Packers vs. Vikings – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 34 MIN 37 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Vikings running back Adrian Peterson
Peterson scores an early touchdown and helps Minnesota secure the win but falls 9 yards shy of the single-season rushing record

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings:

I’m taking the reins for Jersey Al in today’s Game Day First Impressions.  Here are my unfitered game day running blog post of comments and observations.

Inactive for Packers today:

WR Randall Cobb, RB James Starks, S Charles Woodson, CB Davon House, LB Terrell Manning, WR Donald Driver, DT Jordan Miller

Inactive for Vikings today: 

QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson, WR Stephen Burton, CB Brandon Burton, S Robert Blanton, LB Audie Cole, OL Troy Kropog, DE D’Aundre Reed

Game Notes:

Adrian Peterson needs just 205 rushing yards to eclipse Eric Dickerson’s record of 2,105 yards set in 1984

Packers can clinch the second playoff seed with a victory today.  Can still clinch #2 seed with a loss coupled with a San Francisco loss and a Seattle loss or tie

WR Jordy Nelson (hamstring) returns for the first time since the December 2nd meeting against the Vikings.  DE C.J. Wilson (knee) returns for the first time since late November

Jeremy Ross will assume kick return duties today with Cobb out

Packers can even their all-time record at Metrodome to 15-15 with a win. Have a chance to win three in a row in Minnesota since ’82 – ’85 seasons


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Motivation today with playoff implications looming:  Playing to sweep division which is our goal in training camp.  Thursday’s padded practice was sharp

Game prep:  Big game, crowd will be energetic.  Team must be sharp and focus on finishing every play

Fewer big plays given up on defense vs. last season:  Playing good team defense.  Have to credit young guys

Vikings:  They’re a good team.  Have to study film carefully and be prepared.  They are tough at home.  Run the ball very well

Christian Ponder:  He has total command of the offense.  Went through a phase earlier this year, threw some interceptions.  Have to keep him in favorable down and distance from a defensive perspective

Adrian Peterson:  Huge focus today.  Important to focus on tackling and keep big plays to a minimum

Securing second seed in NFC:  Focusing on winning today and playing well.  Important to get highest seed possible but biggest thing is to play well.  Teams that play well can win most any game


Packers vs. Vikings – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers will kick off and start on defense

Blair Walsh shows why he was named to this year’s Pro Bowl with a 54 yard field goal on Minnesota’s opening possession

Packers three and out on their first possession.  Rodgers had time to throw, couldn’t find anyone open

Packers getting good and consistent pressure on Ponder so far

Packers tackling very poorly early on.  Not a good sign

Green Bay has no answer for Adrian Peterson and he has over 70 yards and a score early

Packers having as much success on offense as they are on defense.  Two straight three and out’s

Pass rush not getting home and Minnesota can do no wrong on either side of the ball so far

End of First Quarter: Packers 0 Vikings 10

Ross with a nice return to start second quarter to Packers 43

Rodgers steps right into a sack by Jared Allen.  Can’t keep leaving himself open like that

Crowd noise is a problem for Green Bay today.  Packers just forced to burn timeout with 12 minutes left in the half and just two plays after a delay of game penalty

What’s on the golf channel?

Jeremy Ross with a 32 yard punt return and a very nifty one.  The Packers may have found the solution to getting Cobb off return duties

Nelson and Rodgers out of sync.  That’s what a month apart will do to a relationship

Jennings with a bad drop on what would have been a touchdown throw.  He seems on his way out of Green Bay after this season

Packers first red zone possession:  incomplete pass after incomplete pass after incomplete pass after a catch and no challenge on a potential TD followed by another incomplete pass and finally a touchdown throw to Jennings.  Sound like a playoff team?

Packers get to Ponder with a big hit but he still gets off a duck that lands in the hands of a Vikings receiver.  It’s just one of those kinds of games.  Green Bay has to play lights out all day to win, period

Packers are really embarrassing themselves today.  Give up a long run to Peterson after he was stopped and follow it up with a wide open touchdown just before half.  .

