Packers Injury Update: Nelson to Test Hamstring Friday All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jordy Nelson
Packers WR Jordy Nelson will test his injured hamstring on Friday. He remains questionable for Sunday.

Here’s a quick update on the Packers injury situation before you sit down for dinner:

The following players did not practice today: WR Jordy Nelson (hamstring); FB John Kuhn (hamstring); LB Nick Perry (knee); CB Sam Shields (shin/knee); DE Jerel Worthy (concussion); DE Mike Neal (ankle); WR Greg Jennings (groin); CB Charles Woodson (shoulder).

Coach Mike McCarthy said that Nelson will test his hamstring on Friday and that Jennings re-scheduled his surgery, but might not be in Philadelphia yet because of the storm.

Obviously, Jennings and Woodson will not play Sunday against Arizona.

My gut tells me all the other guys will be out as well. We’ll see.

All the injured players won’t matter if the Packers offensive line doesn’t come to play against the Cardinals. Arizona has an active front four and can make life miserable for Aaron Rodgers if the offensive line struggles early.


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8 thoughts on “Packers Injury Update: Nelson to Test Hamstring Friday

  1. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but there’s no game I’d rather win this season than the game against the Giants.

    Beating the Giants will be the most satisfying feeling I’ll have, second only to winning the Super bowl.

    We need absolutely everyone as healthy as possible for that game, so testing Nelson’s hamstring is not worth it in my opinion.

    If we’re just lucky enough, we may even have Woodson and Benson back for that game as well.

    1. MAybe we shouldn’t play anyone until AFTER the Giants game, since that’s when 5 of 6 of our divisional games occur.

      1. The Vikings and Lions are overrated, and Cutler is only 1-7 all time against the Packers. The division games are winnable.

        The Giants have the team that can knock the Packers out of the playoffs, they’ve proven that. Getting the tie-breaker, and handing them a loss that could potentially knock them out of the playoffs should be every fans No. 1 concern regarding the regular season.

        Plus, I hate the Giants. HATE THEM.

  2. The bearlys have played only one winning team, The Packers, and they got thier heads kicked in in that game. All the bears victories have come against cream puffs. Talk about the easiest schdule! Even though the Pack got ripped off in seatle, they will still take down the bearlys for the division title. The Packers are missing 8 starters, currently…Benson, Jennings, Nelson, Kuhn, Shields, Woodson, Perry, Smith(or Bishop). The Packers are winning in spite of this. The Bears are Healthy and bearly getting by bad teams like Detroit and Carolina. Let’s see how the pretenders do when they play SF, Houston and the Pack again. They will probably lose to Seatle and at Minnesota, too.

    1. My problem is that we lost to one of those cream puffs we were “supposed” to beat at Indy. They are finding ways to win games and need them to lose one more game on top of not losing any more (including our game @Chicago) to win this division.

  3. Want to solve all the Packers problems? Trade our strength and conditioning coach plus fumble fingers Finley for a running back…. Happy Day..

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