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Johnny Jolly hopes for NFL Reinstatement
Johnny Jolly – Deserving of Another Chance?

It’s been two years since Johnny Jolly last played in the NFL. After multiple drug possession arrests and convictions as he fought a codeine addiction, Jolly sat in a jail cell last November facing another 6 years in prison. Having received some breaks from the judicial system previously, Jolly would receive what will hopefully prove to be the biggest break of his life.

In May, Jolly asked for and was granted “shock probation” by a Houston judge. Shock probation can be granted to first-time prison attendees who can convince the judge that they’s been sufficiently “shocked” or “scared straight.” Jolly was re-sentenced to ten years probation and released.

Soon after, in early June, Jolly applied to the NFL for reinstatement and has heard nothing since. Of course NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been busy dealing with some other minor distractions, namely Bountygate and the concussion lawsuits. But if Jolly wishes to have a chance to play this season, whether with the Packers (who still hold his rights) or another team, he needs to get into a training camp sooner rather than later.

For his part, Jolly talks of being eight months sober and how he has finally taken the steps to evaluate his life and find the right group of people to help him.  A cynic might say that we’ve heard this kind of talk before, but has his stay in prison coated those words with a new layer of truth?

I’ve been as skeptical as anyone, and truly believed his time in the NFL was going to be and should be over. Period. Jolly’s ONLY priority should be in repairing his life, I have said many times. Of course, I didn’t envision him getting out of jail in less than a year.

At this point in his life’s saga, he probably needs the Packers as much as anything for the support system his teammates, coaches and the organization can provide. Jolly has praised the Packers organization for their continued support, and it’s obvious they care about Jolly as a person. Andrew Brandt, former Packers executive has intimated that what happened to Jolly upsets him so much because Jolly is a good person, not some low-life scum that deserves to be in prison.

So I now find myself having come full circle and hoping that Jolly is in fact, reinstated by the NFL, though not because I particularly would like to see him on the team. In fact, Jolly arguably doesn’t really fit the recent direction the Packers are taking with their defensive linemen. The Packers are bringing 12 defensive linemen into this camp and frankly, just don’t need Jolly.

But he sure needs them.


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15 thoughts on “Shocked Johnny Jolly Sits, Waits, Hopes for NFL Reinstatement

  1. I hope jolly is reinstated, I think he could become a great role model/ lesson in what avoid for others much like Vick has been. He could help young players and fans avoid his mistakes. Plus he wasnt hurting other living things like Vick. He was addicted to pain killers like Brett Favre, liquid not pills. I can forgive him for that. I hope he finds his way back into the game.

  2. I agree. Best wishes for Jolly, even though the Packers probably won’t add him back to the roster.

  3. If he were reinstated, the Packers being the class organisation that they are, would welcome him back with open arms. I doubt he’ll make the team. I hope for his sake he is not picked on waivers by the Lions.

  4. I don’t believe Jolly will be reinstated to play this season.

    I don’t believe being sober for 8 months is as big a victory as some may think since 6 of those months were dictated to him being sober via jail.

    His challenge is to remain sober while outside and facing the mundanities of life and two months for anyone isn’t enough time to yell AMEN..I’m healed.

    IMO,Goodell makes him earn a full year of sobriety before the door opens.

  5. Jolly’s past indicates a serious dependency on opium based drugs. 8 months isn’t enough time to come to a conclusion about his future behavior. He needs more time before the NFL will get to his case. Don’t forget as an adicit, he will no longer be able to take any of the pain killlers that are used routinely in the NFL. That’s a problem.

    More important than trying to play this year, the Packers should remain in the background giving him the support he needs for his very difficult life long battle with his addiction.

    I’m hoping for the best for him in his very difficult battle. Whether that is playing in the NFL or getting a good job to support his family is irrelevant. His life is.

  6. Send him to Detroit they will rehabilitate him… Suh has the Codeine waiting for him. Goodell wont be drinking any Jolly ballsack sweat anytime soon…………

    1. Recently and with dismay…I see your name and then read your post…I call the City Works Dept and ask if there’s a sewer problem.

        1. Totally unrelated comment, but what’s the record for highest percentage of comments hidden due to poor rating for any one poster? Just a random, inquiring mind here…..

      1. Sometimes it is hard for you following wannabees to swallow the truth. Heaven forbid someone speaks their own mind and doesn’t regurgitate everyone else ideas..

        1. People here are pretty open to others’ individual ideas and takes on varying topics. They tend not to appreciate the crude and rude set, though.

        2. I’d say we’re actually pretty big fans here of people speaking their minds. What’s hard for most people to swallow is someone who thinks their opinion is always the “truth,” and expresses their opinion in an unnecessarily crude manner. In my experience, you’ll have a hard time getting people to listen (or care what you have to say) operating in that manner. Personally, I welcome your comments – I just wish every one didn’t have to be so “in-your-face.” But that’s just me…

  7. As a Packer fan, I want Jolly back as someone who can potentially beef up the D-Line and help stop the run. However, as a somewhat ethically minded person I do agree he needs to serve a little more time off of the field.

    Here’s what I think should happen:

    Goodell should keep Jolly suspended for the 2012 season but if the Packers are willing, allow him to be around the team. From all that I know about addiction, the company you keep is of dire importance. Letting Jolly be around people who care for him and people whom he respects will help to establish accountability and give him some vision for a clean life. (Although one wonders about the quality of the rehab communities in the Green Bay area).

    Goodell should also fashion a promise but also a warning: if Jolly manages to stay clean up until the 2013 season, he’ll be reinstated, but if not then he’s done forever. This is his last chance in the NFL.

    Just my 2 cents…

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