Packers Sign Free Agent Guard Greg Van Roten – Video Highlights Included All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Newest Green Bay Packer, Greg Van Roten
Newest Green Bay Packer, Greg Van Roten

The Green Bay Packers’ team IQ went up a few points yesterday after signing Ivy League guard Greg Van Roten of the University of Pennsylvania. The three-time All-Ivy Selection was originally invited to the Packers rookie mini-camp, but a conflict with the Jets’ camp kept him from participating. Van Roten also attended the San Diego Chargers’ camp but received no offers from either team.

Van Roten kept in contact with the Packers throughout the summer, and they brought him in for a tryout on Monday. The Packers liked him so much, they wouldn’t let him leave, asking him to stay in Green Bay overnight, while they figured out a way to make some room for him. By the next morning, the Packers had released Charlie Peprah along with offensive guard Grant Cook, and Van Roten was a Packer.

Contacted b y the Daily Pennsylvanian, UPenn’s offensive coordinator Jom McLoughlin commented, “I’m so happy for Greg. This opportunity is a real testament to him and all the hard work he’s put in. Coming out of high school, he was told by several coaches that he couldn’t play at the Division I level, and he always used that as motivation.”

Van Roten played left tackle for the Quakers until halfway through his senior season, when injuries on the offensive line necessitated a move inside during some games. The offensive line didn’t miss a beat, continuing to lead the way for the Quakers’ 3rd highest Ivy League scoring offense while allowing the league’s third fewest sacks for the season.

Greg Van Roten at theNFL Regional Combine:


Greg Van Roten Game Highlights (Warning – Adult Language):


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14 thoughts on “Packers Sign Free Agent Guard Greg Van Roten – Video Highlights Included

  1. Rare that I find O line film engrossing, but this kid shows so much mobility and intelligence when run blocking, I couldn’t help but keep rewinding plays.

    Great highlight reel.

  2. After watching the video I have to wonder why two other teams didn’t even give him a chance. Dude looks like a beast that will not give up on a play until the whistle blows. I understand his competition was not at a very high level, but still.

  3. TT knows what he is doing, would not let him leave wow thats telling.

  4. Guys like this need to go to teams that have a solid draft and develop philosophy and will give the diligence needed to refine a find and nobody does it better than Green Bay.

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see this kid getting schooled in the art of being a center.

  5. Would definitely have preferred seeing some pass-blocking highlights. Also, this time of year, I hate to see more guys with potential coming forward – I already am concerned with EDS, Genus, Sherrod, Dominguez, and Datko fighting for a couple of spots, and now here comes another one. Oh well, it’s easier to slip OL onto the practice squad. 🙂

    1. I know it’s a long video, but if you watch the whole thing, there’s plenty of pass blocking on tape towards the middle to end as well.

  6. Looks like a nice lad. Especially for a team that wants a pulling guard. I could see our running game improve with this guy in the mix. Of course he’d have to get on the field and TT seems to be stockpiling replacements for TJ Lang. He’s got the G/T versatility they like. If he’s as smart as they say.. he could even try his hand at Center. With his quickness, he looks like he can handle smaller passrushers in the NFL right now. He doesn’t let them get space from him. He’s got an active punch and shoulder movement to imbalance the DE. He pancakes LB’s while staying on his feet (rather than falling down with them which takes him out of the play and is tiring to pick yourself up off the mat). His only issue likely would be handling a huge DT and strong bull rushers.

    Well maybe not even that… looked up his stats expecting him to be 285… he’s 303 and 6’3″. He’s got the NFL body (but probably not the strength) already. This guy looks like a shoe in for the PS right now.

    1. I’m assuming you’re a long time NFL fan.. 6″3′ and 303 lbs. is, by the modern standards, small for an offensive lineman in the NFL, and usually guys this size are only considered projects or players in a ZBS. Modern NFL OL are typically more along the lines of 6’5″+ and around 320 lbs. Of course, the Packers run a ZBS and have demonstrated that they are committed to developing young players and allowing them the time to develop physically (Newhouse, Lang)- even when they are first round picks (like Sherrod, for example. I will enjoy keeping an eye on this young player, it’s always exciting to see potential develop and mature into talent!

      1. Bulaga, Bryan T 6-5 314
        Datko, Andrew T 6-6 315
        Dietrich-Smith, Evan C/G 6-2 308
        Dominguez, Ray G 6-4 334
        Lang, T.J. G 6-4 318
        McCabe, Mike T 6-5 313
        Newhouse, Marshall T 6-4 319
        Taylor, Herb T 6-4 305
        Sherrod, Derek T 6-5 321
        Van Roten, Greg G 6-3 303

        He’s definitely the smallest guy in camp and he’ll never make it as a Tackle for the size issue you’ve stated. But if the staff.. as you’ve stated is willing to let him hang around and put on 10-15 of strong weight. He’ll be another TT find.

      1. Saw this kid play several times, good feet,uses hands well and strong. Benched 225 31 times is combine workout.34.5 vertical and he weighs more than 303. went to Jet camp after a late invite. Took SD becaused they called first and had to turn down GB invite. Norv Turner told all rookies that they didn’t intend to sign anyone during camp. Penn liked to run but I never saw him give up a sack in the 3 yrs he played. Opposing coaches would rotate their best pass rusher away from him. If given a shot, this kid will be a real find. BTY he was recruited as a center for Penn but based on his ability, the team needed him at LT

  7. I’m fairly impressed of what I see here. I agree with what David said a lot. He seems to have the intelligence that I like in linemen, he also is fairly quick (shown by the pulling tape). He has a pretty good pop and saw some good pancake blocks.

    If he could increase his shoulder power by about 10% I could see him making the active roster. As it is right now I say he is a definite practice squad guy

  8. Don’t be prejudiced against his college background. There have been a few Ivy players who have made significant contributions in the NFL. I’ve seen this kid and he can play ANYWHERE!

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