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Packers GM Ted Thompson NFL Draft
Hmmmmm, how many wide receivers can I find?

Here is the complete list of the Packers’2012 UDFA (undrafted free agent) signings, complete with rankings, height, weight and 40 yard dash times. We will be continually updating the list with additional player information or adding new signings, so check back in throughout the day.

Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota St – 6’3″ 220lbs, 4.39 40yd dash time –

Was the 30th ranked wide receiver with a “preferred free agent” grade by NFL Scouting.  At his Pro day, also had a 41.5 inch vertical, had a 10’10 broad jump. In 2011, caught 61 passes for 949 yards and 6 TDs in 10 games.


Darius Reynolds, WR, Iowa State – 6’0″ 209lbs, 4.54 40yd dash time –

Was the 79th ranked wide receiver with a “camp invitee” grade by NFL Scouting. In 2011, caught 43 passes for 695 yards and 7 TDs in 11 games.


Marcus Rivers, WR, Buffalo – 6’0″ 212lbs, 4.61 40yd dash time –

Was the 73rd ranked wide receiver with a “camp invitee” grade by NFL Scouting. In 2011, caught 60 passes for 615 yards and 2 TDs in 12 games.


Nic Cooper, FB, Winston-Salem State – 5’10” 249lbs, 4.73 40yd dash time –

Was the 51st ranked fullback with a “camp invitee” grade by NFL Scouting.


Marc Tyler, RB, USC – 5″10″ 219lbs, 4.70 40yd dash time –

Was the 39th ranked running back with a “free agent” grade by NFL Scouting. He battled a shoulder injury as a senior (seven starts in 10 games), finishing second on the team with 568 yards on 122 rushes (4.7) and four touchdowns, adding 11 catches for 108 yards (9.8). Tyler is a downhill athlete who runs behind his pads with balance and fluidity, but lacks the explosiveness and big-play ability needed for the next level. He entered a crowded backfield at USC and almost transitioned to linebacker, which is a credit to his natural size and body strength as he fights for as many yards as he can get. Tyler is a solid athlete with the frame, vision, toughness and determination to play in the NFL, but his durability concerns and inconsistent ability to give his team steady production will knock him down draft boards. Tyler looks like a late-round/free agent running back who will need to stay healthy if he has any hopes of playing professionally.


Duane Bennett, RB, Minn – 5″9″ 213lbs, 4.63 40yd dash time –

Was the 62nd ranked running back with a “free agent” grade by NFL Scouting. In 2011, Bennet ran for 639 yards on 166 attempts with along run of 25 yds and 3 TDs. he also caught 3 passes for 23 yards.


Eric Lair, TE, Minnesota – 6’2″ 238lbs, 4.62 40yd dash time –

Was the 11th ranked FB/TE/H-Back with a “preferred free agent” grade by NFL Scouting. Twitter: @E_Lair85 In 2011, Lair caught 11 passes for 168 yards and 1 TD.


Don Barclay OT, West Virginia – 6’4″ 305lbs, 5.05 40yd dash time –

Was the 44th ranked offensive tackle with a “free agent” grade by NFL Scouting.


Jaymes Brooks, OG, Virginia Tech – 6’2″ 298lbs, 5.06 40yd dash time –

Was the 21st ranked guard with a “7th round” grade by NFL Scouting. Brooks was a three-year starter at right guard and second-team All – ACC as a senior.


Tommie Draheim, OT, San Diego State – 6’4″ 305lbs, 5.05 40yd dash time –

Was the 37th ranked offensive tackle with a “preferred free agent” grade by NFL Scouting. Draheim was a two-year starter at left tackle, earning all-Mountain West first-team honors as a senior.


Cameron Ford, TE, Wake Forest – 6’3″” 255lbs, 4.71 40yd dash time –

Was the 47th ranked tight end with a “camp invitee” grade by NFL Scouting. In 2011, caught 12 passes for 99 yards and 3 TDs.


Sean Richardson, SS, Vanderbilt – 6’2″ 216lbs, 4.43 40yd dash time –

Was the 12th ranked safety with a “7th round” grade by NFL Scouting.


Dion Turner, CB, Southern Utah State – 5’11” 194lbs, 4.43 40yd dash time –

Was the 57th ranked cornerback with a “free agent” grade by NFL Scouting.


Randy Colling, NT, Gannon – 6’0″ 321lbs, 5.34 40yd dash time –

Was the 52nd ranked NT/DT with a “camp invitee” grade by NFL Scouting.


