Packers’ Victory over Lions had Plenty of Style All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Ryan Pickett
Packers DL Ryan Pickett made some stylish plays on Sunday against the Lions.

Kevin Seifert had the following headline on his ESPN NFC North Blog post following the Packers 24-20 win over the Lions on Sunday: “Packers: Substance of 2012 > Style of 2011.”

Kevin went on to write how the Packers grind-it-out victories over the last five weeks might be more impressive and have them better prepared for the postseason than the string of blowout wins they had en route to a 15-1 finish in 2011.

For the record, I agree with Kevin. His post was spot-on. I just didn’t care for the headline.

The Packers had plenty of substance in 2011. You don’t go 15-1 on style alone.

And the Packers have had plenty of style so far in 2012. It’s just a different style than what we saw last season.

To casual football fans, style means long passes, beautiful catches, ankle-breaking runs and exciting punt/kick returns. Those are the plays that make Sports Center and go viral on the Internet.

The more hardcore football fans appreciate those types of plays as well, but also find plenty of style in other areas of the game.

To me, this third-and-goal play from Sunday highlights the type of style that hardcore fans appreciate and the type of stylish play that the Packers have been coming up with over the last five games.

A touchdown there gives the Lions a 7-0 lead and the Packers young and beat-up defense probably hangs its head a bit. Who knows where the game goes from there.

Instead, Ryan Pickett — who is in there in case the Lions run it — busts through the line and chases Matthew Stafford right to Morgan Burnett for the sack.

The defense holds the Lions to a field goal and the defense’s confidence goes way up. That’s style, in my opinion.

Here’s another one:

Tim Masthay is punting from midfield in the first quarter and drops a perfect corner kick that gets downed by Jarrett Bush on the Lions’ 2.

Now, that seems like a simple enough play, right? Three years ago, that ball probably flys into the end zone and the Lions would get the ball at the 20. Not this year.

Masthay hit a perfect punt, and instead of tripping over his own feet as the ball bounced past him for a touchback, Bush positions himself like a baseball infielder, keeps his balance, and maintains his level of awareness to not step into the end zone or out of bounds.

It’s a lot harder than it looks. How many times do you see guys flub punts like that, resulting in a touchback? Fairly often. It takes style to make that play.

The Packers defense forced a three-and-out and got the ball back in Detroit territory. The Packers failed to score on that drive, but they’ll score more often than not with field position like that.

Yes, Packers games haven’t exactly been works of art this season, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have style.

I’d say 7-3 and first place in the NFC North looks quite beautiful, actually.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


25 thoughts on “Packers’ Victory over Lions had Plenty of Style

  1. As Vince would say: “Just Win Baby”. Vince would love the style of this team, all beat up with rookies taking charge and the big men like Pick showing us his grace on attempted sacks.

    The OLB need to watch for Pick and hold the QB up so Pick can get in on the sack.

    340 lb road paver coming at stafford had to play with his mind. After that play stafford was throwing some funny passes just to get the ball out.

    Just Win Baby!

    1. I love Pickett’s belly flop at the end. I would’ve jumped throug my ceiling with joy if Pickett would’ve gotten that sack!

      1. Also notice how Stephen Peterman #66, the guy Pickett and just about everyone else, abused that day, just waddles over to were Pickett and Stafford are running. Maybe EDS isn’t so bad after all.

      1. Fire you are on the ball and 100% correct. Al Davis said it. I stand corrected. Vince said Winning is the Only thing and thats what this years version is doing.
        Go Pack GO

        1. I can’t wait for Packers fans to quit worrying about what other coaches, legendary or not, said- and start appreciating the job Mike McCarthy has been doing in GB for what it is.

          If I hear one more fan yelling/posting what the hell is going on out there”, etc, so forth.. I’m gonna jump off a cliff!! Just sayin’.

          1. ummmm….ok. not sure people quoting one of the most famous lines in NFL history is a knock on MM.

            1. Although it almost always IS being done when people have a gripe about MM.

              Again, Just sayin’…. ummmm…Okay?