Rodgers just standing there sucking his thumb and gets sacked on 3rd down.  The one thing Rodgers is really horrible at:  holding onto the ball

Crosby hits a long field goal to bring the Packers to within 10 points.  Big whoop with a defense that can’t stop anything.  That was a sarcastic challenge to the defense

Going to temper my expectations and go with a more comedic approach in half #2

End of second quarter: Packers 10 Vikings 20

Packers vs. Vikings – First Impressions – Second Half:

After a very uninspiring first few downs that included Rodgers tripping over his lineman’s feet, the Packers march down and get some big runs after catch.  Culminates with a wide open Jennings touchdown in the end zone

And just as quickly as the Packer scored, Peterson rattles off another 15 yards.  He’s going to set the record today at this rate

Ross with another tough return after a defensive stop.  Hoping McCarthy goes with the hot hand at returner too!

Harris is the type of back that this offense needs.  . shifty, quick and short

And bye bye positive momentum as Rodgers coughs it up at midfield.  Vikings ball

Pathetic effort by Tramon Williams on the tackle attempt.  Absolutely pathetic

Packers just cannot get a turnover in this game.  And they need one or they’re at home against these same Vikings next week

More pathetic from Tramon

Congratulations Adrian Peterson on 2,000 yards and a new single-season rushing record.  I’m early to the party for the latter but it’s coming. .just watch

McMillian with a terrible PI in the end zone to give Minnesota new life from the 5.  Peterson with the TD grab and this will ignite the Vikings.  I don’t foresee a comeback by Green Bay in any fashion

Rodgers with a long strike to Nelson that looked like it might be overthrown but Nelson reels it in and takes it down to the Minnesota 5 yard line

James Jones with a catch and lunge at the end zone that is initially ruled a fumble but nothing on replay indicates that it was.  McCarthy unwisely throws the challenge flag on a play that would already be reviewed but review had already started.  Official ruling is touchdown for James Jones, as it should have been

Yeah, it’s good that GB is now within 3, but the Vikings offense is coming on the field so. . . .

Peterson needs just 51 yards to tie the all time rushing yard mark, 52 to surpass.  He is one long run away

End of third Quarter: Packers 24 Vikings 27

Packers with a big three and out after the score.  Must punch it in now

Vikings with three straight penalties on the punt and it will give the Packers the ball at mid field and with a chance to tie or take the lead

I take a realist approach to what I see. Yes, it’s negative at times but so is GB’s play.  Call it like it is

Packers first drive of the quarter stalls.  Crosby on to try a 41 yard attempt.  And it’s good to tie it up at 27-27

Crosby has now hit on his last four attempts.  Both today over 40 yards

Ponder hits on a deep ball to Jarius Wright followed by a very tough run by Peterson down to the Green Bay 2 yard line

Little early on the fireworks as Jenkins cant’ reel in Ponder’s attempt into the end zone. . but there’s another several tries coming thanks to Tramon Williams’ hands to the face when he’s nowhere near the play.  Tramon is costing the Packers dearly today

Matthews walks off the field after landing hard on his back

Vikings touchdown catch by Jenkins in traffic to give Vikings a 34-27 lead with 7 mintes left

Packers did not come ready to play a full game today

Hate to say it but I’m taking the Vikings in an upset next week.  I have not liked much that I saw at key times today from the Packers

Nelson is currently out with a knee injury and is questionable to return.  Disappointing season for Jordy.  Now he’s back and he makes an amazing touchdown grab on the back shoulder fade.  Tied at 34-34

Jarrett Boykin carted off after being tackled awkwardly on a previous catch.  Packers down to Jennings, Jones, Nelson and Ross at WR and Finley at TE

Matthews is back on the field

Now Jerel Worthy is down and will be carted off the field

Casey Hayward with a rare mental lapse and blows coverage on wide open Jenkins for key first down conversion

With that first down, Minnesota will likely run the clock down and give Walsh a game winning try

Peterson with a back-breaking run but will fall just 9 yards short of the single season rushing record

Walsh’s kick is good, Vikings win and have clinched a playoff berth.  Will come to Lambeau next week on Saturday evening

Final Score: Packers 34 Vikings 37



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70 thoughts on “Packers vs. Vikings – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 34 MIN 37

  1. Novel idea: why don’t we play 2 deep safety against Peterson. Rather than allowing Burnett and Williams to come up in the box, whiff on the tackle, and allow AD to get 25 yards on every freaking cutback.

