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Packers Practice Squad
Practice Squad Players will be doing a lot of this


2012 Packers Practice Squad Eligible Players:


3rd year players:

Anthony Levine (On Packers practice squad 16 games in 2010 and 8 games in 2011)
Graham Harrell (on practice squad 13 games and active for 3 games in 2010 and on practice squad 12 games, 53-man roster 4 games, active roster 1 game in 2011)


2nd year players:

Alex Green (4 games on Packers’ active list last year)
Brandon Saine (On Packers practice squad for 8 games, then on active roster for 8 games)
Brandian Ross (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Davon House  (4 games on Packers’ active list last year)
DeMarco Cosby (1 week on Rams practice squad last year)
Diondre Borel (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
John Hoese (On Packers’ practice squad last year – 4 games)
Johnny Jones (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Lawrence Guy (On Packers’ injured reserve last year)
Ray Dominguez (On Packers practice squad for 5 games, then on 53-man roster for 11 games. Was only active for 6 games)
Tori Gurley (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Sampson Genus (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Shaky Smithson ((On Packers’ injured reserve last year)
Vic So ‘oto (7 games on Packers’ active list last year)


1st year players:

Andrew Datko
Brandon Bostick
BJ Coleman
Casey Hayward
Curenski Gilleylen
Dale Moss
Dezman Moses
Don Barclay
Du ‘ane Bennett
Greg Van Roten
Jarrett Boykin
Jerron McMillian
Marc Tyler
Mike Daniels
Nic Cooper
Otis Merrill
Nick Perry
Sean Richardson
Jerel Worthy
Shea Allard
Terrell Manning
Tommie Draheim


Not Eligible (in case you were wondering):

Derrick Sherrod (active for 11 games last season, although only played in 5)
Jamari Lattimore (active and played in nine games last season)
MD Jennings (active and played in eleven games last season)


If you missed it:  Our post giving you a plain English explanation of the NFL Practice Squad rules






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12 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Players Eligible for the 2012 Practice Squad

  1. I just read that House will be in a shoulder strap all year and very limited with his aggressive bump and run play. Who was the moron that put the potential answer to the starting CB job at risk to injury in the 3rd qt of a meaningless game? With the problems this D had last year, losing a talent like House is troublesome. If I was the HC of this team, I would have had a rule that kept the following players off the STs list (especially in a PS game). Arod, Benson, Jennings, Finley, Mathews and the 4 starting secondary members (woodson, Burnet, Williams and House) and probably Ntelson. That leaves 43 other players ,from a 53 man squad, to choose from to play on a 11 man STs unit.

    1. Dan, my problem with your comment is you’re talking about a guy who couldn’t get on the field last year like he’s Tramon Williams. While he was playing well in camp, he wasn’t a lock for winning the job. He’s a 2nd year player – unless you are a star – you are going to play special teams.

  2. Very helpful list Al. I wonder if Saine, Levine and So’oto would be willing to go on the Packer PS considering they got a taste at the big league level last year. I’d imagine they would if nothing else presented itself. I think Saine would produce the most interest from other clubs.

    Wouldn’t mind stashing Guy on the PS to see if he can develop.

    1. Well, if they get no offers from other teams, of course they would go to P/S. Keeps them on the radar of other teams and they do draw a salary.

  3. Benson is our new RB who I really think is going to be valuable, I would also add Newhouse and maybe Perry to my list also. Thats12 guys that I personally would not risk on STs, unless it was a playoff game and I felt that player would be that much of a difference maker.

    Al, I understand your logic with House only being a 2nd year player, but, with the progress this kid made from year one to year two, and taking in consideration the fact that my team had the worst passing D in NFL history the year before, and with no clear answer on a starter at CB, and the fact that I had to insert J bush into the starting line up, I personally would have been much more cautious with house in the 3rd qt of a meaningless game. I still think it was a stupid move. And if you did want to give him more playing time in that game, put him back out at CB for more reps, not ST .at least he would be gathering more experience at a possition he should be playing. Before House was injured I made a comment to my friend about why house was playing STs in the 3rd qt, and then sure enough, he got hurt. I was happy that we had a front running candidate for CB and now I’m bummed out about the injury. I hope Heywood can step up and if I see him on STs I’m going to fly to GB and kick MM in the ass…lol

  4. Injuries are part of the game. Can’t wrap the players in bubble wrap. Even one snap on offense, defense, or special teams will expose them to injury risk.

  5. Exactly my point Chad, injuries are part of the game, so don’t expose key players, or potential key players ,to un-necessary risk, like on STs ,when there are other options (especially in a meaningless game). I have listed 12 key players that I personally would not risk on STs. That leaves 42 players to choose from for a 11 man STs unit. I’m having a hard time understanding why people don’t catch on to this logic. It seams like a good formula to help a ball club exceed. I understand that STs are important, but, come on, finding 11 players out of the remaining 42 , to play on a STs unit, can’t be that difficult.

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