Dezman Moses, DE/OLB, Tulane – 6’1″ 253lbs, 4.93 40yd dash time –

Was the 41st ranked defensive end with a “camp invitee” grade by NFL Scouting. Will probably shift to OLB.


Jaymar Latchison, OLB, New Mexico – 6’3″ 265lbs, 4.97 40yd dash time –

Not ranked by NFL Scouting.


Drew Vanderlin, DE, Michigan tech – 6’3″ 280lbs, –

Not ranked by NFL Scouting.


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51 thoughts on “Tracking the Packers 2012 UDFA Signings: Undrafted Free Agents

  1. Where’s the center? Disappointed we didn’t land Brewster or Saulsberry. Center seems to be the only position of need we have yet to address long-term. Could this be an indication that the Packers plan to groom someone they already have? EDS, Genus, or possibly even have Sitton or Lang make the transition? Lang and Sitton will likely already know all the line calls and are solid players. Thoughts?

  2. I really like WR Dale Moss, 6-3 & 220 lbs & 4.39 speed with great hands. All he needs is to be “coached up”. I was expecting a speed RB but did not see one.

    1. There must be some big negative, though. He was ranked 30th WR with a “preferred free agent” grade, yet a bunch of WRs below him in the rankings were given 6-7 round draft grades. So, there must be something scouts see they don’t like.

        1. that could certainly be it. Perhaps the ranking reflects athletic ability more and the draft grade reflects the odds of making it in the NFL.

          1. he is a MAJOR project. is extremely thin and very raw. runs poor routes, but when you are that tall, fast and can jump you are worth a look.

        2. Lack of experience could actually be a positive- it means he’s completely untapped potential.

          1. after watching his highlight reel, he does look like his got good hands when it comes to fingertip catching jump-type balls. I wonder if he’s able to snag the frozen rope passes out of the air away from his body.

            Only thing I noticed was he is a sloppy route runner, he isn’t crisp on breaks and his timing on hitch on hooks is horrible (or maybe the QB’s timing is lacking).

            But that’s all teachable stuff. I could see this guy landing on PS

            1. The kid has limited experience at a fly over school south Dakota. During the draft show I noticed Mel Kipper talked about a kid from North Dakota State and had NDST which I believe is NDSU. They don’t check stuff out as closely there as say USC or Alabama.

              His times were at Pro-Day and all drafters know the college Pro-Days are always faster and player favored. They probably don’t believe the 41 inch vertical as well. That is incredible.

              I did watch him on TV and he needs schooling on routes, breaks and the NFL Tree for sure but has great upside.

              He probably runs a 4.55 40 and has a 36 vertical. Since he only has the year, the coaches probably can’t say anything (positive or negative) on his off field activities.

              Overall – I’m surprised the Vikings didn’t jump all over him because they are aware of him.

              In other words, he looks like a great FA prospect but lets wait to he gets to OTA’s and camp. They will find out quickly what they have.

      1. THat’s what I was thinking..

        You can’t typically escape being drafted when you’re a 6’3″ 220lbs sub 4.40 burner with a 41.5″ Vertical..

        Are you serious? If this kid even had average hands and no glaring knocks, he’d have been a mid round flyer for half the teams in the league.

        Theoretically, he should be able to run straight down the field on every play, run right past most DB’s in the NFL, and pluck jump balls out of the air, every time.

        Something is VERY wrong with this kid for him to get passed up.. too much physical talent to go undrafted, otherwise.

        1. Lots of potential and let the games begin. If was those on the cusp at the end of the year I would clear out my locker lol.

  3. Why is everyone so worried about back up center? We just signed an all-pro to a two year cotract, and “EDS” looked decent last year and also backs up at guard.
    We DO get to draft again next year, you know…

  4. I was just loooking at interesting ages; here are the oldest on the roster:
    Driver, Donald 37
    Saturday, Jeff 36
    Woodson, Charles 35
    Pickett, Ryan 31
    Williams, Tramon 29
    Peprah, Charlie 29
    Kuhn, John 29
    Rodgers, Aaron 28
    Jennings, Greg 28
    Jones, James 28
    Muir, Daniel 28
    Hawk, A.J. 28
    On the other hans, if we say 23 is a common rookie age, the following will still be “rookie age” NEXT year:
    House, Davon 22
    Perry, Nick 22
    Manning, Terrell 22
    Guy, Lawrence 22
    Daniels, Mike 22
    Hoese, Jon 22
    and THESE guys will be “physical”rookies still in TWO years:
    Cobb, Randall 21
    Datko, Andrew 21
    Worthy, Jerel 21

    1. Oops. typo: “hand”

      I really like the Dale Moss and Sean Richardson RFA’s–both could have a shot at playing time this year, even. I think Perry, Worthy, Hayward, Manning, and MacMillian will make positive contributions this year, too. Plus, Coleman, Datko,and Daniels could be very good in two years. Great additions!

