursday morning that he is retiring after 14 memorable seasons.

The Packers have scheduled an official retirement ceremony for Wednesday, Feb. 6, in the Lambeau Field Atrium. Fans can attend and tickets will be available at the Packers ticket office starting Friday.

Driver is the Packers all-time leader in receptions (743), receiving yards (19,137), 1,000-yard receiving seasons (7), 50-catch seasons (9), consecutive games with a catch (133), receptions at Lambeau Field (363) and receiving yards at Lambeau Field (5,000).

What else is there to say about Driver? He was one of my favorite Packers of all time and will be remembered as one of the greatest Packers ever.

Leave your favorite Driver memories in the comments section and let’s spend today remembering No. 80 for everything he’s done for the Green and Gold.


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20 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers WR Donald Driver Announces Retirement

  1. Some of my best Packers memories growing up in the 90’s were of Donald Driver going across the middle of the field and catching every ball that came his way, getting smashed, yet always making the catch and signaling for a first down. Driver is a winner on and off the field and he has done so much for Green Bay and all of Wisconsin. He retired the right way and now he can focus on his family.
    Go Pack

    1. Which of Donald’s three receptions during the 90’s were some of your best Packers memories? All three of them?

      1. See Chad’s comment below re: evolution of DD’s legend. Not only did he break 37 tackles against the 9ers – now he also started playing with the Packers in the late 80s!

  2. I’m so happy that the Packers had the benefit of Driver’s presence for so many years. He was a favorite of mine since he first arrived in GB. Bon chance, Mr. Driver!

  3. Donald Driver was an amazing wide receiver for GB. He overcame great adversity to even make into the NFL. His determination and drive to be great makes him a role model on and off the field. He always has a smile on his face and was truly a team leader. I have seen him stay after games to sign autographs for children while other players didnt even sign one. Quickie will be missed, however, I have good feelings that he will always be around to support the Packer nation! Love you DD!

  4. I am not an autograph hound. I only sought out the great Jim Taylor’s signature when I had the chance. The only other one I have is (now) the great Donald Driver’s.

    A friend of mine wanted to take his kids to meet DD when he was making a promotional appearance at a store in a strip mall outside of Milwaukee, and asked me if I wanted to tag along. Being a huge Packer fan I accepted his offer. It was a small store so there wasn’t a massive crowd there.
    Driver was very accommodating with the kids taking pictures with him and because he was there for a couple of hours we had time to get prints made at a nearby Walgreens 1 hour photo shop and returned for him to sign them. My photo depicts his signature million dollar smile.
    In person he is just as he is in public.

    He is the real deal!

  5. Great news! Glad to hear he won’t be sporting different colors next season.

    I love DD. Late round pick, fought his way up the depth chart, and now is our all time receiver… In shit that matters. When he was good, he was really good… Gonna be tough to replace that smile.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  6. Was really rough to see the look on DD’s face on the sidelines against the Queens in his last home game. But, as usual, the man showed nothing but class.

    I hope that DD finds his way back to the Packers in another capacity. You can never have too many character guys like him.

    If not, cue the music, and “thanks for the memories”.

  7. I loved watching Driver break through about twenty 49ers defenders on his way to a touchdown.

    (BTW, that number will increase as his legend grows…)

  8. I respect Driver and the career he made for himself. He was a great player but I never gushed over him like most Packer fans do. I didnt like hoe he used winning Dancing to get another year from the Packers. I thought he should have retired last year. The fact they hardly used him snd the indignity of being inactive a lot is his osn doing. He shouldn’t have even played this year. Glad he’s done now.

  9. Great player, even a better man. Tough to see him go out like he did this year but remained a true class act through thick and thin. I can still see his smile while making a snow angel at Lambeau. I will never forget him and he belongs in the hall and the ring of honor at Lambeau. You will be missed!

  10. I think they should retire #80 before they retire #4. Not to punish Favre but because Class like Driver’s ought to be rewarded.

  11. Thanks, Donald Driver, not only for years of great play and personality, but also for your making a decision to honor your stated goal of retiring a Packer.

    I would have respected your decision had you settled on playing for another team next season, but I would NOT have been able to stand all the effen morons who would have started bitching and whining about how the Packers owed you this or that, or how TT and MM drove you out like Favre, and all that other bat-shit crazy crap that would have followed.

    So, big ups for going out as a Packer, you da man, thank god all my favorite Packers forums will stay (relatively) devoid of stupidity for at least another few months.

  12. driver is a pros pro. i love and always will. met him in 2000 and he always played hard and was there for the fans. u wont find another guy like this in a while. thanks dd

  13. Meet Donald Driver at Brett Favre’s golf tourney in 2001. Told him it was about time he was getting more play time, all he did was smile, An all around great guy.

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