Packers vs. Titans – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 55 TEN 7 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Clay Matthews vs. Tennessee TitansGreen Bay Packers vs. Tennessee Titans:

My unfitered game day running blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.


Inactive for Packers today: 

WR Jordy Nelson, RB James Starks, S Charles Woodson, TE Tom Crabtree, RB Alex Green, DL CJ Wilson, DL Jerel Worthy

Inactive for Titans today:  

QB R. Smith, WR K. Wright, CB R. Mouton, LB C. McCarthy, C K. Matthews, T M. Otto, DE S. Solomon


Game Notes:

Ryan Grant gets the start at running back for the Packers today. Who’d a thunk it?

Evan Dietrich Smith starts at center for Jeff Saturday. Saturday’s body just breaking down.

Donald Driver is active for what will probably be his final regular season start Lambeau Field.

Packers are playing for a 2nd seed and a first round playoff bye. They need help from Seattle tonight (how ironic) to beat the 49ers.



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Does clinching the NFC North impact your preparation: It really doesn’t. Today’s win is very important to our football mode. Chance to move up or at least clinch the 3rd seed.

Different from last year?: A totally different mindset. You don’t have to listen to the 0utside voices because there are none. Last year, there was the subconscious of “hey we’re in”.

EDS at center: It was a conversation that started earlier in the week. jeff has been fighting through, giving us everything he ha. A bit of a projection here with EDS.   EDS on a short leash… Jeff Saturday has been a consummate professional.

Rodgers better this year?: Last year was smooth sailing. It’s been a different ride this year. He’s had to be very disciplined and deal with the constant change around him. Has been a great year for him to grow and he’s a rock. he always goes out and gives us his best.

Chris Johnson: You talk about a home run back, he and AP are the two best at taking it to the house when you give them a crease.

Jake Locker: Excellent athlete, can make all the throws. We need to keep him in the pocket.

Titans D: They have to be excited about the way they’re playing the last month. This is going to be a hell of a contest today.  This will be a bigger challenge than I think people think.

Don Barclay: He’s hydrated and ready to go.




Packers vs. Titans – First Impressions – First Half:

Titans win the toss and choose to receive. What McCarthy prefers anyway.

Nice start for the Packers D. A blocked pass, a one yard loss for Chris Johnson, and a take down of Jake Locker as he tries to scramble out of the pocket.

Well – there’s one thing Cobb needs to work on – bringing down those passes where he’s fully extended vertically.

Would love to see the #Packers get Greg Jennings going today…

Some real holes for the #Packers running backs from this reworked offensive line.

Ryan Grant did not once run up the ass of one of his offensive lineman there. Is he a changed man?

The effort that Clay Matthews puts out on every play still amazes me…

Any team that plays a single-high safety against the #Packers are just asking to be taken to the woodshed…

Packers defense will be padding their stats today…


End of First Quarter: Packers 14 Titans 0

I jokingly predicted that Crosby would be 1 for 5 today. Got the make out of the way…

DuJuan Harris showed great patience and awareness on the run wide right. Waited for the blocks to develop and then saw the hole and hit it.  impressed.

Up by 17, I have no problem taking a shot downfield on third and short any time you want.

Crosby hits another goal post – amaaaaaaazing…  On the bright side, the kick was STRAIGHT. It didn’t hook, didn’t slice… For Crosby, I consider that as important as anything…

Jake locker steps on his own foot, trips self… LOL

So with a blowout do you retire Crosby for the day, sealing the positive vibes in his head?

Ever since McGinn’s article, Finley has had the look of a guy who’s serious about playing football…  Coincidence?

I’d say remember how the Colts game finished out, but Locker is no Luck…


End of second quarter: Packers 20 Titans 0


Packers vs. Titans – First Impressions – Second Half:

Randall Cobb drawing a kickoff penalty by putting one foot out of bounds before touching the ball. Wow – I had no idea that rule existed…. Nice, Randall…

DuJuan Harris again has shown a real awareness of where the hole is likely to develop and the patience to wait for it. Then he explodes into it.

Greg Jennings gets in the scorebook. Has been quiet again today. Still waiting for that breakout game from him…

Let’s get Clay Matthews out of there, please… it’s 34-0!


End of third Quarter: Packers 34 Titans 0

Have spotted EDS downfield a lot on running plays. Something Saturday  was just not able to do anymore…

So besides being a TD machine, James Jones is now “elusive” after the catch? Awesome…

Casey Hayward is a beast as a blitzer, too. Did you know he led his college team in TFL one year as a cornerback?

I think a pick six would be a fitting way for the Packers to hit the half-century mark…

So if the Packers are stopped on a third down (up 48-0), do you bring Crosby in? Would that be “rubbing it in?

I guess the answer was yes, because the Packers go for it on fourth down. By going for it, at least you give the other team a chance to stop you.

Gotta say, this does look like a different Ryan Grant from the one I knew and didn’t really love that much…

It was the Packers vs. Tampa Bay in 1983 when the Packers scored this many points (55-13)?

Packers D still playing for that shutout. Brad Jones sacks Locker, the seventh sack of the day.

Damn, Britt on a long completion and next play is a TD. No shutout.

No worries.

 Final Score: Packers 55 Titans 7


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15 thoughts on “Packers vs. Titans – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 55 TEN 7

    1. starting next season.

      right now i wouldn’t want a guy that inexperienced handling punts in the playoffs.

      go for broke this time of the year.

      no time to be worrying about reps or injuries.

      have your best players in the game at all times.

  1. This is the way the Packers ought to play like more often IMO. It ought to be this “boring” more often. Not every game, just more often.

  2. 1) ACtually, Al, I -did- know Casey Hayward was a TFL machine 😉

    2) I don’t care how the Vikings played the Texans today, I don’t care how the JSO or any other media outlet is trying to trump up how next week’s Packers-Vikings game is “Shaping up”, mark my words:

    The Packers are going to absolutely EMBARRASS the Vikings on their way to a second consecutive NFC North sweep.


  3. School me if I am wrong. Did the 2 completions for the Titan’s touchdown come when the Packers were playing zone (and not man-to-man)?

  4. Awesome game by everybody! Even Mason Crosby although he did hit the goalpost on that second FG but hey, he made all his extra points too! 2 games in a row that the defense has held a team under 200 yards. Jennings caught 7 balls for just 45 yards but he’s getting involved. It’s scary watching Cobb getting slammed on returns but I have to agree with the others, Ross is to inexperienced to be back there in last game and playoffs. Look at what happened to the 49ers in the NFC Championship game without Ted Ginn back there. 2 muffed punts that cost them the game. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Packers fans! I’m sure you all want the same thing for Christmas as me this year. A 14th World Championship for the Green Bay Packers!!! GO PACK GO!!!!

  5. Loving RG 25 back. Feels like Packers are starting to click at the right time. However, my fear is that Crosby will cost a trip to the Super Bowl.
    Santa please give Mason a bottle of confidence for Christmas!
    Merry Christmas to everyone! Go Packers!!

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