Packers Video: Green Bay Packers in TV Commercials All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Seems the Aaron Rodgers State farm Commercials got the ball rolling and now we’re seeing more and more commercials featuring Packers players. Here’s a collection of recent ones:


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4 thoughts on “Packers Video: Green Bay Packers in TV Commercials

  1. Mostly they are really bad… the pizza hut ones especially suck – and GJ’s are just…cheesy.

    I’m waiting for Raji’s commercials to come out. Or Lang and Crabtree. Now they’d be funny!

  2. Thanks for the composite offering. Gotta have something when my Sunday afternoon is screwed up by Monday Night Football.

  3. To be honest, I have no problem with the commercials, but I am very annoyed with how Jennings is just a poster boy now instead of playing football. Every tweet he has is promoting something. You don’t see Rodgers tweeting “DDC” or Matthews tweeting about shampoo. Shouldn’t he be focusing on getting better and improving his play? Or maybe on finishing a game. Just my opinion, anyone else share it?

    1. Good to see Jennings and Matthews tweeting to watch the game on Verizon phones. Shouldn’t they be getting ready for the game? #smh

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