    Maybe I’m crazy

    1. You’re not crazy. I’d have a guy on each edge solely responsible for waiting for the Peterson bounce to the outside. Let him make his yards between the tackles…

    2. Or maybe the secondary coaches can teach Burnett and the Safeties to wrap up when tackling versus their current bumper cars approach of hitting ap and bouncing off of him. Or maybe we can never have to see three man rushes from Dom, ever. Or maybe we can clone matthews so we dont have to see walden not holding his edge and ap running around him all day.

      Or maybe we can get the offensive plays in fast enough so Rodgers doesn’t burn three time outs in the second qtr leaving mm with none to challenge the trapped ‘catch’. Very uncharacteristic of mm.

      Or maybe I need to see a packer therapist …. because the road to the Super Bowl just got much harder with having to go to sf.

  2. Too many defensive mistakes. Haywood caught sleeping with 2 minutes on 3rd and long, Williams personal foul (resulting in a Vikings TD instead of FG),so many missed tackles by so many players. Rodgers throws 365 yards, 4 TDs and no picks, QB rating of 132 (in spite of the stickem on his hands resulting in sacks)and they can’t win. I’m concerned about next week, very concerned.

  3. Tramon Williams costed the Packers this game. It wasn’t just him but his negative impact was that significant.

    M.D. Jennings refuses to bat passes down. The Packers could’ve been 13-3 (yeah yeah) if he simply bats down the ball instead of going for the int.

    Great to see Rodgers take control of the game. Too bad the D didn’t respond.

    Losing the #2 seed is huge. I may be putting the cart before the horses here but I really believe the Packers will win the wildcard round. But playing at Candlestick, with the 49ers fresh, is the worst situation this team could face. The way the D has played against physical teams is not encouraging…

    1. Agreed completely.

      However, I will say that Aaron Rodgers and company proved that they can win any game if they have the ball in their hands last.

  4. The guys with something to prove played well: Ross, Crosby & Harris. I don’t know about the rest of them.

    The Vikings aren’t a bad team at all. They’re a decent team with a mediocre quarterback. I get the feeling they could beat the Packers next week, too.

  5. Yep, pissing away the 2 seed is huge. Defense really let us down today, especially the D.C. – This is a tough one to swallow.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  6. the vikings tip their hand on how they will play Rodgers- the pack is at home, no dome crowd, no home time refs, and a defense that should be heated after giving up over 400 yard to one RB in two game-

    im not say its an easy win- it will be close but no too close, but i say Pack win by 10, and ponder ends up on his butt multiple times and AP runs for under 100 yards!

    GO. Pack. Go

          1. Without Tramon Williams’ worst game as a professional player the Packers are the #2 seed…

            If MD Jennings decides to bat down the pass instead of going for the int the Packers are the #2 seed…

            If Casey Heyward doesn’t bite on the pump fake and plays his coverage the Packers are the #2 seed…

            Do I need to go on?

            1. that’s the thing… with the Vikings you can point to 1 guy… with the packers you need 2 hands to count all the guys who sucked.

              Ponder doesn’t even have to be good. as long as he’s not bad – the Vikings win.

              i have no idea how the packers will win next week. they have zero chance of stoping AD which means that each one of their possessions will be important. one 3 and out, one turnover, one bad sack on 2nd and 5 and the game is over.

              1. No. With the Vikings you had 1 guy playing out of the ordinary (Ponder today). With the Packers you had multiple guys making mistakes that they don’t normally make.

                Think of how many 2nd and longs and 3rd and longs the Vikings made today. They are the worst team in the league in long plays and they made a bunch today.

                All that to win by 3 at home.

                If you really think the Vikings are going to beat the Packers, then how about a friendly bet? I’ll forever acknowledge your superiority in football knowledge in all of my posts if the Vikings win. I expect the contrary if the Packers win.

                If you have another proposition, I’m willing to bet it.

              2. whatever you want to bet – i’m “IN”.

                i just think that across the board – the Vikings are a more rugged, disciplined, physical team.

                packers are too “loose”.

                the next time I see a packer knock someone BACKWARDS will be the first time.

                their just soft as hell.

                hawk – soft
                jones – soft
                shields – soft
                williams – soft
                burnett – soft
                jennings – soft
                hayward – soft
                walden – soft

                they may have certain “talents” but they’re not physical players.

                2-4 against 2012 playoff teams.

