Packers 2012 NFL Draft – First Round Pick: Nick Perry, DE/OLB, Southern California All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers First Round Draft Pick Nick Perry USC
Packers First Round Draft Pick Nick Perry USC

With their first-round pick (28th overall) in the 2012 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers selected Nick Perry a defensive end/outside linebacker out of the University of Southern California.

Ted Thompson didn’t trade up, or out, of the first round and ends up with someone they can put opposite of Clay Matthews.

Player Details

Defensive End
University of Southern California Trojans
Detroit, Michigan
Martin Luther King High School


Perry started 22-of-37 games at Southern California – 21 at strong-side defensive end and one on the weak-side…Recorded 103 tackles (62 solos) with 21.5 quarterback sacks for minus 137 yards, 29.5 stops for losses totaling 166 yards and 51 pressures…Caused five fumbles and recovered two others, advancing one eight yards…Also deflected six passes…His 21.5 sacks tied Brandon Jenkins of Florida State and Melvin Ingram of South Carolina for 11th among active players in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision ranks…He led the team in sacks as a freshman (eight in 2009) and again as a junior (9.5 in 2011), as he became just the eighth Trojan to lead the team in sacks more than once in a career since Southern California officially began recording those statistics in 1983. He joins such elite performers like Jack Del Rio 13.0 in 1983 and seven in 1984); Marcus Cotton (ten in both the 1985-86 seasons and  twelve more in 1987); Craig Hartsuyker (eight in 1988 and nine in 1990); Willie McGinest (sixteen in 1992 and six in 1993); Sultan Abdul-Malik (seven in 1997 and eight in 1998); Ennis Davis (five in 1999 and six in 2000) and Lawrence Jack-son (ten in 2005 and 10.5 in 2007)…Since the Pac-12 Conference (formerly the Pac-10) began to officially recognize sacks in 1984, Perry is the only Trojan to outright lead the conference in sacks, accomplishing that feat in 2011…McGinest shared that title with Ron George of Stanford in 1992 and D.D. Acholonu of Washington State joined the Trojans’ Kenechi Udeze in sharing that title in 2003.

Agility Tests

4.58 in the 40-yard dash…1.57 10-yard dash…2.59 20-yard dash…4.66 20-yard shuttle…7.25 three-cone drill…38 ½-inch vertical jump…10’4” broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 35 times…33-inch arm length…9 ½-inch hands…77 7/8-inch wingspan.

Scouting Report

He has that outstanding burst, take-off speed, long arms and superb balance to make it virtually impossible for slow-footed offensive tackles to prevent him from wreaking havoc in the backfield. … Viewed by some as a DE instead of an OLB, but many scouts think he’ll transition well to OLB because of his ability to drop into coverage. … And, of course, his speed as a pass rusher make him a natural candidate as a 3-4 OLB. … Totaled 21.5 sacks and 29.5 tackles for loss in college. … Also 51 QB pressures. … Here’s USC coach Lane Kiffin on Perry: “He was an awesome pass rusher for us and he created havoc throughout the Pac-12 this year in a league that featured many of the nation’s most dangerous passing offenses. He will be a valued addition to any NFL team and should be an attractive choice in the upcoming draft.”


I like the pick. I understand concerns that Perry may be better suited as a 4-3 DE instead of a 3-4 OLB, but a good pass rusher is a good pass rusher. I’m confident that Dom Capers and Kevin Greene can help him adjust. … Slower offensive tackles are going to have a hard time keeping up with Perry’s speed. … Check out Perry’s footwork in the below video. It’s really good. … Relentless effort. Like his new teammate Clay Matthews, Perry’s effort is all-out on every play. … He’s going to have to work on some inside moves. Won’t be able to just run around every tackle like he did in college. … Looks disciplined containing the edge. … The Packers finally have some hope opposite of Matthews.



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52 thoughts on “Packers 2012 NFL Draft – First Round Pick: Nick Perry, DE/OLB, Southern California

  1. Thanks for posting the link.

    I need to acknowledge I was dead wrong about the trade activity over in the other thread. Wow!

    1. Was good to see the recap on this guy, I’d paid little attention to him.

      Watching these clips though, I have one concern.

      Cat loves to arm-tackle.

    2. I guess I owe Al a drink for my failed prediction that TT would be trading up in the 1st round. My only consolation is that I was right about not drafting McClellin.

  2. I’m just glad Ted took a pass-rusher. That’s what I wanted all along. Keep taking some more whether it’s D-line or LB.

  3. Kevin Greene will need a baseball bat to straighten this jackass out! Dude has a serious attitude problem, nearly every scouting report confirms it. While many teams traded up to get their guy, TT sat back with 12 picks to fill 5 or 6 positions and let the better players get away! Typical Albino Ted! With the Bears and the Lions coming on, we’re in trouble if TT pulls the same sh*t tomorrow.

    1. Dude. Chill the F out. At least he went Defense. He once again let the draft come to him.

      The Bears pick Shea as a DL? That’s not going to work out too well for them either.

      This guy has a chance to be really, really good. And with Kevin Greene bellowing in his ear, odds are it happens.