    2. You just ans. your own question of why we need to GROOM a center this year.Also, with our complicated offense and so much counting on Rogers you don’t just put a rookie in there. I haven’t forget about the concussions.

      1. Thanks, Bubbaloo. I’ve noticed through the years that TT loves to “draft young.”
        It’s perfect for injured or inexperienced players who get that extra year or two of tutelage while healing, then hit the floor running at the typical rookie’s age:
        House, Datko and Guy are good examples.
        What’s amazing, is that Cobb, Perry, Worthy, Mannin, and Daniels won’t have physically matured into the men they were competing with this year, until next year. That’s a lot of room for growth!

    3. Good post. Another thing is longest tenure in GB.

      If Driver gets cut, Rodgers will be the most tenured…

  5. Can’t wait to find out more about Dale Moss… Sounds like he could become a beast? 41.5″ vert? Wow… Be interesting to see if he can even be stashed on the practice squad?

  6. After watching this video:
    it’s hard to imagine him not making the team. I don’t know how strong he is (the Packers have a weight room…) or if he knows a route tree, or what his attitude is, etc., but he is 6-4 and runs a 4.4 and has tremendous body control and hands. How did an athlete like this not get picked in the 7th round?! I bet he’d be great at kick blocking, too!

    1. thanks for the link. Yeah, but as I wrote in a comment above, there has to be SOME reason… Maybe it has nothing to do with physical ability…

    2. This is kind of the “anti” Ted Thompson, undrafted FA WR signing, he usually goes for the slower, big bodied guys.

    3. I believe The Chargers picked up a UDFA TE Named Antnio Gates that played BB in a small college Kent State and only 1 YEar of College Football and he’s probably a HOF

  7. I wonder if he’a related to Randy Moss? He sure has his physical attributes.

  8. SS Sean Richardson of Vanderbilt?? was there any reason he wasnt drafted?? Im sure the Packers saw miles of his film scouting Casey Hayward so much?? any info??

  9. I’m starting to see a problem here, and it’s not with the players we have signed. It’s been a sort of unwritten rule in the NFL that certain postions get certain jersey numbers handed out to them, example: QB 1-19 WR 10-19 & 80-89, RB/FB/CB/S 20-49 so on and so forth I see three OL, two LB, and two DL and we can add in Hargrove since his number hasn’t been handed out yet.
    Discounting the two LB’s there are six players that will need numbers. Currently from 60-79 and 90-99, the general numbers for OL and DL we have five numbers availible (not counting Howard Green’s #95 since he hasn’t signed with a team yet) 60, 64, 66, 76, and 92. Instantly two of those numbers are already out of the question 66 and 92 since the Pack retired them for Ray Nitschke and Reggie White respectively.

    Since we released Clifton OL shouldn’t be a problem but that still leaves three DL’s, even if Howard Green isn’t resigned that still leaves two more to number. The only solution would be to renumber LB’s Walden and So’oto (93 & 97 respectively), but now we have to worry about LB’s and TE’s we have two TE’s to number now and all of 80-89 have been taken that leaves 40-49 for TE’s and 40-59 for LB’s I’ll come out and say that Walden would be given #54 since it is the only number availible from 50-59 since Perry was given #53 and Manning was given #56. In the fourties we have thankfully six availible numbers which would be the amount of numbers we would have to hand out four LB’s and two TE’s 45-48 can go to the LB’s and 40-41 can go to the TE’s while the RB/FB/CB/S class can have what’s left of 20-39, 5 players with as many as seven numbers availible if Ryan Grant isn’t resigned.

    What gets me is that wouldn’t it be too complicated to do that way? So the question I would like to ask is, what do the Packers do: cut more established players before OTA’s, unretire 92 and 66 (which I am against), shuffle numbers like I have described, or screw the unwritten rules and give out numbers that we don’t assoiciate with certain postions (college style)? There are 88 players signed out of the max 90 players allowed and 99 numbers availible, unless 0 is availible. I may be overthinking this, but I just want to hear what you guys think.

    1. If the Packers do swap numbers though it means that the only postitions we can pick up then are QB/P/K/RB/FB/CB/S with a slight exception to WR which can be given single digit numbers since 14 and 15 are also retired for Don Hutson and Bart Starr respectively, Shaky Smithson was given #9 last year but has been since renumbered to #16 and Coleman has been given #9 now.

