Adam Czech: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers 53-man Roster predictions
Ted Thompson stalking his prey – players for the final roster spots

As we approach the final preseason game of 2012, it’s time to take a first crack at predicting the Packers 53-man roster to start the season. Once the preseason game against the Chiefs is in the books, we will publish a table with predictions from the entire staff here at (so you can mock us all from one convenient place).

Depth is the most underrated aspect of a championship caliber football team. While we’re all focused on the quarterback (both the starter and backup) and other glamour positions, teams with championship aspirations are worrying about their fourth-string cornerback and backup offensive linemen. If a starter goes down, can someone step in and prevent everything from falling apart?

My 53-man prediction doesn’t differ much from Jersey Al’s, but that’s kind of what you get when predicting the 53-man for a team with Super Bowl aspirations. Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll be embarrassingly wrong about a few of these, so there should be plenty of opportunity to mock and ridicule me.

Quarterback (2): Rodgers, Harrell

Unless it’s a conditional late-round pick, I’d rather stick with Harrell than trade for a retread backup QB. And keep Vince Young away from Wisconsin, please.

Running Back (5): Benson, Green, Starks, Saine, Kuhn

I want to see James Starks step up here. I think we’ve all wanted to for a while now. You can’t tell me that Benson is more talented than Starks. I refuse to believe it. But injuries make that point moot. If Starks can’t stay healthy, he doesn’t do the Packers much good. There have been rumblings about Starks getting cut. I don’t see it. I still think the Packers see something with No. 44 and are willing to give him another season.

Wide Receiver (5): Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Jones, Cobb

So much for ending the Driver era and starting the Gurley/Boreal era. I haven’t seen anything that tells me Gurley or Boreal are ready to take Driver’s place. More importantly, I don’t think the Packers have, either.

Tight End (4): Finley, Crabtree, Williams, Taylor

Don’t be surprised to see Crabtree, Williams or Taylor get some looks at fullback as well.

Offensive Line (8): Newhouse, Lang, Saturday, Sitton, Bulaga, Dietrich-Smith, Wells, Datko

I wouldn’t mind having Datko spending a season on the practice squad, but I don’t know if he’d slip through before another team signed him. Don Barclay has made some noise during camp, but I think Wells’ versatility makes him a better option.

Defensive Line (7): Pickett, Raji, Wilson, Worthy, Daniels, Muir, Merling, Neal (SUS)

I see seven defensive linemen in the Packers future. If they only keep six, I’d guess they cut Merling and keep another offensive lineman..

Linebacker (9): Matthews, Perry, Moses, Walden, Hawk, Smith, Francois, Lattimore, Manning

On paper, this group looks a lot better than last season. Matthews is Matthews. Perry should be better than post-arrest Walden. Moses is a wild card; anything he gives is a bonus. We’ll see how Walden does with the arrest behind him. Hawk will continue frustrating everyone. Smith’s No. 1 priority should be to single-handedly improve the Packers’ tackling. Francois, Lattimore and Manning should study tape of the 2010 team and learn all about the next-man up philosophy in case more injuries hit.

Defensive Back (10): Woodson, Williams, Bush, House, Hayward, Shields, Burnett, McMillian, Jennings, Richardson

Sam Shields will not get cut. Let’s stop talking about that. The big question is the extra safety slots. Pick two of these three: Jennings, Richardson and Levine. Based on what little I’ve seen, I’d go with The Doctor and Richardson.

Specialist (3): Crosby, Masthay, Goode

No debate here.

Practice Squad (8): Coleman, Cooper, Boykin, Van Roten, Barclay, Guy, Ross, Levine

Can the Packers sneak Gurley and Boreal on the practice squad again? I don’t think so. 

PUP: Sherrod, Quarless, Zombo

I think we’ve seen the last of Zombo on the field in a Packers uniform.



Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


10 thoughts on “Adam Czech: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

  1. My only real argument is that Gurley will stick. That spot comes from Datco or Richardson. Gurley gives a dimension to the attack, with his size, that no one else does.

  2. Before keeping Datko they need to get a certified independent opinion from a orthopedic surgeon not assossiated with GB. The 3 backup Oliners most seem to think they will carry are FAR TOO IMPORTANT to have injury prone players taking up spots.

    The same can be said about Starks. It’s time for him to show he can stay healthy.

    1. If Datko’s shoulder goes out, they can just IR him and find a replacement off the PS or on the street. He’s more replaceable than Dietrich-Smith or Wells.

  3. Datko is a bum. Sherrod is hopefully close enough. I think they keep Jones over Francois or Manning for special teams. Manning just hasn’t done much to warrant a roster spot. I do think they keep Borel/Gurley over Saine. Maybe Saine to the PUP?

  4. I don’t know….would they be fine with starting the season with Benson, a gimpy Starks and a still-recovering Green at RB? I think Saine sticks (even though he’s also gimpy).

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