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The Green Bay Packers released safety Charlie Peprah on Wednesday

In the first stunning move of training camp in 2012, the Green Bay Packers have released safety Charlie Peprah according to Jason Wilde of ESPN 540.

Peprah, who was the incumbent starter from 2011, reportedly had offseason arthroscopic surgery on his knee and didn’t participate in the offseason program. With the players just recently completing their physicals,  some speculation is surely going to be that Peprah failed his physical but no official word from the team has been given as of yet.

With Peprah gone, that leaves MD Jennings and Jerron McMillian to battle it out for the other safety spot should Charles Woodson remain in the cornerback decision.   Morgan Burnett is expected to be the other starting safety entering the preseason.

With Nick Collins out with a neck injury, Peprah ranked second on the team last season in interceptions and was first in interception return yardage.  However, thanks to his regression from 2010 when he played a key role in the Packers’ run to Super Bowl XLV,  Peprah’s starting spot was in danger entering training camp this summer.

Peprah, however, will not even get the chance to compete to keep his own job.


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18 thoughts on “Safety Charlie Peprah Released By The Green Bay Packers

  1. “Peprah, however, will not even get the chance to compete to keep his own job”.

    Why put it in such sinister terms?

    If anything, he “lost his job” with an abysmal performance last season but more so in the playoffs against the Giants.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Jennings/McMillan do but I’m personally hoping that Morgan improved in the off-season. He needs to take up Collins’ former mantel as “the general” of the secondary although if Woodson is back there, one naturally assumes that task will fall to him.

  2. Wow.

    Sort of feels like the Brandon Chillar thing where no one knew the extent of his injury until he was released.

    Actually the more I think about it, the more I have to assume they really like MD Jennings. My assumption is that they haven’t seen enough of Jerron McMillian to really pencil him in as the starter and they seem rather adamant about keeping Woodson at corner (this might have just changed though)

  3. He didn’t participate in the offseason program – If my job was on the line, I’d sure the hell show up for whatever.

    This sends a good message that there is open competition and no one has a spot (job). Best way to open camp is to cut a player who thinks he is entitled to a job (even if it is as a backup). This will surely get the DB’s motivated. Hope it helps the DL and LB’s as well.

    Don’t be surprised if one of FA signings after the draft have peaked TT & MM interest as well.

  4. I know the Packers really like what MD Jennings showed them last camp, but he is awfully small and may not be the run support compliment to Burnett.. McMillian is physical but a rook coming into a complicated D with a lot of moving pieces…

    Would it be a huge stretch to wonder if Jarrett Bush might get an opportunity to compte for a starting safety position? He has been cross trained for a few years, is athletic and extremely physical..

  5. No one should like anything about anybody until contact begins. #1 characteristic of new safety is simple Tackle Somebody and Cover Somebody.

  6. To Hell with all this analysis. I declare faith in Ted Thompson!! At this point anyway.

  7. We certainly have a lot of capable fill-in’s at safety right now and loads of talent to go around the board. Besides all the players mentioned, let’s not forget about UDFA safeties Sean Richardson from Vanderbilt and Micah Pellerin from Hampton… I think all of the potential candidates at safety have something to offer, and it remains to be seen what sort of cream rises to the top.

  8. OPPY….please don’t mention starting Jarrett Bush ANYWHERE on our defense. He is a special teams guy, and that is it. He’s a guy that can play in a pinch, but he is not a guy you want on the field for long amounts of time. Remember the INT he had in the Super Bowl?? ya, that was great, but the next possession the Steelers destroyed him consistently, and scored on him before the half. I am actually a Bush FAN, but don’t like it when he has to play a large amount of snaps. He’s just not that great in coverage and lacks instincts. Let him do what he does best….Special Teams. We need one of the young guys to step up….it will be MD Jennings.

    1. Watch Bush closely, you’ll find his glaring weakness is while running down field in man coverage he has a problem looking back at the LOS and tracking the ball. Yeah, that’s a major problem for a CB who is trying to run man coverage. When Bush drops into zone coverages and is facing the LOS he is more than adequate, he can be a playmaker.

      The thought process is, if he’s playing S, he’s going to be playing over the top of man coverage more often than not, facing the QB, where his athleticism can shine and he can read the QB, the WR, track the ball and break on it. He’s also a natural for run support- there’s a reason why he’s a ST ace and he’s a reckles-in-a-good-way tackler.

      I’m not saying he’s all-pro, but these are the reasons some feel Bush as a Safety isn’t so frightening as Bush as a starting CB.

      Lastly, Bush allowed 4 receptions- 14, 4, 15, and 8 yards- the 8 yarder being the touchdown- all game long. Great game? No, I don’t know that I’d call that being “destroyed consistently”. Plus, his TD he gave up, he slips, recovers, and then Wallace pulls off what amounts to a triple move to gain separation and fully extends to the corner to make the play. Yeah, he has to own the TD he gave up, but it was a great play by Wallace/Roethlisberger.

  9. To add a bit more, Peprah’s missed tackle in the Giants Playoff Game was only one of many from the last couple years. Remember when Bishop saved the playoff game against the Eagles when he tripped up Desean Jackson….rewind that play and you’ll see Peprah being the guy responsible for Jackson, and he didn’t even slow him down. I have watched some games from last year and the year before…..Peprah had a hard time tackling.

  10. JR….I agree that Sean Richardson could be a wildcard player. The guy has freaky size and athletic skills. He tested out better than McMillian at the Combine, and he is bigger. If he can put it all together, he could be a player. I thought that Pellerin was a CB that might be good down the road, but we are looking at him at Safety. Hopefully he can develop….I’m thinking Practice Squad.

  11. All the Safeties now on the roster have run sub 4.5 40s. That includes Burnett, Levine, Pellerin, Richardson, M.D.Jennings.

    McMillian ran a 4.35 on his pro day, that is Nick Collins fast.

    Peprah ran in the 4.67 range before his knee troubles. What we are losing in experience there, we are gaining in raw speed.

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