Hilarious Video: Packers Josh Sitton and TJ Lang

Bryan Bulaga

First off, let me apologize. I’ve been lax in bringing you entertaining Packers videos lately (been putting a lot of focus on the new Packers Talk Radio Network project I’m involved with).

But fear not… I will get back to the business of scouring Youtube for Packers-related videos you’re sure to enjoy.

So here ya’ go:



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3 thoughts on “Hilarious Video: Packers Josh Sitton and TJ Lang

  1. Lol.. I had heard there was a funny piece w/ TJ and Josh, but this is the first I’ve seen of it. This might top Lang getting whacked with an A-rod delivered air-cabbage

  2. While their commercials may be terrible at times, lol, it really doesn’t bother me how many commercials they’re doing. It just don’t think it’s as much of a distraction as people perceive them to be IMO.

    Besides, the more money they make off the field, the less money they are likely to demand for being on the field.

  3. You’re right, It’s hilarious. Seem like two fun loving funny guys, I’ll bet they’re a blast to know!

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