Packers vs. Saints Week 4 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 4: Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 1-2 Green Bay Packers 35-21
Hell hath no fury like a scorned Aaron Rodgers.  The Saints currently have the worst defense in the league but don’t underestimate Drew Brees.  A fired up home crowd will also do the Packers favors
“Jersey” Al Bracco 1-2 Green Bay Packers 38-20
I can feel the fury coming. It will engulf New Orleans Saints on Sunday and send the Saints marching out as big losers. If emotion counts for anything in football, and I believe it counts for a lot, the Saints are in big trouble…
Adam Czech 2-1 Green Bay Packers 31-23
The Packers offense has to get going against the Saints, right? Combine that with all the anger and rage built up from Monday night and this should be a blowout win for the Packers, right? Unfortunately, the Saints still have Drew Brees, so this one won’t be easy. I see the Packers winning, though. God, they better win.
Marques Eversoll 1-2 Green Bay Packers 34-27
The Saints haven’t been able to stop a nose bleed this season, and the Packers have only scored 57 points through three games. Something’s gotta give. I’m pretty confident that the Packers’ offense will get on track, and the defense will keep the Saints’ offense out of the endzone just enough to get the win. I think it’ll be close, but the Packers win.
Thomas Hobbes 1-2 Green Bay Packers 28-21
As bad as the Packers got suckered punched last week, the Saints are perhaps the only team to have been shafted even more this season.  Simply put, the New Orleans Saints are a talented team with no direction; if they can somehow find enough leadership to put out their full potential, they can totally beat the Packers.  But if the last three weeks of play from the Saints is any indication the Packers, who will be playing angry, should win this game
Jason Perone 0-3 Green Bay Packers 28-23
The Saints desire and need to get right is thwarted by an emotionally charged Packer team and their 12th man on Sunday.  Rodgers and the offense won’t light it up but do enough behind that gritty defense and a little help from special teams to get the win and start erasing the horrible memory of this past Monday Night.
Chad Toporski 1-2 Green Bay Packers 35-21
Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’,
Plannin’ and dreamin’ each week will be fine
The offense will get into line
So if you’re thinkin’ how great this team can be
All you gotta do is trust ’em and cheer ’em and love ’em
And show them that you care

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


22 thoughts on “Packers vs. Saints Week 4 Game Predictions from

      1. Hah! That’s what I always tell people.

        Another good song to use is “If I Only Had a Brain.” It’s my go-to whistling song.

  1. I see that at 2-1, I lead the crew in predictions record so far. It’s a tainted lead, though, since I picked the Seahawks on Monday and the Seahawks lost to the Packers 12-7.

    Somehow, I was given credit for predicting the game correctly. Also somehow, the Seahawks were awarded the win.


  2. The world is black, the world is white, we are the Pack and we claw and fight!!
    It’s a beautiful day….aaaa, aaaa!

  3. I agree with Al-emotion will play a big part-I’m just a little worried because you have to control and focus that anger. Still there’s no better exponent of that than AR.

    I don’t know wether it’s MM’s play calling or AR changing the play that led to our imbalance first half Monday but I hope given the state of the Saints D we aim for long early drives with plenty of runs and shorter passes. I’m normally more relaxed than most about our balance but Sunday I feel it may be crucial.

    Still I’m going to be optimistic. Packers come out hot and the improved secondary holds on 2nd half despite giving up some plays..Packers by 10.

  4. 35

    those are some pretty lofty point totals.
    you all must be assuming that they’ll get a couple of defensive and/or special team scores.

    27-13 saints

    1. Actually, yes. I think the Packers will get a pick-6 if not just an interception. The Saints have an average of 2 TO per game so far.

    2. The Saints have also been giving up an average of 34.0 points per game… And that’s to the Redskins, Panthers, and Chiefs. Oh, and those three teams combined are winless against their opponents – except against the Saints.

      1. Hoping the Saints defense doesn’t figure it out this week anyway… Our “O” needs to start clicking, and shooting themselves in the foot… : )

        Defense just needs to continue to improve! : )

        1. You do realize the Cheifs only scored one touchdown against the Saints, right? The other 20 points were 6 FGs and a safety. Oh, and Cassel was 26-44-248 and 1 INT for a 65.3 rating.

            1. And yet, in another post, you totally ignored the two fields goals the Packers had in their second half against the Seahawks.

              You can’t talk about 7 scoring drives for the Chiefs when you ignore 2 for the Packers.

              1. Cow,

                Packers have played three of the best defenses in the league thus far- Seahawks, Bears, 49ers. Depending on if you look at YPG or Total Points Allowed, these teams rank 1st, 5th, and 11th in the league.

                Packers offense thus far this season is averaging more PPG than two of those three defenses are allowing per game- only the 49ers have allowed more PPG than the Packers are scoring on average (Seattle is giving up 13/game, Chicago 16.7 game, 49ers 21.7, while the Packers are averaging 19 points scored/game).

                We all know the Packers Offense isn’t clicking yet- they are off to a slow start- AGAINST TOP NOTCH DEFENSES.

                Oh, BTW, Packers defense? #1 vs. the Pass, #26 vs. the run, #3 Total Defense (total yards), #7 Points allowed.

                I don’t know how the sky is falling. The Packers offense has sputtered against top-tier defenses and is notorious for starting seasons slow to begin with. The defense woke up after week one and so far looks capable.

                I guess I’m not jumping off a cliff like yourself because I looked at the schedule when it was released and thought getting out of the first four weeks with a 2-2 record would be a win for the Packers, with 3-1 being exceptional. The Packers SHOULD be 2-1 right now. Saints will be a test, we’re in a hole due to last weeks ref debacle, but the season has much promise if you’d only see it.

                Do you really think Rodgers and the passing offense is going to look like it does right now all year long? Are you not optimistic about what we’ve seen our ground game can do with Benson given the chance? Do you see no improvement in the defense?

                Quit being so emotionally fragile and such a coward- be brave and have some optimism for a change. You won’t fall over dead if you end up disappointed. Your “I can’t be disappointed if I don’t expect anything positive” attitude is and pathetic.

                Maybe competition chess is more your speed.

  5. Chad et al,
    Please don’t give Cow42 the time of day. He’s an emotion vampire feeding off the attention given him. He’ll suck the energy out of a dome stadium if given the chance. Just do a SMH when he posts his rants.

    The team has a new OC and new position coaches at RB, TE and QB. They have a new starting RB, C, and had GJ, Starks, Saine, Green, Newhouse, Kuhn and Finley miss some or most of the preseason. W/ MM’s penchant for playing starters minimally in the preseason and the replacement refs allowing DB’s to throw off WR routes I’m not surprised the O has been less than stellar.

    It’s not how they start the season, it’s how they finish.

    1. You’re right. My convictions are nothing but a bane in the face of a person with no sense of reason.

      I’m done wasting my time there.

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