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Here are our predictions for the first round of Packers roster moves. We didn’t get it published before the Packers came out with their first moves, so we’ve highlighted in red any of those correct predictions by our staff…

First Roster Cuts Predictions
Marques Thomas Kris Adam Chad Jersey Al
 FB Jon Hoese FB Nic Cooper  TE DeMarco Cosby  DL Johnny Jones FB Jon Hoese  OL Tommie Draheim
 TE DeMarco Cosby  G Don Barclay  TE Brandon Bostick  CB Otis Merrill TE DeMarco Cosby  CB Otis Merrill
 DB Micah Pellerin  S Micah Pellerin  DL Johnny Jones  CB Dion Turner WR Curenski Gilleylen OT Shea Allard
 CB Dion Turner  T Herb Taylor  WR Shaky Smithson  S Micah Pellerin WR Shaky Smithson  CB Dion Turner
 DL Johnny Jones  TE Brandon Bostick  DE Lawrence Guy  DE Lawrence Guy OL Tommie Draheim WR Currenski Gilleylen
 OT Shea Allard  WR Shaky Smithson  WR Curenski Gilleylen  G Don Barclay OT Shea Allard  WR Shaky Smithson
 CB Otis Merrill  WR Currenski Gilleylen  FB Jon Hoese  FB Jon Hoese DL Johnny Jones DL Johnny Jones
 WR Currenski Gilleylen  CB Brandian Ross  OL Tommie Draheim  WR Jarrett Boykin CB Dion Turner FB Jon Hoese
 WR Shaky Smithson  T Shea Allard  CB Brandian Ross  WR Andy Brewer CB Otis Merrill  WR Andy Brewer
 WR Andy Brewer  CB Dion Turner  RB Du’ane Bennett  WR Shaky Smithson S Micah Pellerin OT Herb Taylor
 TE Andrew Quarless (PUP) DL Johnny Jones G Don Barclay  TE Andrew Quarless (PUP) TE Andrew Quarless (PUP) RB Du’ane Bennett (IR)
 LB Frank Zombo (PUP) LB Frank Zombo (PUP) CB Otis Merrill  LB Frank Zombo (PUP) LB Frank Zombo (PUP) OG Ray Dominguez (IR)
 RB Du’ane Bennett (IR) TE Andrew Quarless (PUP) TE Andrew Quarless (PUP)  RB Du’ane Bennett (IR) RB Du’ane Bennett (IR) TE Andrew Quarless (PUP)
 OG Ray Dominguez (IR) G Ray Dominguez (IR) LB Frank Zombo (PUP)  OG Ray Dominguez (IR) OG Ray Dominguez (IR) LB Frank Zombo (PUP)
LB Desmond Bishop (IR)  RB Duane Bennett (IR) LB Desmond Bishop (IR) LB Desmond Bishop (IR) LB Desmond Bishop (IR)   LB Desmond Bishop (IR)
WR Andy Brewer
OT Herb Taylor
DE Anthony Hargrove
CB Dion Turner
S Micah Pellerin

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


7 thoughts on “ Staff: First Roster Cuts Predictions

  1. Interesting that 4 of you have Barclay getting cut given Chad’s article (and a similar one in the GBPG). Must say he hadn’t stood out to me either but I suppose you’re not really supposed to notice an OL it’s when he’s not doing his job that it stands out..

    1. Not I… I think Barclay and Van Roten have passed Draheim on the depth chart. I believe they both came in with the twos against the Bengals.

  2. I may have invented the GBPG article I thought I saw. Could have sworn I’d seen 2 articles on Barclay but I may just be losing the plot…

    1. There’s also a mention that Barclay could be looked upon as a key 4-position back up in an article about Marshall Newhouse that is posted on JSO.

      1. Yes I think I turned the mentions in the JSO and PG into one article in my mind. Ability to play G/T has to make him attractive. Now Lang has made LG his own we could do with a jack of all trades..

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