              3. Cow, I used to think you were just a very delicate, scared Packers fan who often had some legitimate concerns that you just blew up out of proportion.

                Now I realize, you’re just a big dick, and most likely, a troll.

              4. Hawk assualts lead blockers and crashes OLmen continually, I’m convinced the Packers ask him to do it. That’s physical.

                Jones has been putting his nose in there all year long, period. He Squares up and tackles head on all the time.

                People can talk about Burnett all they want, he’s quietly been a tackling machine all year. Ask Christian Ponder if he thinks Burnett is “soft”.

                Hayward is extremely physical. Period.

                Walden is like a wildman, there’s nothing soft about him. He sucks playing the run because he over pursues, not because he’s soft or for a lack of physicality.

                I’ll give you Sam Shields (although he IS improved over years past) and MD Jennings. Tramon Williams, today, played soft as hell. That said, he has proven in the past to be a very physical press corner when called upon. I don’t know what happened to Tramon today. He was shit.

              5. Bull$hit.
                There isn’t an offensive player in the NFL who fears any one of those guys.

                Not. A. One.

            2. There were instances where Tramon Williams looked terrified to put his hands on Adrian Peterson. I think the Packers can beat the Vikes at home but they will get smacked at San Fran.

  7. If defense wins championships, we are in trouble. Here are some random rants:

    (1) In the 1st quarter or two, MM kept calling a run on 1st down & then 2 pass plays. He was so routine, Vegas probably wouldn’t take any betters on which play was next. Where is the creativity?

    (2) On the crucial 3rd down play in the 4th quarter when Jenkins catches a pass for Minn., why are we rushing just 3 men? Why are we playing some some zone?

    (3) Was Dom Capers at the game today? Just wondering. Didn’t seem like any adjustments were being made defensively.

    (4) Did Tramon Williams guard anyone on pass plays? Did he make any tackles? He looked passive except on the crucial penalty on him in the 4th quarter. Where is someone to light a fire under this guy? Is he injured again?

    1. Injuried was my first reaction seeing as he didn’t press at the line at all but without anything being disclosed hard to blame on potential injuries.

    2. he should have been removed from the field. bush could not have been worse… that is not a joke… bush could not have been worse.

      1. Tramon has not played up to the standards he set for himself in 2010 this year, but once or twice.

        He’s a good corner, but he’s been erratic all season. Today, he looked like the Tramon that was trying to cover Megatron during the first Lions game of the season. Always uncomfortably loose and a step behind.

  8. Defense was ugly.

    Tramon Williams is the 3rd best CB on the team.

    MD Jennings missed several tackles and could have made a play on that TD to Jenkins.

  9. Games are won and lost in the trenches..the Viks oline creamed our pretenders. playing good against the bears and Titans olines gave us a false sense of reality. We will beat the Viks at home next week (I hope) , but, im not sure whats going to happen against the niners or seahawks , on both sides of the ball.

    1. I honestly don’t think our D line was outplayed at all by the Vikings O line.

      Nope, that was ALL AP.

      Our OLB’s and Corners were atrocious, IMO. THe OLBs and CBs were continually getting sucked into the middle of the field and breaking any contain on the edges. They played with zero discipline, and AP made them pay over and over again by pressing the hole up the middle then cutting it back outside. Our D line and MLB’s were, more often than not, holding up their end of the bargain. Yes, AP got some yards up the gut, too.. But it seemed to me he was killing us bouncing it outside.

      Just my opinion after watching the game once at full speed- I don’t have a DVR so take my assessment with a huge grain of salt.

      1. i watch some of the bigger runs again, the viks did a great job blocking, thier FBs,TEs and Oline.I agree with you in that the DBs and LBs were not making tackels, but, our front 7 was worked over today. half the runs AP made it through the line un-touched, they may have been some small holes, but he was still getting through clean

  10. Disappointed!

    D went back to the 2011 crap.

    Once again MM can’t get the team in gear until late in the 1st half.

    Must play a full game against these purple Aholes next week. All practice and preparation this week and no talking.

    1. I think part of the problem is MM’s opening script: run out of the shotgun, run or short pass, pass, punt. Everyone knows what’s coming. When you’re up against a team with a great running game, you can’t afford to blow those first possessions.

  11. I really thought the Pack was going to run roughshod over the Vikes, no such luck.

    Great game to watch, wish it would have ended differently. Can’t wait to watch the rematch in lambeau next weekend. Should be awesome.

