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Shea McClellin OLB Boise State NFL Draft Profile
Shea McClellin OLB Boise State

Both Shea McClellin and Whitney Mercilus could be considered late risers on most NFL draft boards, including the Packers’ board. Different types of late risers, but late risers nonetheless.

Mercilus had only two sacks and didn’t do much of anything at Illinois in 2009-10 before exploding for 16 sacks and nine forced fumbles in 2011. McClellin wasn’t a highly regarded recruit coming into Boise St., but kept improving and became a feared edge rusher and versatile hybrid LB/DE. While Mercilus was projected as a first-rounder as soon as “draft season” started, it took a while for McClellin to get the attention he deserved and start rising up boards.

If McClellin and Mercilus are still avalaible when the Packers pick in the first round, I would take McClellin. I think McClellin still has some room to grow as a pass rusher and I’d love to see him develop opposite of Clay Matthews. I also think McClellin is a better fit in Dom Capers’ defense. He can rush from the edge, drop into coverage, stunt up the middle and move around if needed as Capers disguises his coverages and schemes.

It’s tough to go against Mercilus’ numbers from last season and his obvious raw talent, but he plays a little too high for my tastes and I think he’s more of a 4-3 DE than a 3-4 OLB. I can’t see Mercilus dropping into coverage or doing much of anything else besides trying to chase the QB from the edge.


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7 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Draft Matchup: LB Shea McClellin vs. DE/LB Whitney Mercilus

  1. I wasn’t at his pro day, but word is that Mercilus looked really good dropping into coverage. If the Packers have their choice between the two, I hope they go with the Illinois product.

  2. mmmmm….I can’t wait because chasing the QB from the edge across from CM3 is needed and it appears both will fit the bill.

    Ponder, Ponder look yonder. It is a beast coming from your right, oh no there comes Clay from your left, crapoloa who is that blurr in front of you? Why didn’t the vikes new GM draft some OL to protect me? Same old BS that headed the draft for the past five years. Ouch Mr Ponder. Without Peterson, you got to get rid of the ball quicker.

  3. If it’s a choice Mc Clelin would have to be the guy. Mercilius is a one year wonder. I saw the Badger game and he can’t handle big linemen. Once again coverage is not an issue with the ROLB in GB’s scheme. They are rarely asked to cover. Last in sacks means they need strength and speed at the position.

    I still prefer a move up and get Perry.

  4. By the 25th pick, GB will know whether or not if they must trade up in the first round to get their guy. I hope that GB trades down in the 2nd gaining 3 & 4 and the 3rd gaining 4 & 5 and trades way up in the 4th round by trading their 4,5,5. 1-OLB Shea Mc Clellin; 3-DE Derek Wolfe; 4a- S Markelle Martin; 4b- NT Josh Chapman, 4c- C Philip Blake; 4d-CB Coryelle Judie; and 4e- S Brandon Hardin.

    1. I like it. Here’s mine using the CBS Sports rankings.

      With the #28 pick the Packers select I bet you guessed this one.

      Shea McCellin DE/OLB Boise State.

      #59 Chris Polk RB Washington.

      Packers trade James Jones to the Dolphins for Pick #73.

      #73 Packers select Derek Wolfe DE

      #90 Ben Jones Center Georgia

      #123 Brandon Hardin CB/FS Oregon State.

      #132 Michael Egnew, TE Missouri

      #133 DeQuan Menzie CB Alabama

      #163 Miles Burris, OLB San Diego State

      Packers trade #197 and #224 to the Jets for Pick #187

      #187 Coryell Judie CB Texas A&M

      #235 Akiem Hicks DT Regina

      #241 Josue Ortiz, DE Harvard

      #243 Chandler Harnish, QB Northern Ill.

  5. What I want to hear playing this season at Lambeau is the chorus from The Automatic “Whats that coming over the hill, is it a monster, is it a monster ?” (followed by the sound of impact)…..

    McClellin, Curry, Mercilus, Branch, Jones, Irvin, SOMEONE opposite CM3.

  6. Trades if there is not an outstanding player at 28:
    Trade 28/90/163 for Buccs 36/68/140 (equal points on trade)
    Then package 68, 140 and 224 for Patriots 62 (close to equal points, Pat’s have 3 for 1).
    Result would be 3 round 2’s to hit OLB/D Line/Safety, and 3 round 4’s to hit RB/QB/O Line…..although of course TT should not be expected to align so closely to immediate need! There would still be 10 picks in total.

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