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Randall Cobb does a nice job in this interview, butI have to laugh at the poll in the second half of this video. The question was “What is the Packers biggest weakness?” 46% of responders said running back, 29% secondary, 17% pass rush, 7% offensive line. So the Packers’ pass rush was just a minor problem, huh? Shaking my head…


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5 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Video: Randall Cobb Interview & Packers 2012 Analysis

  1. All I can say is this is the NFL Network! Anyone who employ’s Warren Sapp, Jamie Dukes, Brian Billick and Deion Sanders, well these are the types of things you get! Have you watched ANY of those guys?? They even will put two on at the same time. That’s when you’re sure it’s time to change the channel.

  2. Maybe I am just a geek with three advanced degrees…I enjoy listening to all four of them, let’s see:
    1. Warren Sapp-played in the league 10+ years and was All-pro a number of times
    2. Jamie Dukes-played in the league for several years, mostly as a journeyman or back-up, but, IMHO is well-spoken and has some good analysis.
    3. Brian Billick-Head coach of the Ravens when they won the Super Bowl, with a dominating defense and virtually no offense.
    4. Deion Sanders-the ultimate “Lock-down corner” over the past thirty years. In the NFL Hall of Fame. All-Pro many years. Two Super Bowl rings.
    Now in your defense, none are aero-nautical engineers with Phd’s from MIT, however, we are talking football and as I previously stated, I enjoy listening to all four.

    1. just because you were good at playing football does not mean you are good at talking about it and explaining it to other people. if i want to watch people talk overly loud and laugh hysterically at awful jokes i will go to the local bar at about 1am. if i want to watch interesting football analysis i will listen to anything other than the NFL network. the NFL wants a squeeky clean image yet it sticks the 3 headed moronic monster of irvin, sanders and sapp on its network. do not get it.

      and not sure what having advanced degrees has to do with which people you prefer to listen to in regards to football, but congrats i guess.

    2. I work in a metal shop, I have a pretty good head on my shoulders, and I love air conditioning.

      Perhaps not exactly related to your post, but 100% honest and factual none the less.

  3. Sorry Al, you lose points for premiering a video with Jamie Dukes in it, lol.

    The only guy I have less respect for is Skip Brainless.

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