    Go Pack.

  12. This game was pure torture to watch a double purple pill night…ugh. I just don’t get it. The talk all week was how the 2nd seed was so important. How then can the play appear to be so undisciplined on both sides of the ball? One stupid mistake after another. So…we beat the queens next week and get creamed by the 9ers. There is something missing in the coaching or psyche of the players.

    1. Even if we win next week, we have to beat the 9ers in San Fran instead of in Green Bay. Yes, this loss was huge!

  13. Relax Packer Fans.

    It sucks, we lost, but MM and his team’s traditionally bounce back when faced with adversity.

    Defense was terrible, and they will learn from the loss. Don’t jump ship yet. I think the loss by the Giants at home last year in the playoffs is going to motivate this team. Sure, a #2 seed is BETTER, but we are in the playoffs vs. the weakest playoff team in the first round…at home. Vikes blew their load in this game.

  14. 1. Tramon had his worst game as a Packer…played like a child all game. Acted like he was bored. That personal foul gave them 4 points.

    2. Woodson will be back and will help our run support greatly.

    3. Cobb and Jennings in the slot is going to be too much for the Vikes.

    4. MM hopefully saw that Dujuan Harris is the best back on the roster. I don’t know who is evaluating talent, but the fact that Grant got the start is ridiculous….Harris is close to having a HUGE GAME….he is a step away from some HUGE RUNS.

    5. If we lose to the Vikes at home, we don’t deserve to go on. This is the rub, and we have everything in front of us. MINNESOTA, THEN 49ers, Then I think it’s another home game vs. the Seahawks….I see them knocking off Atlanta.

  15. The BYE would have been great, but it’s THREE GAMES…..THREE GAMES to the Super Bowl. Remember how the year started….the Packers are motivated, Defense got a wakeup call…..we will be fine.

    1. ONE GAME… ONE GAME until the end of the season. Remember how the season ended… the packers got punked, Defense got exposed… we are toast.


    1. Walden and Moses…you suck at contain…STAY HOME. AP will come out the back door at least 10 times a game because Pickett and Raji will stuff the middle….he ain’t gonna pop out on CM3’s side….STAY HOME AND MAKE A TACKLE!!

    2. Woodson must be an upgrade in run support over McMillian and Jennings.

    3. Jones and Hawk need to play like men. Jones seems to be intimidated by AP at the point of attack, and Hawk just flys in the hole and takes himself out of plays….he needs to play under control.

    4. BRING PRESSURE. They are going to take a couple shots, they are going to run a couple screens, but the script of playing eight DB’s and only bringing 3 linemen doesn’t work….won’t happen again….DC has learned from this game.

    1. Thank you Sharpe!!! That’s exactly right. Moses and Waldon can’t contain. Not one bit. That was the reason we drafted Perry or one of them. Tramon Williams was a complete joke today. On that 2nd and 27 play he moved out of the way to let Peterson run by him

  17. He COW 42… are like many fans….you like to jump ship when things get tough. I agree that the Packers played soft at times today….but it was a tough environment. When the Packers win, you need to just stay off this site and go home like the Vikes. You aren’t a true fan, just a scared fan that covers up his emotions by ripping on the players and your team so that you feel better. But when they win you wear your packer shirt to work and brag about how great they are. Just stop watching the games coward. True fans are brave enough to support their team when times are rough. You’re a coward. Your next comment will be that you are just “speaking the truth”…’s all crap. You like to say how bad the team is, but want to get the benefits when they win. These SOFT players that you speak of won another Division Title….first division loss in 2 years…and you run your mouth about how terrible they are. Go put on your purple coward.

    1. No, obviusly you don’t know cow well, he is a total doomday fan when the packers loose and says I told you so to every person in the website. When the pack wins he starts to make up excuses about how they won convincingly but they secretly sucks. Cow42 is a troll or a madman.

  18. What gets my goat is giving up 37 points to an average QB w/o Percy Harvin. AP is a beast but the Vikes offense is anemic!