    2. Yep. From now on, I’ll try to use Typical Albino Ted as much as I can on my conversations.

    1. Exactly, we got better on D . The question now is how much better. Let’s get that DE today.

  4. I don’t see the fit. I also don’t see the fit with McClellin to the Bears.

    If the brass is right, it’s a huge step forward, having bookend pass rushers. Think it’ll be a 3-3 (nickel) till he can adjust to playing in space, and they’ll probably take him out in base.

    1. Agree, don’t see the fit. TT wasn’t on the phone chatting w/ grandma, he was trying to get the hell out of the pick. Hopefully KG can light a fire under his arse and coach him up to be a whirling dervish.

      1. I haven’t read anything about this kid regarding motor, in fact I’ve heard the contrary. He did express he would like to stay at 4-3, but I’m certain he’ll adapt, and that the coaches will adapt as well.

        If it will be succesfull, it’s another issue.

        1. RS, it’s his saying he wanted to play DE. Some report he’s soft. I judge his body language and response says he would rather have been picked by another team.

          1. This has been widely mis-reported. He never said he wanted to play DE. he said he was more comfortable at DE because that is mostly what he played. There’s nothing sinister about that comment. it’s just common sense.

  5. His weight (271 lbs) is what concerns me if they plan on playing him long-term at OLB. What if he gains 6-7 pounds of muscle/fat a year? He’ll be pushing 290 in three years. Then we’ll be looking at him moving to DE and needing another OLB.

    Coach Greene and company are going to have to keep this kid’s weight down. If they can–he just might be a beast if he can learn to play without his hand in the dirt.

    If you think I’m kidding about the weight–look at our current roster–not one OLB is even close to 270 lbs.

    1. players put om weight and take it off as a regular occurrence, depending on what is needed. Perry will probably play in the low 260s and be just fine.

  6. I’m fine with it.

    Hope Ted uses some of those 4ths and 7ths to trade up tomorrow, though.

    Lots of good players still around.

  7. DJ Smith is too short, Bulaga’s arms are too small, Perry is too big.

    Do we really not think the Packers will find an effective way to use this guy? For now, I’m trusting the ones who do this for a living.

    1. One thing that eases my mind is the fact that he played the Elephant DE for Pete Carrol. I didn’t know that.

      There’s tape of him rushing the passer standing up. I haven’t seen it, but obviously management has and likes what it saw.

        1. Also, on the film I’ve seen of Perry, he seems to understand the importance of containment on the edge. Remember how angry we got at Walden for constantly getting sucked in?

          1. Amen! I never want to see the rightside colapse again. Between Walden and the fact that Zombo and S’oto were hurt all year added to the RDT’s were total crap 3rd and long was a guarentee for the opponent’s O. Maybe with a change of personnel this will improve.

  8. Perry reminds me of Terrell Suggs, a lot. Hopefully the Packers will throw in some hybrid looks for him and he’ll put his hands down in the nickel. I think it’s going to be a great pick.

  9. I like the pick, after McCellin, Perry was my #1 choice.

    Perry has the agility, feet, quickness to play OLB.
    Playing standing up will not be a problem at all. My only question is how he will do in coverage. But he has good feet and balance, with his quickness and speed he will be able to cover.

    He has a full bag of pass rush moves all ready, shows excellent back side pursuit.
    With his size and strength, when Coach Green gets his hands on him and shows him the finer points of the bull rush you have got your self a complete package as a puss rusher.

  10. Perry was a good pick. He’s a pass rusher, and that is our primary concern, even with Nick Collins no longer with the team. I’m hoping Thompson drafts at least one more Pass rusher tomorrow.

    They’re bringing our front seven back to life again boys!!!

  11. I work with A LOT of bears fans. I came into work pissed today because they picked my guy (I do like perry too).
    They came into work today pissed because they think the just picked “hunter hillenmeyer”.



  12. I’m a very happy guy. Got the best potential w/o having to trade up. His combine was off the charts. 35 reps, and 4.55 40. For those who worry about coverage the ROLB in the Packer scheme rarely is involved in man coverage. Mostly attacks, identifies screens and closes, and occasionally wil drop into a zone. LB coiverage is usually the ILB on the TE’s.

    Great pick and he doesn’t appear to have any serious injury issues.

  13. Perry was not my favorite. The more I watch, however, the more I guess I will trust that TT/Capers and KG know he can do it. As for rounds 2/3, I hope they make a move to trade-up to get either Worthy or Reyes for the Dline. Happy to dump the 2/3/4 for one of those guys. There are no safeties worth trading up for at this point. Will most likely use a 3rd or 4th(comp) pick on a development. If the pass rush improves, so will the secondary. MD Jennings may give Peprah a run for his money this year. GoPack!

    1. Perry was also not my favorite and though skeptical am willing to wait the 2-3 years to see.
      Disagree on Worthy and Reyes. Maybe trade up for Brandon Thompson or Derek Wolfe but there’s alot of other D-Line talent available at 59, 90, 123, 132, 133, 163 so I would probably let the board come to me.

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