  2. Jarrett Bush is phenomonal ST player. Those plays help our D and O for field position by limiting what detroit was able to call. He has played well at CB when in as well but his value as ST guy is not easy to replace.

    I’m sorry for all the bush hating over the past few years. Jarrett Bush needs to be recognized as one of the best ST players GB has had.

    1. 100% agree with you. I used to scream at bush more than any player. but he is a special teams beast. every team needs one of those, but he should not be on defense. he is just not good enough, but his athleticism on special teams is fantastic. people just cannot jam him as a gunner.

      1. Agree Bush needs to stay on ST and only be used in dire straits as a DB. There is some value there as well but with House and Hayward ready for action, Bush needs to concentrate on ST.

      2. He’s behind House and Hayward, but never forget he was good enough to win a Super Bowl with him playing nickle for the entire second half.. And he played well.

  3. Who would have thought after last year that the defense would be winning some games and carrying the team when A-Rod and the offense are struggling? Not this guy. Amazing what some young competition does for a team. Probably gonna go down as TT best draft.

    This team is better than last years’, even with the injuries, because it is not one-dimensional. The big plays will start happening more and the passing attack should pick up.

    Last year it seemed like the Packers were losing steam towards the end of the year and the playoff loss didn’t really surprise me, sadly. I feel better about the matchup with the Giants this year compared to last year.

    1. How many of TT drafts have we said, “Probably gonna go down as TT best draft”? With so many drafts of high quality, and his ability to maintain quantity, it’s no doubt why we are in contention under his management.

  4. This team is really making me start to think BIG. Injuries. Close wins. Stepping on the opponent’s throat when it’s absolutely required.

    As soon as we get healthy…watch out.

  5. Adam Czech, I just gotta know what program you used to record those. I know you used NFL Game Rewind, but what did you do to take out those few separate chunks of the game? I’m sorry to beg, but I’ve gotta know.

    If you’re not comfortable telling me here, just email me at

  6. I have said since the Texans game that I think this team is better than last years team. 2011 team could not stop anyone and could not get to the passer. this team has some serious potential on defense and is getting better. the defense in 2011 got worse as the season went on.

  7. to anyone who thinks raji deserves a big contract, watch the first play above and watch most plays when raji and pickett are lined up next to each other. pickett has taken two steps before raji gets out of his stance. raji is still a big man, but no the athletic big man that i thought he was. (he is more athletic than me obviously, but not in the same class as guys like wilfork, gnata, hampton in his prime, etc.)

    1. I think his ankle has definitely been affecting him, however I agree about not giving him a big contract. CM3 and A-Rod are much more of a priority.

      Raji is not bad by any means, either. It just seems like he hasn’t been making a lot of big plays that you would expect from a top ten draft pick. Yes he plays NT and it’s not the most glamorous position, but it doesn’t seem like he’s very disruptive out there.

    2. I have concerns that when Pick is done after this year or next, Raji might prove to not be the guy TT drafted. At best he improves but we are still going to lose Pickett.

      Is the young kid on IR 6’4 331 lb being groomed for that role? If not we need another big man in the middle for Pick.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if TT drafts a big d-lineman in this year’s draft in the 1st or 2nd round to eventually replace Pickett, or Raji for that matter. Pickett is a beast, but obviously getting up there in age and Raji’s status is uncertain. Fortunately for the Pack the upcoming draft has plenty of defensive talent.

        1. i am looking for the packers to draft heavily in the defensive front early and possibly another OLB. Last years draft helped the DL, but it could use some more bodies. Jury is out on Worthy and Daniels. Neal is a situational guy. Wilson is a journeyman at best. Pickett is still a beast, but like you said the clock is ticking. Can never have enough quality depth on the DL. DL is maybe the hardest position to draft besides QB. Have to just keep drafting and hope about half of them pan out.

  8. I rewatched every snap the defense played against detroit. Best player on he field -Bj Raji. He dominated that game. He won almost every snap he played. Packers lose that game without him. He’s a good player needs to be resigned. A replacement for Pickett would be good though. Although the way he is playing he might have another good year or so left.

    1. wow, i would have to disagree with you. he had a couple pressures late, but he got sideways in the run game a lot.

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