  19. Tramon Williams cost this team that game with two simple plays and should be benched next week because of it. Considering the Vikings don’t have one decent wide receiver we don’t need a so called “Shut down Corner” who’s afraid to tackle. On 2nd and 27 Williams actually moved out of Peterson’s way, and stuck his hand out as if he was slapping at him. I couldn’t believe it it!!! When the coaches and players see that play watching film, you’ll see a pathetic play by a scared corner. The penalty on the 3rd and 11 play was just a example of a extremely selfish player. Sure there were many other plays. M.D. Jennings, bat the damn ball down, if you’d just learn to that this year we’d be 13-3!!!!!!!!! Waldon and Moses, hold the edge just once!!! we knew you were a pathetic run defender and wear down, that’s a huge reason Thompson drafted a fricken defensive end and tried to make him a Outside Linebacker. Burnett, quit trying to tackle Peterson around the shoulders, your hair weights more than you and after the many missed tackles you’ve had you’d think you would learn. The Packers really miss Woodson. Sure he’s lost a step but he would at least try and get in the way of Peterson and never ever MOVE out of his way. Offense, you guys were amazing today! Refs, thank you for another day of totally horrible officiating!!

  20. It’s official….here’s the NFC QB’S:

    Aaron Rodgers

    Colin Kaepernick: 1st year as starter

    Russel Wilson: 1st year

    RG3: 1st year

    Ponder: Just a guy…hands off to AP…2nd year

    Matt Ryan: Has NEVER won a playoff game.

    The Playoffs are a different monster….Rodgers is the only QB that has shown that he knows how to get the job done in the playoffs….stay tuned….

  21. COW 42….you make me want to puke. You are such a coward….such a poser…..such an ignorant fan. You make my poop sick…’s sad that you even post stuff on a packer website…..what a coward.
    You’re probably 16 and this is your first time watching the Pack. First time suffering a tough loss little fella?? Go ask your Dad to give you a ride in his truck and have a heart to heart chat with him about how bad you wanted this game….let the tears out. It’s OK….you’re just new to this….I’ve been watching the Packers for so many years, I have seen the ups and downs. You have no idea what a SOFT TEAM IS. Go back to the 80’s homeboy….you will see teams that were soft and didn’t care. Be thankful for what you have and back them through thick and thin. It’s OK to make negative comments…but don’t jump ship. Go on…get in the car with Daddy and go for a drive. Ask Mommy to make you your special pancakes so that you can comfort yourself.

    Fricking Coward.

    1. kinda sounds like you’re turning your disappointment into anger.
      i’m here for ya, bud.
      let it all out.
      you’ll feel better in the morning.

      get as mad at me as you want… truth of the matter is that the packers played like pu$$ies today and anyone who roots for them has every right in the world to call their asses out.

      they did not show up.
      they got pushed around like little kids.
      out hustled – out muscled – out coached.

      just because the ’80s teams blew (i was around for) doesn’t mean this crew gets a pass.

      by the way – i don’t wear a jersey to work. adults who wear jerseys look ridiculous.

    2. Have followed the Pack since shortly before Lombardi. First, as far as tough losses go, very few of them in the ’70s and ’80s hurt much because they had bad teams and weren’t expected to win. Tough losses for me are all the final playoff games since SB XXXI (except for XLV, of course) since they were expected to win the vase majority of those – just like yesterday. To see the comeback yesterday fail and have to spend (at least) the next week listing all the ‘if only this one had been different’ plays – that’s what’s tough. Would have to go back and review the rosters from the Gory Days, but I don’t remember those teams being particularly soft, just not very talented.

  22. Nick Perry would have been nice to have at this stage of the season….he wasn’t showing much….but he was an athlete that could have helped a bit.

    Walden….you need to step your game up. No pass rush since week 3, and you are worthless against the run. Might as well let Mike Daniels play DE out there and at least hold the point of attack.

    Gonna need you next week Walden….START WATCHING FILM!!!

    1. i agree, perry and bishop, and prob woodson,were missed today, perry was strong at the edge and bishop is a force, woodson sticks his nose into the play.

  23. I said Packer Shirt….not jersey….learn to read Cow42.

    I’m not mad….I just get frustrated with ignorant, gutless fans like you. People like you are all over the place. Not around when the team needs support, only there when times are good and the team looks dominant. Like I said, it’s OK to make comments, but if you’re going to jump ship when they lose, don’t try to crawl out of the water and back onto the boat when they are winning. Calling them out is one thing, quitting on them is another. You’re not a true fan….there’s tons of people like you….coward.

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