Packers Injuries: Bishop’s season “in jeopardy” All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers CB Davon House
Packers CB Davon House

The right leg injury Desmond Bishop suffered against the San Diego Chargers did not look good. And according to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, it isn’t good.

Bishop suffered a right knee sprain, but it’s a severe hamstring tear that could sideline him for the entire 2012 season. After Saturday night’s practice, McCarthy acknowledged the impact of losing Bishop:

“Unfortunately, the hamstring injury was what we feared. Surgery is imminent, and Desmond’s season is in jeopardy. Once we have the surgery, we’ll have a better idea on his status for this season.”

On the concussion front, McCarthy also hinted that Marshall Newhouse would return to practice this Monday or Tuesday but that Greg Jennings is probably a little further away.

Several other players sat out practice on Saturday, including running back James Starks, defensive end Jerel Worthy and cornerback Davon House. House suffered a dislocated left shoulder against San Diego and is expected to be out 2-3 weeks.
The Packers dodged a bullet with House, as losing him for an extended period of time would have been devastating to their secondary. Competing for a starting job against Jarrett Bush, Sam Shields and Casey Hayward, House has consistently been the team’s best option across from Tramon Williams throughout training camp.

Starks is “week-to-week” with turf toe, which would further explain the Packers’ interest in Cedric Benson. Without Starks at practice and with Benson not officially signed yet, Alex Green got the No. 1 reps with the first team on Saturday.

Hopefully for the Packers, this rash of preseason injuries is the worst they’ll see all season.


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14 thoughts on “Packers Injuries: Bishop’s season “in jeopardy”

      1. It was in poor taste – but no one can deny losing Bishop hurts more than losing Hawk would have. I swear, if I see him getting burned in coverage week after week by JAGs again…

  1. The Bishop loss hurts. Not so much that Smith won’t be an adequate replacement, but that Hawk will likely be on the field in passing situations.

    Starks injured again! No surprise there. Starks will never play a full season, ever. They took a flyer drafting him at #7 and lost. So, just bring on the next RB and get him some reps.

  2. Pessimistic nit pick-isn’t the deal with House 2-3 weeks out then see if he can play in a harness or if surgery is required ?

    We haven’t dodged the bullet yet..

        1. I’m concerned about him playing in a harness too TBH. He’s by all accounts impressed as an aggressive press man corner surely playing in a harness hurts that ?

          I hope I’m wrong..

  3. I’m more concerned about House missing time then Bishop. Smith will fill in ok for Bishop, but, it looks like House was the answer at CB, and if so, he’s as valuable as Williams, Burnet or even Woodson. Finding a starting CB was an absolute must for this D that finished last in passing yards last year. So WHY was he playing ST in the 3rd qt of a meaningless game?

    Also, MM said this before the game…… “Herb Taylor: A great opportunity for Herb – we have to be smart and be sure he’s ready and prepared. We’re confident in his ability – this is a big night for him.”..

    We have to be smart and be sure he’s ready and prepared? We’re confident in his ability?….

    Ready and prepared were 2 of the last words I was thinking about when I was watching Taylor fail. So Mike, are you still confident in his ability? Exactly where did this confidence come from? Was it because he was cut by 5 different teams?

    Come on Mike, let’s get smart.

    1. I agree that House probably shouldn’t have been out there but hindsight is always 20/20 I guess..

      MM’s comments on Taylor – what else could he say really. There are many managment and motivational styles but airing concerns about a players ability (as opposed to effort) to the media pre game tends to be destructive…

  4. I am worried about the House injury. He looked great in San Diego. I really like Bush but I saw him get beat a few times and I am worried that if he is still getting beat at this stage in his career, he may not be cut-out to be a starting corner. Hayward look really good but raw. I was really hoping that he would be a great compliment to Tramon Williams. I really hope his shoulder injury is not like what plagued tramon last year.

  5. We all agree that House should not have been in the game, 3rd quarter of preseason game 1 as a punt cover gunner, especially after how well he showed early in that game, his day should have been done. Its just not worth it having your frontline guys out there, I was really bummed, this injury could possibley ruin House’s entire season.

  6. BTF, your right as far as MM trying to say something positive about Taylor, Let me re-phrase what I was trying to say. Putting Taylor in the game is ok, need to see him in game action before cutting him. I just didn’t like this plan with Arod in the game. Getting Aaron killed is not a good idea. Should have slid Lang over and played EDS at LG with the starters. Then experiment at LT when a back up QB is in the game. I said this before the game. Taylor is shaky at best.

    As for house, losing him for the rest of the pre-season , or more, hurts. 3 more pre-season games would have been great to get the young corner more experience heading into the opener. I hope Hayward steps up and moves into the starter position. I don’t trust Bush

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