      1. Tell you what Michael, I think they’ll find a way to get numbers on 53 guys! However, I won’t sleep for the next few weeks worrying about it. That said, I doubt TT was thinking about this “Problem” while drafting or signing UDFAs.

        1. I know, it was something that came to my head when I was looking at the undrafted players and the current roster (I have a tendancy to look into things way too much). But if it is a written rule then the Packers will have to address it in the mean time, since I don’t believe they can have players sharing numbers either. I’ll be able to sleep but I just wanted lay out my thought.

        2. Michael, all sarcasm aside, I think you’ll find (if you look) that duplicate numbers, or miss-positioned numbers during the pre-season are NOT uncommon! Either way, NO!!!!! They won’t need to cut anyone or do anything drastic to make it through training camp! There are exceptions to every “RULE”, and GB will NOT be the only team experiencing this with rosters increased to 90 players for training camp. Think about it Michael, it ain’t Rocket Psychiatry!

    2. “All players must wear numerals on their jerseys in accordance with Rule 5, Section 3, Article 3c (see NOTE 1), and such numerals must be by playing position as follows: quarterbacks, punters, and placekickers, 1-19 (and 10-19 for wide receivers if 80-89 are all otherwise assigned); running backs and defensive backs, 20-49; centers, 50-59 (60-79 if 50-59 unavailable); offensive guards and tackles, 60-79; wide receivers and tight ends, 80-89; defensive lineman, 60-79 (90-99 if 60-79 unavailable); and linebackers 50-59 (90-99 if 50-59 unavailable).

      “If a player changes his position during his playing career in the NFL and such change moves him out of a category specified above, he must be issued an appropriate new jersey number.

      “Any request to wear a number for a special position not specified above (e.g., H-back) must be made to the Commissioner.

      During the preseason period when rosters are larger, the League will allow duplication and other temporary deviations from the numbering scheme specified above, but the rule must be adhered to for all players during the regular season and postseason. Clubs must make numbers available to adhere to the rule, even if it requires putting back into circulation a number that has been retired or withheld for other reasons.

      1. Thank you. That answers my question. I was curious on what the Packers could do and what they couldn’t do. It’s just a matter of making sure every player that makes the final cut have their own numbers that complies to the number range assigned to their postion. This is the only time I’ve seen this happen and it has been only just a year since I’ve really got into following football (ingorance of a 23 year old). This also explains why Shaky Smithson had #9 last year but has since gone to #16.

        1. Then again, there’s always the rookie that would rather get cut than change numbers or positions!

  10. You’ve got to be impressed – Al has already qued up the details for the UDFA season. Didn’t miss a beat.

    God I love the NFL!

  11. I was hoping to here we signed Chris Polk RB , Washington, what a great addition he would be

    1. Dan, if you scroll up you’ll see that Philly signed him almost immediately after the draft.

  12. Cannot beleive this Moss kid did not get drafted. Glad we are the team giving him a shot. I hope he just shines and makes the team.

  13. Here’s another link, with an audio file of an interview:

    He seems pretty mature.

    Regarding his staying undrafted, he is:

    1) Small school player
    2) Conversion from a different sport
    3) Only one year playing football in college
    4) Stayed in school a *fifth* year to play football — believe it or not that is a downcheck, look at the player ages someone listed earlier. I’ll bet this guy is 23 already.
    5) No combine invite — how many scouts attended his pro day at that small school to watch him ‘wow’ the numbers
    6) No combine invite — timing at pro days tends to be ‘friendlier’ to the players, so stick a tenth on that 40 time.
    8) At least 24 teams drafted receivers, likely wont look as hard for the best UDFAs because the ‘need’ is filled.

    That combination explains enough of why he was available for me. Without a scout attending, without a scout who might have been at a game, no draft room will have anyone to ‘champion’ a guy like this against ‘conventional wisdom.’ But Mutant Ted needs no sleep, and makes us Packer fans happy.

  14. Based on last year’s 53-man and PS along with draft picks and UDFA’s from ’12, Pack has +/- 85 bodies already.

    Let the competition begin!!

    (sidenote question – are all these guys signed up?)

    1. I count 90: Last year’s 53 + 6 IR players + 8 PS guys signed +3 new free agents + 8 Draft picks + 17 Rookie free Agents – 5 Free Agents lost = 90

      So from here on out adding someone means a corresponding cut (Sorry, Ryan Grant).

      I think the contracts have to be approved by the League office, which won’t happen on a weekend.

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